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    Art of Love Radio Host Ashley Davene - Relationship Harmony

    in Spirituality

    This weeks topic is "Relationship Harmony" the base of the word relationship is actually "relate" which takes understanding, compassion and the desire to open yourself to see different view points. We will explore various types of relationships and talk about ways to create healthy ones in your life! 

    Host Ashley Davene will be taking on this topic solo as this is her expertise! 

    Ashley Davene is a Top Ranked Healthy Living Journalist, Author, Artist, Spiritual and Relationship Counselor with over 9 years of professional experience teaching around the country and globally via phone sessions and webinars. She is also a hopeful romantic and a sucker for happy endings. Xo

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    "How To Rejuvenate Your Marriage or Relationship?"

    in Family

    You really don't want to miss out on this opportunity to learn how to rejuvenate your marriage or relationship.  Please join us this Tuesday, April 14, 2015.  This is a show that you really don't want to miss out on.

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    Love and a relationship.

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels, Spring is around the corner.  I have two stories to share with you about love and working in fun magical way.  How you can have the same.

    The show starts at 6:30 eastern

    To listen by phone call 760 890 7143.

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    How to get a relationship on road to marriage?

    in Romance

    Love woes? Here are two simple first steps to improve your relationship.

    In every relationship, good or bad, couples run into problems that feel like impasses. Learning to push through those stuck points is key for any successful relationship.

    Learning to navigate the trouble times is where I can help.

    Problems sometimes feel unsolvable, but there is a solution, even if one can't see it.

    Tune in for the answers to finding your relationship bliss!

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    A woman has the power to make a man fall in love and stay in love with her, so many women have given the power way. She has the power to bring him to his knees and make him desire her and no one else. You have the power as a woman to have the perfect healthy, loving relationship. The beauty of it is so easy, an I will teach you The SECRETS!
    These techniques work to: Fix a Broken Relationship Spark the Romance in Current Relationship Win Him Back from his Mistress Stop a Divorce To get a Man to Fall in Love

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    Relationships Plan Love Sex Marriage Money Family

    in Christianity

    A successful Relationships calls for planning a head. Marriage many plan a Wedding and Honeymoon after they decide they are in love and must spend the rest of their lives together. All of this includes money, children, and most importantly finances. Going to a good marriage counselor is the main key to planninga wedding. In counseling you are going to learn things and get reminded of the main keys to marriage. Keys that will keep the marriage alive and going until death do one or the aother apart.  Love is a starting key but before you find Mr or Mrs Right you take time to plan because it is one of the things you hope for in life. You want a wedding anniversary and you want to reach the golden years together.

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    You WILL Save Your Marriage or Relationship - SPECIAL INTERVIEW

    in Spirituality

    There is nothing more sacred than love.  Love is the elixer of life.  In this podcast Miracle Mentor and Alchemy Life Coach Robert Zink has a special guest join him.  It is a young woman who SAVED her relationship and brought her partner back using the Law of Attraction and Miracle Mentoring and Alchemy Life Coaching.  

    The Law of Attraction works, and when it is used with high vibrational miracle magic it produces MIRACLES.  You can save your marriage.  You can have your lover come back.  Listen this this podcast and find out how it works.  







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    Communication in Marriage

    in Relationships

    Join us TONIGHT at 9PM GMT on LOVE IN THE HOUSE, your candid radio show on relationships.

    Our topic of discussion is 'COMMUNICATION IN MARRIAGE'.

    He doesn't talk vs She talks too much. How do you deal with that?

    Both aren't 'talking'. Sweeping issues under the carpet.

    How to get your partner to talk without nagging.

    Does your personalty say anything about the way you commnicate?

    This and much more to be discussed on this week's episode.

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    Joe Beam Show - How To Save a "Hopeless" Marriage

    in Relationships

    When a spouse wants out, or is in love with someone else, can the marriage be saved? What can the spouse wanting to save the marriage do?

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    Family, Love, & Marriage

    in Lifestyle

    Talking qabout marriage,love & family.

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    THE PERFECT UNION OF LOVE Pt 2: The Commitment...Better Marriage, Relationship

    in Education

    Host Phyllis Austin talks to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burries, the authors of 'The Perfect Union of Love':  The Commitment.

    Tune in for a Better Marriage...Better Family...Better Relationships...Part 2

    Is there something not quite right in your marriage or relationship? 
    Is there something missing in your marriage or relationship?  
    Could your marriage or relationship be better?
    ?Want an awesome marriage or relationship? 

    Mr. and Mrs. Burries:  "We had discovered how to have a perfect union--- a marriage unlike any union we had ever seen or heard outside of the Bible."

    Mike Burries:  The plan was revealed to me when I was still single.  It was to believe in The Love, build The Love, and maintain The Love.

    Now my purpose was to have a marriage and family that would be an example, so when I counsel married couples, engaged couples, or teach singles and teens, I not only wanted to know what I was talking about, but be living a lifestyle that exemplifies my counseling and teaching.


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    Love, Marriage, and the Yoke of Business

    in Business

    It is  tough enough to stay joyfully married when you each trod off on your own divergent career.  But when romantic partners are also business partners, it is a real challenge to keep the relationship from feeling doubly shackling.  Host Bart Jackson invites the lovingly married co-CEOs of Business Advancement, Inc., Mr. Scott Harper and Ms. Pam Harper to show us how it’s done – and done admirably.  With the recent explosion of small, agile businesses, family firms in which husband and wife are pulling side by side has become increasingly common.  While such enterprises hold unique satisfactions, they also demand an extra dose of planning, and thoughtful consideration.  Tune in and learn how to garner a more joyful and profitable ROI from your relationships.  

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