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    Activist Filmaker Crowd Funding with Ian Mackenzie on Voices of Global Freedom

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    Today on Voices of Global Freedom we are interviewing Ian Mackenzie a well known film maker!  We must love our own aliveness so deeply, that we reject any further participation in a system that does not honour the gifts with which we have been bestowed. We must love the world so deeply that we have no choice but to bow in service to the beauty that is waiting for us, patiently, to re-member.  My short film, in collaboration with Charles Eisenstein and his book of the same name, was recently featured in the massively popular site Upworthy.   Part of their appeal is the enticing titles they use to refurbish great videos/articles they find on the web.  Here's what they wrote about my film: Thank you for joining me on this journey. Learn more at http://www.ianmack.com/

    Learn more about Roy Dan Baron Live Global Freedom Network Magnified View and his book Looking Glass Shattered Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds






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    The Declaration of Interdependence

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    One of our favorite guests, BiBi Farber, Singer, song writer and environmental activist will share her latest music and concerns for Mother Earth on our next BTR - 

    Bibi is an incredible artist who uses her music to support her passion to help all of us refurbish our health of our environment.

    Learn how animal have feelings to, how to become independent using whatever space you have, the need to re-mineralize ourselves and our planet plus much, much more.  We never know what new and innovative concept Bibi will bring to the show.

    We bring you information and ideas in support of responsible living by your authentic self.


    Bibi Farber's sites:



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    Team Work National - Volunteers for the American Private Home Sector

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    To volunteer, at its best, is for one to be ready, willing, and able to help others without  expecting  to  be  paid  for doing it.

    Perhaps, this is what Ms. Katharine Lee Bates had in mind, when, in 1893 she first penned one of our most memorable patriotic songs"America, The Beautiful."  

     "America! America!
    God shed His grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea! " 

    Students volunteer with  Microsoft  to get credits or for the experience.  Established corporations, have legions of volunteers who work with them just because they

    1.  believe in what these corporations are doing

    2.  have the time to share

    3.  really, really love and value others enough to want to help out without expecting anything in return

    Habitat for Humanity is replete with volunteers with the time and financial stability to help build  first homes for the least of the economically disadvantaged.

    Rebuilding Together incorporates volunteers from all walks of life and professions,  whether they are working or retired, to help refurbish and do a wide selection repairs free of charge for the customarily acknowledged disadvantaged.

    Included are those who are physically challenged, single moms, and  seniors  who  otherwise  are unable to afford it.

    HGRBS, aside from other things, aspires to recruit volunteers to provide the information and the permanent support needed to help everyone in this picture maintain  and  continue  to  enjoy  these wonderful residential blessings.


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    COBASM The People's Voice Water is precious and priceless

    in Spirituality

    Water is precious and priceless!
    We are headed for world crisis! Fresh drinking water is running out every creature on this plant needs water to survive. What can we do about it and why won’t we do something about it. We are vastly approaching the days when human will have to drink refurbish waste water.  When will the people of this world take action against the military industrial complex Governments that control the world resources to stop this crisis.
    Tonight on COBASM Radio The People's Voice online @BlogTaklRadio 8 PM CST check your local listen and call in @347-205-9691
    Your Voice Matters

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    CCA and State Farm Present The Purple Heart Truck

    in Military

    Date: June 20th-Time: 6:pm to 9:pm
    Location: Collision Centers of America
    801 Frontenac, Naperville Il. Tour our 50,000 sq. ft. state of the art collision repair center and offices.
    The National Auto Body Council (NABC) along with State Farm Insurance
    Company, Recycled Rides and Collision Centers of America will be donating a 2007 GMC Yukon to the Military Order of the Purple Heart of Illinois. The vehicle was provided by State Farm Insurance through the National Auto Body Council (NABC) and the Recycled Rides Program.
    Collision Centers of America with over 20 locations in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, donated the vehicle’s advertising logos, parts and, labor to refurbish this vehicle to its present condition. The partnership with www.REALLATV.com and of State Farm Insurance Company and Collision Center of America made it possible for this vehicle to be transported from New York City to where it was needed in Chicago, Il.
     WATCH IT "LIVE"REALLATV & The Soldiers family TV & Radio with CEO Steve Tomaszewski will be there "LIVE" .

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    ST017 - Your Weekly Home at Stagetecture Radio - Episode #17

    in Design

    Ronique Gibson from Stagetecture.com welcomes you to her weekly radio show - "Your Weekly Home at Stagetecture". This week - Episode #17Saving Money Repurposing your FurnitureWhether you have old furniture, find a great couch at a garage sale or want a new look for your current furniture - join me for repurposing ideas. Distressing, painting, and more ideas to save money and go green with your furniture!All ideas are highlighted from my ebook - 111 Simple Tips  visit HomeTipsEbook.com to get your copy! Join me this Wednesday at 12pm EST or download on iTunes.Follow the Pinterest board at: http://stagetecture.com/pinterestDownload at iTunes at: http://stagetecture.com/iTunes

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    Innovative Upcycling: Putting eWaste to Work for a Cure

    in Environment

    Host Kathy Sipple speaks with Jennifer Shelhart from Green Research Corporation about the organization's work.
    They divert unwanted and broken computers from the wastestream, refurbish them and install programs on them from Berkeley Open Infastructure for Network Computing (BOINC). The programs allow BOINC to use the idle time on Green Research computers to communicate with BOINC to help cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.
    Green Research uses only green energy to perform computing tasks. Their goal is to eventually create their own green energy to utilitize for their cause and to provide green energy for others.

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    Cast Iron Cookware

    in Cooking

    A brief look at the original non-stick cookware.  If you don't have any cast iron in your kitchen, you should!  In this show I cover some history, steps to refurbish, and continued care of cast iron cookware.  Bang on those pots and pans!  Bring out your cast cookware, and let's get cookin! 

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    The Kyle Kulinski Show

    in Politics Progressive

    *Stimulating political talk* Update on the crazy people from Arkansas, Sandusky sentenced to minimum 30 yrs in prison, new poll numbers, Romney flip flops on abortion for he 6789387294837893 time, the timeline of Romneys ever evolving tax plan, Romney invested in Chinese companies, Ann Romney visits cancer center that recieved stimulus funds (which Romney/ Ryan opposed), Congress votes to refurbish 2000 tanks that the military says they don't need, Meningits outbreak 12 dead 125 sick, meet the super rich guy who wants to fire his workers if Obama is re-elected, the evolution of TLC, Matt Taibbi suplexes the election process, fast food workers reveal the menu items you should stay away from & more!

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    Recycling Medical Supplies for a cause.

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    Friends of Disabled Adults and Children is a non-profit, in business for 25 years, whose main purpose is to provide used medical equipment to people in need. We collect used medical equipment from lots of sources, refurbish and clean it, and give back to people on our long waiting list! Join us as we interview Chris Brand, CEO.

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    Do-It-Yourselfers in the Boatyard

    in Business

    Don’t boat yard managers have enough to worry about without having customers in the yard who want to work on their own boats? This week will be the beginning of a three part series on DIY on ProBoat Radio.
    This week, Jim Bronstien (Marine Business Advisors)and Nancy Bray Booth (Hartge Yacht Harbor) will give us their perspectives on the  good, the bad, and the really bad aspects of DIYers.
    And your host Barbara Jean Walsh will offer a shameless plug for the Berkeley Marine Center and its support of a renovation project conducted on site by the Dragonmax racing-canoe team.

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