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    The Great Work of Relationships: Learning, Growth, and Healing

    in Self Help

    Relationships are often viewed from two very limiting perspectives. On one hand, relationships are full of pleasure.  We relish in the idea of being "in love" and we enjoy the "honeymoon phase" when we get to dote on our partners with affection and adoration. On the other hand, after the honeymoon phase, we settle into the painful part of being with one another.  We begin to see our partners as flawed, the relationship begins to feel like "work," and we have to fight just to maintain a sense of togetherness.  However, there is a more dynamic and fulfilling way to view relationships than from this "pleasure or pain" cycle. 

    Relationships are playgrounds for deeper learning, growth, and healing. When we step outside of the stereotypical way of approaching relationships, there is a unique opportunity to move beyond blame, shame and guilt and create deeper intimacy within ourselves and with one another. Join us for a conversation with Colette Pfeiffer, a couples and group therapist from Boulder, Colorado, as we discuss how relationships are tools for deeper growth and development.

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    Scalia's Death & the Presidential Race as America's Future Hangs in the Balance

    in Politics Conservative

    Speculations of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's Death maybe Murder. Obama always politically maneuvering calls Loretta Linch as his first pick to replace him. Her gender and race being the primary assets of his choosing other than her qualifications as illustrated by an article which has stated, " I think the administration would relish the prospect of Republicans either refusing to give Lynch a vote or seeming to treat her unfairly in the confirmation process, either eventuality would motivate both black and women voters."

    Either way if the Republicans do not stop the name calling and viciousness we have been seeing lately, American may well end up with a President Hillary Clinton and get a Supreme Court Judge that will fundamentally change America as Obama has always wanted. His Legacy Will be Assured.

    You America, You the We the People Can STOP this! Call your Senator ( link here for their contact information http://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/  ) and Tell the to Block the Nomination. They Vote for the Nomination We Vote THEM OUT

    Check out the Show's website at: http://www.bardslogicpoliticaltalk.com

    Join us and BE a Part of the Show by joining Our Round Table Discussion.

    This show is Your show, the People's Show. The purpose of Bards Logic is to send out information important to you the Grassroots and help you to get involved.

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    The Empowered Life: What Would Your Future Self Say

    in Self Help

    You might wonder why anyone would want to connect, let along try to connect to a ‘future self’, but you might be surprised to find out what you can discover about your self from a different perspective.

    Recently someone from the ‘Change Your Life’ webinar admitted that there were things he was masking from himself and recognized that if he wanted to move forward professionally, and personally it was time to start taking that mask off and being brutally honest with himself.

    If your future self were to be brutally honest with you, what would it say?

    What do you need to do differently to create a different future?

    Doing the same thing and expecting a different result has been called ‘insanity’ because it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    Would your future self tell you to be grateful for everything in your life? How often are we really grateful for what is going on in our lives? It may seem like I say this often, but you can never really be too grateful. When you look around in the news and media, the people who have been able to reach great success, all share that they were grateful before they become successful. The key ingredient is to appreciate and like where you are now, enjoy the journey, relish the experiences that are actually making you into that confident future self that is awaiting you.

    The ‘Six Week Change Your Life’ webinar was created so there was some sense of accountability. There is actually somebody on the other end answering those questions, commenting on your growth and supporting you every step of the way.

    And that somebody is me, I want you to succeed.

    I want you to achieve your goals.

    I want you to hear your future self speaking to you right now, encouraging you to take that leap of faith and jump into your new life.


    Jodie Baudek

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Levon Mikaelian and Bernie Capodici!

    in Music

    Two exceptional artists are on the 2/16 show.  We're starting earlier so that we can accommodate Levon Mikaelian, the founder of United Shades of Artistry.  With an album of the same name.  My gracious, did Levon and his ensemble receive major accolades in 2015!  This is long overdue, to have him on the show.  But maybe the music of Levon & company need time to marinate.  Our ears needed to be ready.  Beautiful performances from Gary Thomas and Randy Brecker here.  With the sound of Levon's native Armenia meshing with the beauty of Jazz and Classical.  Instrumental poetry.  And there's a big story attached to this album.  Levon had truly hard times in his former home.  To grasp the healing of his music despite those challenges is so worthy of discussion.  We're catching Levon during some time away from his job at the Maryland Youth Ballet - so we'll relish every minute!

    Bernie Capodici is one of those cats that you feel as if you've known forever.  The force behind a group that's getting some major attention, Bernie is a Philadelphia native who has a beautiful musical history.  We'll hear about the influence of his Dad, his education at the University of Utah (studying percussion), and his journey to the West Indies to absorb the culture there.  And the music!  When he returned to Philly, he was intent on theory and piano.  He was mentored and encouraged. Bernie has assembled four bands during his career - and Drivetime (with a catchy intention: Urban Organic Jazz) - is his most recent and on FIRE!  You'll hear Bob Baldwin and Andrew Neu on two of the tunes.  And you'll hear about an exciting CD release party for "California Dreamin' " - set to take place on 2/20!  

    Two different worlds with powerful music to share.  Join us on 2/16!

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Dr. Christobel Llewellyn of KINDERJAZZ!

    in Music

    First, it's good to take the opportunity to say thank you to Michael Stover for the introduction to Kinderjazz :)  How WONDERFUL that, close on the heels of me saying I'd love to focus on Music Education, here comes the news of a big band specifically geared to kids?  Here's what grabbed yours truly about Kinderjazz: they don't believe that childrens want "sound bites."  They (I'll get to who THEY are soon) believe that young minds want to soak up the musical information the way that adults do.  With more interest, possibly.  Children want the experience of sound and instruments.  This 12 piece Big Band gives it to them - with passion and devotion.

    Dr. Christobel Llewellyn and David Llewellym are the beautifully involved creators of Kinderjazz.  In 1997, they formulated an idea that children could be encouraged to reach their full potential through live music.  How incredible!  They have been SO active since then that seven albums have been recorded.  The most recent is the one that we'll discuss on the next episode of "Hybrid Jazz."  Get ready to be delightfully surprised!  Latin, Ragtime, Swing, Blues - stunning Jazz - it's all here.  You might want to ponder the notion that Kinderjazz has re-created the concept of family entertainment.  This array of caring and motivated musicians have sold-out the Sydney Opera House time after time.  Dr. Llewellyn has been Australia's Citizen of the Year - so profound has been her impact in her country.  

    THIS radio host has made a commitment to Music Education in 2016.  And there's no better way to focus on that than with this stunning ensemble of talent.  The ONLY Jazz Big Band for children :)  My, how we'll relish discussing children becoming enlightened and inspired via JAZZ!  Join us at two p.m. Eastern USA time.

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    in Christianity

    YES LORD has become as a national anthem for those who want to be pleasing to God. They relish the relationship they have with Him and choose to do all He requires and request of them. Consider your relationship you have with the LORD, does it reveal you have said yes to His will? Hear the Word of the Lord brought by Pastor and Prophet Mary Washington from Irving, Texas. Visit us at www.fmsmgospelnetwork.org and email us at fmsmchurch@outlook.com. God bless and keep you!

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    Could There Be Another Shula In The House?

    in Football

       Can you believe there is a shot that ANOTHER SHULA could come to Miami??  Look for yourselves at the short lists of head coaching hopefuls for the Miami Dolphins!!  There's Sean Payton...  Hue Jackson...Josh McDaniels...and....MIKE SHULA!!!  A name that sends chills down a bunch of dolfans bodies!!  So...is that just a name?  Is he even capable of being a head coach?  Or, is it all a pipe dream living on the memories of years past???  We will dig deep into this and relish in the VICTORY OVER THE RAVENS this past Sunday....  As well as look ahead to the Monday night matchup against the Giants in the THROWBACK UNIFORMS that our hero's of the Papa Shula era willsport.

      You shoud be a part and can....by calling in Thursday night at 6:30PM at (516) 453-9433!  Give Hez & Josh an earfull of how you are thinkin!!

    Seeya then!!

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    in Entertainment


    The end of the first half of the season si tonight.  Glenn is alive, Maggie's pregnant and the walls are a-coming down.

    Walkers in the house.

    Join ustonight as we recap the last two episodes and relish in tonight's gut-wrenching mid-season finale.

    What now Rick?!

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    Brian Freeman: Takes center stage: with WEST 57th

    in Books


    At times a ghost can come in handy when you need one. Imagine being able to talk with your father’s ghost, get his take on things and help running a publishing house that he left to you. But, Julie Chavan is anything but usual. She is headstrong, impulsive and often finds herself in situations that she wishes she could avoid. Like owning West 57th the publishing house that is how her own responsibility and the thought that it might go under is something she does not relish. Debts owed. Only one book being launched with and author that is anything but conventional or even talented.  King Royal is brash, drunk, enjoys saying outrageous things in public, reciting limericks and short poems and often finds himself in wild and strange circumstances. But, just what is behind King Royal’s behavior and what secrets does he know about Sonny, Julie’s father that could change everything?


    Owning this company is just one of the daily troubles dealing with her overbearing mother Cherie who wants to orchestrate and run her life hoping she will chuck it all, marry her ex-finance, deal with her wild best brined and find her way to Los Angeles and running her production company. Everyone thinks that they know what Julie should be doing or want. But, what about Julie? Fran Lewis: Host


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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Ben Nadler

    in Books


    The Sea Beach Line: A Novel ~

      Set in post-Giuliani New York City, The Sea Beach Line melds mid-20th- century pulp fiction and traditional Jewish folklore as it updates the classic story of a young man trying to find his place in the world.
      After being expelled from Oberlin for hallucinogenic drug use, Izzy Edel seeks out his estranged father—a Polish Jew turned Israeli soldier turned New York street vendor named Alojzy who is reported to be missing, possibly dead. To learn about Alojzy’s life and discover the truth behind his disappearance, Izzy takes over his father’s outdoor bookselling business and meets the hustlers, gangsters, and members of a religious sect who peopled his father’s world. He also falls in love.

      As Izzy soon discovers, appearances can deceive; no one, not even his own father, is quite whom he seems to be. Vowing to prove himself equal to Alojzy’s legacy of fearlessness, Izzy plunges forward on a criminal enterprise that will bring him answers—at great personal cost.

      Fans of Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn, Nathan Englander’s For the Relief of Unbearable Urges, and Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union will relish to Ben Nadler’s combined mystery, love story, and homage to text and custom.

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