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    The place for REAL Hip Hop, Soul/R&B, Spoken Word and social issues effecting the the Hip Hop Community

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    R.I.P. Hot 97? Funkmaster Flex v. Jay Z? Classic Hip Hop on FM?

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    NOTE: We'll be paying respect to ASAP Yams on tonight's show as well, and talking about the Jay-Z/Hot 97 purchase rumor. The following was written before all that.

    Hip hop radio.

    It's a topic we've touched on before, paricularly in regards to New York's iconic Hot 97 and their lack of support for local artists, or the hip hop community at large.

    Hot 97 remains at the center of the discussion, in part because of their iconic status, but also in part because of their stubborn insistence that they be considered the "voice" of hip hop, even though much of their actions point in the opposite direction, and are even hurtful to the music and culture that made them what they are.

    We'll talk biting the hip hop hand that feeds them, and what might be going on at the station. A flurry of high profile and loyal departtures, new, out-of-town personnel with little to no hip hop radio experience, and a heated on-area airing out of Jay Z by once-prominent Funkmaster Flex has many of us who watch the industry perplexed.

    Is Hot 97 on the verge of a complete collapse, format switch, or something else entirely unexpected? Will they ever be more than a typical 2015 rap radio station that plays a forumlaic playlist and doesn't take any responsibility for helping to negatively affect the music and culture that made many of them rich?

    Perhaps they'll fall off completely and change to the radio "format of the day," classic hip hop! It's a format that many stations are rushing to change to, but our show host Manny Faces feels it's actually bad for hip hop, and likely to fail.

    Feel free to call with your thoughts. Do you listen to Hot 97? What do you think is missing, if anything? Are you an old-school head? Are you excited about the classic format idea?

    Tune in and participate. It's NY's hip hop talk radio, and it's all about YOU!

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    Hip Hop Headz Radio

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    The place for REAL Hip Hop, Soul/R&B, Spoken Word and social issues effecting the the Hip Hop Community

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    Hip Hop Where Is The Message Today?

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    Live Tonight from 8pm -10pm Est

    Tonight's Topic: Hip Hop Where Is The Message Today?

    Hip Hop I love you I hope you will always be here. However, lately I have noticed you have lost your texture from the original foundation by which you were built upon. What has happened to us addressing the social issues that has plagued our communities? What have happened to the encouragement of better living from good times to good times?...etc...

    Tune in tonight and share your thoughts!
    UPLOAD your Mp3 at www.hiphopnational.com
    To listen in call: 213.559.2995
    Show Date: 2/16/2015

  • Hip Hop Headz Radio

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    The place for REAL Hip Hop, Soul/R&B, Spoken Word and social issues effecting the the Hip Hop Community.

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    Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen + Do Hip Hop's Elders Get Respect & More

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    Two amazing topics tonight, interspersed with our usual rundowns of New York hip hop music and culture. 

    One, well two, of our favorite guests will be joining us for the third straight year, as Lah Tere and Kathleen Adams call in to discuss this year's "Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen," a wonderful annual event that takes place at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. The one-day long event features a stunning lineup of women, performers, guest speakers, entrepreneurs and activists, all convening to shed light on important women's issues, as well as general issues, but from a female perspective.

    Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen is an extremely family friendly, all-ages event, and is one of the best opportuinities to witness the positive power of the hip hop community, particularly when it comes to women and girls. We are proud to be official media sponsors of this event, and urge all who can, to attend.

    We'll also discuss the whether or not "old school" hip hop is getting the proper "respect," around the country and in business. This issue was sparked by a Daily Beast article, proclaiming that Hip Hop's OGs were not getting their respect, from hip hop radio and media in particular.

    Show host and journalist Manny Faces took excception to the portrayal, even thuogh the author had some valid points. Read Manny's rebuttal, and join us live to discuss the issue.

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    Hip Hop Headz Radio

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    The place for REAL Hip Hop, Soul/R&B, Spoken Word and social issues effecting the the Hip Hop Community

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    NY Hip Hop Year in Review, plus Soul Inscribed Ticket Giveaway and more

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    Following up on our remarkable special episode last Tuesday, Hip Hop & Race: A Talk Show Town Hall, this will be the last episode of 2014. We'll take a look at the year in hip hop, particularly as it relates to our New York rap ecosystem. 

    We'll also be speaking with Soul Inscribed, to talk about their Blue Note Jazz Club show coming up on January 2, and exactly what they have in mind by fusing hip hop, soul and funk. 

    Oh, we'll have ticket giveaway info also!

    We don't really do end-of-the-year lists, since they're usually only done to incite chatter and clicks, rather than give the audience credit for being able to decide on their own what they thought was their favorites, we prefer to let you tell us what YOU thought was the best.

    Of course, we'll give our opinions, but as alawys, we'll look to you and your calls to give us your thoughts.

    Check it out, and as always, thanks for the support

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  • Hip Hop or Hip Pop?

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