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    Violence and Conquest Characterized Rise Of Christianity Not Of Earlier Religio

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    Pope John Paul II apologize for the sins of Catholcs, in USA TODAY 2000; by Cathy Lynn Grossman. The crimes includes,  wars of religions; abuses during the Crusades; the coercion of the Inquisition; disrespect for cultures and faiths in the course of evangelization; affronts to women, races and ethnic  groups; and the abuses of the rights of individuals.More allusion to the evils of Christianity back in earlier times, was the Massacre of the "New Christians"  of Lisbon,  April, 1506, and so, who do you suppose were killing the New Christians? Well it was the Older Christians, and why would people who are washed in the precious blood of Jesus Christ kill each other? Simply put the God of the Christian bible predestined and ordained it before the foundation of the world. Don't forget that this is a fictional God at work, so pay attention to the context.    

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    Episode 36 - #OperationYemen or The Power Of Decisive Thunder

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    Greetings citizens of the world. 

    It has come to our attention that the people in the United States, are not aware of a great humanitarian crisis currently taking place in the middle east.

    The people of Yemen are suffering the brunt of what the world is being told is merely a civil war. This is not the whole story. The truth is much more complex, and insidious. They are the victims of larger powers pulling strings. They are becoming victims of an age old hatred between two other countries that are using them as a proxy to continue their religio-political battle. They are pawns in a greater struggle that is threatening their very existance.

    While there is, certainly, the generations old internal conflict continuing to fester, it is being manipulated to the detriment of the Yemeni people at this time.

    Tonight, Anonymous will attempt to broaden our understanding of the situation that is being played out in the region. Anonymous will help the western people to understand what agenda is being pushed by their media in this blackout of the actual story of the plight of these people. We will attempt to demonstrate why we should care and what implications this game of thrones will have on the region, and it's effects on the globe.

    We ask that you turn what you learn here into action and that the people of the United States wake up, and take responsibility for what their governments "foreign aid" is responsible for.

    We are all Anonymous, we are all human. We are all waking up to the massive injustices being perpetrated on us all over this fragile planet. We must all band together in solidarity and help others in their darkest hour. We must do this because it is the right thing to do, not for any reward or future reciprocation. We must help, because we are legion. United as one. Divided by zero. Expect us. 

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    Candelo's Corner curses, hexes and crossed conditions.

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    There are many forms of religio-magic and spirituality from around the world. Most have ways to address the common human conditions and human needs like money, love, protection and healing.

    Another human condition that seems universal is an individual's ways of dealing with real or perceived enemies, troublesome individuals and rivals -- commonly referred to as curses, hexes, crossed conditions.Every culture seems to have versions of this. Even in regions dominated by mainstream religions and spiritual beliefs that don't consider themselves magical, curses are all-too common. The most common of these is The Evil Eye, practiced around the world.Though we'd like to believe otherwise, curses are commonly cast. You may never know when you have angered the wrong person or have something they want. It's a wide, wide magical world out there, and not everyone is playing by the same rules. So you must protect yourself and defend your family.So how do you know if you've been cursed or crossed? What can you do about it? What can you do to prevent it in the first place?Tonight we will learn some of the common signs of magical meddling from different traditions, as well as ways you can keep yourself protected and know when something needs to be removed so that you can have the life you were meant to have

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    Africans & African Americans trapped in a Spiritual Whirlwind

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    The Spiritual Whirlwind Or Etheric Vortex

    The spiritual whirlwind is a tool of the soul that can be invoked by you,the personality.  It's basic use is to sweep loose debris from you aura. it can be used to transmit energies of higher vibration from the Soul to the lower vehicles,  The procee of building the Central Channel by using the soul Star creates debris as it burns through emotional and mental thought forms clogging your channel.  This debris needs to be removed from your aura at the close of any session that involes moving the Soul Star through the Central Channel.

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    True Detective "Form and Void" - Season 1 EP 8 - Season Finale - TV Recap

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    It's the True Detective Show with your hosts Mike 'the movie guy', DJ Wicked and Jesus. Give a listen as they talk highlights and share clips of the SEASON FINALE episode "Form and Void" which aired 3/9 on HBO. Talk about some gooood TV.

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    Culture and Spiritual Growth

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    Culture and Spirituality are intertwined. If a culture changes, the way the people see their world changes, so does the way they express their spirituality will also change? In this episode we will look at culture and its influence on spirituality, how to be yourself in a culture that does not support it.  Call in  join the conversation..

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    More on ISON, Mystery Planet seen, Rev 11, 21 dechiphering

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    Will continue to decipher scriptures related to what at this time I suspect ISON to be, an armada of spacecrafts from the religio-spiritually, but archaic termed Kingdom of Gods from/in the literal heaven's who are NOT space aliens. The space aliens are real and are all related directly or indirectly to the ones spoken of by Enoch as the Watchers and Genesis chapter 6, who renegaded from some elementary service to the Older Member (heavenly Father) - as all members of the evolutionary level above human abide/dwell with their phycicality on spacecrafts and inside labs that can be inside what humans often call planets or moons or in whatever object they want to use in some way that is disguised to give humans the option to not believe they exist, thus true free will.

    Thus this discussion takes us to all kinds of prophecies from what Jesus said, what the Prophets Daniel and Isiah and Zechariah said, what is throughout the book of Revelations and of course always includes the many references to what Ti and Do whom I can prove with scripture were the first phase of what has been called the "second coming" being the incarnate phase of the Rev 11 Two Witnesses while the last phase will be through Their operations performed mostly by the firstfruit graduate students as Jesus depicted as recorded in the gospels and the Revelations of John that at this point I suspect could conclude at about the 6th seal time period (and we are now in the 3rd seal time period) with a reappearance of the "face" that the Older Member who performed the tasks of Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, Jesus, then Do, being the face of what the world knew of as Marshall Applewhite, the human physical vehicle the Older member took to perform his spirit/soul birthing task for the firstfruits, the 42 of Rev 11 among them the 24 Elders anong them the 12 Apostles of Jesus. I welcome questions and comments and debate and the curious.

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    Group Dynamics: Working within a Coven, Grove, or other Religio-Spiritual Group

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    Where ever two or more people gather there is group dynamics at play. Who is in charge? Who sets the agenda? How does the group operate? These questions and more are generally decided silently and by mutual consent within small groups. The large the group becomes the more politics can and often does come into play. This week, RevKess and KaliSara will discuss some of the ways that group dynamics come into play with the Neo-Pagan movement and other socio-religio-spiritual groupings. Many of their conclusions are based on their combined 30 plus years of experience in the Pagan community.

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    TiDo Heavens Gate Jesus Moses UFO Two Witnesses Not=religio-newage spiritual luciferian space alien

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    TiDo Heavens Gate Jesus Elijah Moses Enoch Adam/Eve UFO Revelations chapters 11 and 12. UFO Two Witnesses two catchings away(raptures) in `1975 and 1994. Evolutionary Level Above Human aka Kingdom of God/Heaven. Physical many membered kingdom. Religions are #1 killer of souls. Ti an Do were/are non religio-newage spiritual luciferian space aliens. Second Coming of Jesus was Ti and Do, Father and Son team returning with their small group that were harvested/graduated from the human cocoon kingdom in a metamorphosis aka growing a soul implant into a viable power source for a the new body issue new members to the Next Level get upon graduation. Lucifer and Nephelim and/or annunaki never graduated. They were wayward children of god who went against kingdom of god in previous civilization on earth. Believers in Ti and Do may be given an opportunity to live again and work towards everlasting life. It's not easy like the religions promote to hook you to support and look to them. Reason being pope is being subject to potential prosecution. Antichrist first main manefestation=Saul/Paul of Tarsus egotist, non-jesus teacher. Maitreya is another word for enlightened "christ". Buddha, Islam, Judism, Jew, Christian, Paranormal supernatural Outer Space, NASA Satan, Earthquakes, Volcanos are all part of solar recycling. Global Warming can not be stopped by humans or space aliens but should still respect all life and all we use. All is a gift to humans. Allah, Nirvana, Utopia - Spirit Birth. Underground bases. Element 115-116 Bob Lazar documented. Angels and Devils(demons). Bible, Koran, Torah. Facsimili's of God's mission were Jim Jones and Jonestown, Solar Temple, etc. If there are familied involved they are not from Kingdom of God. jesus said he didn't come to bring peace but a proverbial sword, really a battle that cuts our human roots and makes our relatives tend to become our enemies as with anything that disuades us to not look to the creators of this planet anymore.

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    Speaking in Tongues

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    Can you be spirit filled, or Saved without Speaking in Tongues