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    Next On Relationship Tuesday…

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    A man that has very little or anything at all to offer a woman financially, usually has exemplary intimacy skills... is this true for both men and women? Everyone wants security in a relationship, however how often do we trade off financial security for lack luster intimacy? Can we ever have both? Men many of us have a woman who can not cook or clean but is awesome in bed. Ladies how many of you marry or date ugly man with money but cant stand when he touches you? Tonight we will discuss and ask the Question What is it WE REALLY want??? Do you love me or all this money? Many people say they can look past the looks of a person and just love them for that money aspect! But, ladies what if your head game and Nana game ain't right? fellas you don't have that long D and you faking it till you make it! In essence why fabricate and perpetrate lies when yall not bringing it! Thoughts? As always we bring to you the lastest and greatest in Sports, Entertainment, News and Political Commentary with our dose or dark humor. www.realtalkallthetime.com 100% Real Unpolished, Unrehearsed and Unapologetic. Real Talk For Real people. The call in is 347-637-3010 Tuesday 7:30pm May 5th CINCO De MAYO

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    Join us tonight Tuseday January 6th as we usher in the New Year with Relationship Talk! We will be sharing some courting and dating tips for both him and her. If your about to start off the New Year in search of a new boo then give us a holla. Share your thoughts and concerns with dating and finding that Special Some One in the New Year. All of this and of course our weekly discussion on, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. Tuesday Night, Real Talk All The Time, 100% Unpolished, Unrehearsed, Real Talk for Real People. The call in is 347-637-3010. www.realtalkallthetime.com. Every Tueday Night @7:30 PM.

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    Friday Edition of Psychic Tuesday

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    Thanks for stopping by.   There must have been some big problems on Tuesday, as I was not able to get to the studio online or by calling in by phone.   I was here,  trying to get to you.   But it was not to be.     Thus, here we are on Friday.    I will take your calls and do my best to give you what I hope to be one of the best readings you have ever had.     Please limit yourself to one call per person and leave room for  the folks that have not had their sample reading.  See you on the radio!

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    Relationship Tuesday on Real Talk All The Time!

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    Real Talk All The Time, presents Relationship Tuesday. Tonight we will be talking about Women and sexuality in the Millennium. Today women are exercising their voice more now than ever. In their careers the money they make and their new found sexual freedom. Women are definitely screaming “I am woman hear me roar!” That being said. How is this newfound image and freedom effecting our society our families and how we view women. Although women are saying they refuse to be objectified many are doing just that.  Are they projecting themselves as objects. Join tonight as we tackle another hot button social topic. As always the latest and greatest on Sports, Entertainment and Politics! The NBA Playoffs, Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn, and News and Politics.

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    9MIND Tuesday Relationship Coversation Night

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    Tonight 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Cosmic Frequency will be discussing our Brwn/Blk (aka) AA relationships (or) the lack thereof from a 9MIND perspective. What components make for the cultivation of healthy relationships whether they be family related, opposite gender related or even same sex related? Not that I can speak as an expert on the last one. But let's see if we can peel back this onion and see if we need to cry, rejoice or just die over where our relationship paths are headed when we look at todays so called (black family) dynamic. And can we expect to see considerable improvement or continued dysfunction, lack, barreness and most of all LONLINESS. Call In's welcome 713.955.0709

    Let's Go...



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    Psychic Tuesday Again!

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    We are back again,  Psychic Tuesday with readings for callers!      I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years.     I love doing readings.       I am here to give you a sample reading.   Please, if you have already had a reading on the air with me,  I am available off the air for you.        This space is created for those that have not had their sample yet.       I cannot let this be a place for folks to repeatedly call in for free readings, and I know you  "get" that.    I thank you for understanding.                I look forward to serving  you.     See you on the radio!

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    Hot August Days on a Psychic Tuesday

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    Thanks for coming by, it's Psychic Tuesday again!     I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years.    Readings are my passion, and my  joy.     I am here to give you a sample reading.  Due to the format of the show,  I may not have time for much discussion, so please understand that, as much as I would love to hear the details of your situation,  I probably just have time to give you what I get, intuitively.      I am available, of course, for readings outside of the show.      Please limit one reading per person.    If you have called in for a reading before, please contact me away from the show so that the folks that have not had a sample reading can have one.      I don't need a question, but if you have one I will do my best to answer it.       See you on the radio!

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Are You Trapped & Unhappy in Your Relationship?

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    Do you feel trapped in a relationship you can’t leave?

    Of course, feeling trapped is a state of mind. No one needs consent to leave a relationship. Millions of people remain in unhappy relationships that range from empty to abusive for many reasons; however, the feeling of suffocation or of having no choices stems from fear that’s often unconscious.

    People give many explanations for staying in bad relationships, ranging from caring for young children to caring for a sick mate. One man was too afraid and guilt-ridden to leave his ill wife (11 years his senior). His ambivalence made him so distressed, he died before she did! Money binds couples, too, especially in a bad economy. Yet, more affluent couples may cling to a comfortable lifestyle, while their marriage dissolves into a business arrangement.

    Homemakers fear being self-supporting or single moms, and breadwinners dread paying support and seeing their assets divided. Often spouses fear feeling shamed for leaving a “failed” marriage. Some even worry their spouse may harm him- or herself. Battered women may stay out of fear of retaliation. Most people tell themselves “The grass isn’t any greener,” believe they’re too old to find love again and imagine nightmarish online dating scenarios. Also, some cultures still stigmatize divorce.

    Unconscious Fears

    Despite the abundance of reasons, many of which are realistic, there are deeper, unconscious ones that keep people trapped – usually fears of separation and loneliness. In longer relationships, spouses often don’t develop individual activities or support networks. In the past, an extended family served that function.

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents, Relationship Tuesday!! Join us as we discuss relationship issues as ONLY we do on the show. We will have all the latest and greatest Sports talk, Football is upon us. We will have Entertainment, whats going on with Jay-z and Beyonce? We will have Politics, Hamas and the Israeli conflict heats up along with the situation in the Urkraine. Relationship Tuesday will follow giving you our latest thoughts on relationships and all the do's don'ts  and won'ts. Join us Tuesday Night. H.J. Morgan, Darrin Rivers, and Rob Hall! WE are Real Talk All of the Time. 100% Real, unpolished, and unrehearsed Real Talk for Real People! Call in is 347-637-3010. www.realtalkallthetime.com Tuesday Nights @7:30!!!!

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    Psychic Tuesday, End of August Style

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    I am here to do readings for you.      I have been a professional psychic for over 20 years.     I am here to give you a reading, and because of the format of the show, I may not be able to get into a lot of back and forth discussion.   My intention is to give you information, what I see, and if you want more I am available away from the radio show at readings@lindaschooler.com.       Please,   Please  one call per person.    This is not meant to be a continued source of free readings on a repeated basis.   This is meant as a ONE TIME reading for callers.      I appreciate your interest, and hope to serve you well.    See you on the radio. 

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Having Trust Issues in YOUR Relationship

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    Everyone has uncertainty about whom to trust, how much to trust, when not to trust, and so forth at one time or another. In fact, every day we make choices about whom and how much to trust, and sometimes we are more willing to trust than at other times. That’s a good thing; a total lack of mistrust would indicate a serious psychological problem. Judgments about when and whom to trust help keep us safe and alive! 

    Where Do Trust Issues Come From?

    Often, issues with trust arise based on experiences and interactions in the early phases of life, primarily childhood. A person who did not receive adequate nurturing, affection, and acceptance or who was abuse, violated, or mistreated as a child will often find difficulty in establishing trust as an adult. Likewise, adolescent experiences of either social rejection or social rejection or acceptance may shape a person’s ability to trust those around him or her. For instance, if someone is mocked, teased, or treated by his or her peers during the teenage years, this will influence later relationships. Being betrayed or belittled by others impacts self-esteem which also plays a significant role in a person’s capacity to trust. Basically, those who experience low self-esteem will be less likely to put their trust in those around them than those who are more self-assured.