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    One Love, One Connection, One Us presents.....Relationship Expectations

    in Self Help

    Rev. Arlene Kahet and Rev. Harvey L. Bailey will talk about expectations, and how they get in the way of you meeting the best person well suited for you.  They will also talk about what happens when a person's expectations get in the way of discovering oneself.  There will also be some talk about how these relationship agendas, effect people in the long run, and what can be done to break the patterns.

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    Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

    in Relationships

    Join Author & Host Shelly L. Brooks and her co-host as they discuss how single men and women create unrealistic expectations in meeting, dating and stepping into a relationship.   

    There’s nothing wrong with having standards, morals and values when it comes to who you will chose to date or be in a relationship with – that’s an absolute must.  However, we have to get off that high horse and stop thinking that Prince or Princess Charming is going to give you the picture perfect relationship you have painted in your mind.

    Shelly will ask the tough questions that will help pull of the rose colored glasses and see relationships for what that are!


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    Relationship expectations

    in Radio

    continuing with the theme from last week what are some expectations you should have when in a reatlionship, dating, freinds with benefits or just platonic friends.
    Some of the question we will ask are;
    which holidays should your boy/girlfriend, FWB or date, expected to buy you gifts for?
    what are some expectations when dating someone 5, 10 or 20 years older?
    if your ex did things to spoil you that you are use too, should you epect your new mate to do the same?

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    OneLove, OneConnection, OneUs presents..Are Your Relation-SHIPS passing you by?

    in Self Help

    Are your expections of the other person preventing you from having the type of relationship that you desire? 

    Are you looking expecting for the person to accept you as you are, and you expect them to change for you? 

    Are you really ready for type of relationship that you say that you want? 

    Are you sure that you know yourself well enough to know what you really want?

    Are you carry your old issues from old relationships?

    Often times people miss the opportunity for a great love because of various reasons.  Rev. Arlene Kahet, and Rev. Harvey L. Bailey will talk about some of the issues that get in the way of people having the type of relationship that they desire.....so that you can ask yourself, "How am I showing up in this relationship?"


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    Relationship Remedies Dr. Linda is Dropping Relationship Knowledge

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to another episode of Relationship Remedies with Dr. Linda Wiley.  Dr. Linda is gonna drop some wisdom on the relationship front.  It doesn't matter with whom you are in a relationship with Dr. Linda will enhance your knowledge of how to make it a better experience.  Join us to learn how to better your relationship skills.

    Today's topic is Workplace Relationships: how far should they go.

    (347) 637-2319

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    Women CAMP-Relationship-pt5

    in Motivation

    Join the conversation with Dr. Charlene, Prophetess Samantha & Prophetess Servola as we discuss Building Lasting Relationships. Do you struggle with connecting with God?  Have you found it hard to connect with people?  Are you the tornado in the relationships you are in?  Learn how to calm the storms in relationships and build relationships that can last. Relationship are an essential part of our life line as women.  Building great relationships is no easy task.  This segment was created to empower you to have healthy and fruitful relationships. Join the conversation today on Women CAMP!

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    in Spirituality

    Peace and LOVE...Love is what its all about this and every Friday 11pm EST... we will be taking your calls and answering your questions about love and relationships.  Get your free one question (three cards) reading live on air.  We all need someone to talk to when we are confused about our love life.  Family may not understand, friends may think we're stupid, but the heart knows what it wants.  We won't tell you what you want to hear but what you need to know as it pertains to love advice.  If you are wondering about a specific person, just tell me the first letter of the name and we can do a free three card spread.  It'll be lots of fun so come and hang out with me this Friday to talk relationship talk!!

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    Your Toxic Relationship Dance

    in Lifestyle

    Your Toxic Relationship Dance

    Friday, April  29th  10am PST

    Topic: Codependency  

    Host Al Diaz: An acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host. 

    Co-host: Known as the Compassionate Divorce Coach, Cindy Holbrook supports women (and men too!) as they traverse the emotional roller-coaster of divorce to heal as they let go of the past and rebuild their life with less stress, more confidence and clarity. Her unique approach to deal with the liars, cheaters, crazy bitches and assholes has helped thousands to find and nurture the right relationships that are needed in order to create a happy and fulfilling next chapter in life. Cindy is a Certified Divorce Coach®, author and speaker. She draws on her personal experience of divorcing after a 20 year mentally abusive marriage, as well as that of thousands of men and women that she has helped. Her passion is to inspire tens of thousands of women to discover and fall in love with their own magnificent inner-goddess! 

    Special guest: Tracy Lee  "The Freedom Architect" is a proclaimed medical intuitive, healer, and psychic medium dedicated to sharing her gifts with others for the purpose of healing chronic and short-term physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.


    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com

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    Jesus Wants To Come To Your House, With DrFaye

    in Christianity

    Did You Know Jesus Is Longing For A Relationship With You? Yes, He Is Seeking For Those Who Are In A Hurry To Get To Him. This Son Of Man Has Come To Seek That Which Was Lost; that Relationship With You. Listen In Today As DrFaye Delivers A Powerful, Life-Changing Word On The Story Of Zacchaeus From The Book Of Luke. This Message Will Surely Shift Your Thinking And Move Your Life Into His Life; His Character, His Nature, His Heart For Humanity.

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    Relationship Pt 2 "Getting to know God"

    in Spirituality

    This series on Relationship with God with teach you about the different ways of drawing a closer intimate Relationship with Him. This show will discuss about getting to know the father on a more personal level. Just like God called Abraham "Friend of God" we should desire to have a intimate and close relationship with God. The more we seek, look and focus on him, the stronger our walk and faith becomes. Join on the Relationship series!

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    Today's Relationships

    in Romance

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