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    Easter Time- A Meditation On Religious Liberty

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    The concept of religious liberty is one of America's greatest gifts to civilization.  Yet religious liberty is under attack by new and vigorous forces.  The prime culprit is an increasingly aggressive secular state which demands obedience to its ever-increasing demands for more power.  The cult of big government boasts a more impressive roster of devotees than any traditional relgious grouping, and that does not bode well for our democracy.
    We will also discuss news of the week, and some thoughts about tax time.

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    Arizona's Religious Liberty Bill and Freedom of Association

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    Following in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, who regularly gathered in town pubs, across the fence, or under a tree in their town square, co-hosts Tim McShane and Walter Hudson discuss the principles of liberty. Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/libertytreeradio Twitter: @LibrtyTreeRadio

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    $57 million and religious liberty - an interview with SNAP

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    When a federal judge ruled on July 29 that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s free expression of religion and religious liberty would be violated if it was required to tap into its $57 million trust for the perpetual care of cemeteries to pay creditors who are mostly victims of abuse, many observers were shocked.  Joining us to talk about the case are Peter Isely, Founding Member and Midwest Director of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) and Judy Jones, Midwest Associate Director of SNAP.
    This is an important case that may play a role in future bankruptcy filings by religious institutions, particularly since the creditor victims allege that $57 million was moved on purpose to a cemetery trust to avoid compensating them (see GodDiscussion.net for the timeline).
    Peter Isely was sexually assaulted as a youngster by a Roman Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, he is a psychotherapist in private practice who directed the nation’s only inpatient treatment program for clergy sexual abuse trauma. He is a founding member and long time Midwest Director of SNAP, and has been recognized by numerous organizations for his work.
    Judy Jones is SNAP’s Midwest Associate Director. Judy was born and raised in the Catholic Church, which played a central role in her life – but today, she is no longer Catholic. That’s because about 20 years ago, she learned that her brother and several other relatives had been abused by a priest of her local church. In 2010, SNAP honored her at its Chicago conference for her accomplishments in helping victims of church abuse.

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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0005 Space Exploration, Religious Liberty Under Assault

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    LatinoTalk Texas, hosted and produced by Lauro Garza, is news, issues and interviews important to Latinos in America. Space exploration, religious liberty and Christianity under assault in America and the world, and more on the immigration crisis in America.


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    LIVE w/ Todd Starnes, Dave Brat, Bergdahl, Fairfax County VA Religious Liberty

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    Todd Starnes joins us to discuss his latest book "God Less America" and how religious liberties are being threatened.  We'll hear from Dave Brat on his victory over Eric Cantor.  Matthew Clark from Jay Sekulow's ACLJ discuss the latest attempt from Fairfax County VA to shut down home Bible studies.  Tim Graham from the Media Research Center discusses the media coverage of the VA scandal. 

    Walter Jones from the Morris News Service discusses the latest developments on the Georgia Governor's race.  James Dick from Conservative Report joins us to discuss how America is becoming more "Orwellian" with the layer upon layers of lies from progressives.  Ben Brunson discusses the latest developments of the "Bergdahl" scandal. 

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    Does ObamaCare violate our religious liberty?

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    Hobby Lobby fights the Obama Regime and defends our Rights.

    Our guest, Ashley McGuire of "The Catholic Association" will discuss how ObamaCare is violating our religious liberty.

    TWITTER @briancraigshow

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    GODTalk: Religious Liberty America's Rabbi Aryeh Spero

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    A brand new show and host joins Changing Worldviews' radio line-up! Rabbi Aryeh Spero, Author & President of Caucus for America  launches his show, The Ministry of Courage this Sunday. Full of passion for people and our nation, Rabbi Spero won't disappoint! For Rabbi Spero's first show he will address the imediate bearing that religious liberty has on the upcoming election for religious people; and the horrendous implications of National Health Control, aka ObamaCare. Join the discussion! We'll take your calls and comments in the chat room.  ?tune Tune in T

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    Positive Stories of God's People For God's People

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    Actually, these stories are positive and inspiring hopefully for all people.  I guess it's appropriate as we approach Christmas in a sense to do something that is a little more positive in scope.  But this isn't really by design but rather just kind of the way the stories jumped out at me as I came across some of them today.  I do have one negative story to report on regarding another potential blow to religious liberty in this country. 


    But after that, I have several stories I want to touch on including:


    -How one black, Christian, future police officer is trying to enact change and healing in Ferguson, Missouri.

    -How pro-life advocates helped save lives of the unborn by convincing mothers not

     to abort.

    - What Martin Luther King's neice says we need to do to end the riots, looting, and killing

    -How in the horrors of ISIS Muslims are turning to Christ

    -If time permits, a special little boy who has been a remarkable witness for a couple of people in Northern Africa


    As always, when I have several stories, I'll cover what I can.  Tune in at 4:30 Eastern live or archived after that.




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    Let's talk...God is not Religious - The Sinner's Prayer Gospel - Episode 11

    in Christianity

    This series will address the error and danger associated with the all-pervasive embracing of a non-scriptural and casually committed to version of the gospel.  A modern phenomenon, that is deceiving people into believing that they have received and are assured of an eternally secure salvation without the true surrender, commitment and passion required by Christ and the original leaders of the Church, according to scripture.  This has in fact, metamorphosed into another gospel completely, a false gospel.  The controversial and consequential issues of the sinner's prayer, born again and centrality of personal relationship with the Holy Spirit are dealt with extensively.

    The message of the series is that we must honestly examine and make sure that the modern gospel that is being offered wholesale and indiscriminately to all with less and less scrutiny and cost to the recipient is the truth and really procures salvation. This is so crucial, as we enter into the era of the "great delusion" that scripture warns us about which will appear in the very last days.  The deception is said to be so strong, that if it were possible, even God's elect would be deceived!  This series brings a fresh analysis to the true relationship and commitment that Christ offers and demands of those whom He calls.  Inviting the listener into a vibrant, personally rewarding and powerful relationship with the Loving Christ through the Person of the Holy Spirit.

    This message is life and death to a generation that is so scripturally ignorant and lacks the experience and foundation of traditional, biblical faith while being equally bombarded with so many erroneous and dangerous teachings, cleverly cloaked in mixtures of secular, esoteric and dangerous doctrines of demons passing for contemporary spirtuality and all embracing, unprejudiced Christian faith.


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    NPLFA# 140 Guest Liberty Activist & Agorist Keene NH's Own Rich Paul!!

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    Free State Project Participant, Liberty Activist, Agorist, Former Political Prisoner, Frequent guest on various liberty media and Local Celebrity Keene New Hampshire's own Rich Paul will join NPLFA Radio to discuss how he found the ideas of liberty, the free state project, activism, and his persecution by the government!!


    NEW CALL IN NUMBER 702-470-7664 BUT SAME LISTEN LINE NUMBER 323-642-1610


    The show promotes and discusses the ideas of true freedom and liberty for all people without the partisan politics. Exposing the government for what it is, a mafia that rules only by the threat of force without concent. The show supports peaceful consentual voluntary relationships.Where the people are not extorted, robbed, oppressed, controlled and abused under the threat of force by the government and in many cases actual force is used to force compliance. 

    Governments and it's rulers have no place in the world. I am an individual and I believe in freedom and liberty for all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation as all human beings have a right to freedom and liberty. I will stand up to government oppression and do what I can to educate the public on the illusion and or lack of true freedom in America.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nonpartisanlibertyforall; www.facebook.com/endthegovernmentpolice

    Twitter: @NPLibertyForAll

    email: nonpartisanlibertyforall@gmail.com

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/nonpartisanliberty

    Google Plus: Dave Bourne/Non Partisan Liberty for All

    Listen to the archives on ITunes!!

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    The Truth Train with Liberty Lisa

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    Activist Lisa Brumfiel, AKA Liberty Lisa discusses a wide range of subjects including Jury Nullification, Common Core, Libertarian principles, the Constitution, Natural Healing, GMOs, Fluoride, Forbidden cancer cures, Fracking, wrongful foreclosures, and local politics. Liberty Lisa prefers a one on one format on her show, which is never scripted. Support Lisa in her fight against the Gangsta Bankstas at www.LibertyLisa.com and spread the word about her health coaching at www.LifebringsLife.com

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