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    UN To dump Muslim Refugees in America with Dianne Lynn Savage

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    Tonite we will talk about how the Untied Nations plans on Dumping Refugees from The middle east right here in America. 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation

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    Iraqi Refugees and Obama | How to Fix Immigration

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    On tonight's episode of the Current Issues Show we discuss the growing issue in Iraq.  To what extent should the US be involved?  Is this a breach in foreign policy?  What should we do with the refugees?  Immigration is growing concern in our nation.  How can we develop a plan that brings democrats and republicans together?  Will is be effective?

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    Daniel Ukang & Tina Klonaris-Robinson, Living life in America as refugees

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    Tina klonaris-Robinson welcomes Daniel Ukang to discuss The experience of The Lost Boys, living life as refugees in America.

    Daniel Ukang, 34 years old is one of the famed lost boys of South Sudan who immigrated to San Diego California in 2001. He is currently the president of California Sudanese Lost boys and girls foundation based in San Diego and often shares his life stories and experiences with students across the America, bringing awareness of war and the impact it has on children. He is currently employed full time and lives with his wife and four children in San Diego California.

    When Daniel Ukang was 7 years old, his village in South Sudan was raided and his family members were killed. Enduring years of fleeing war, illness, starvation and wild animals, he eventually reached Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya where he lived for 10 years experiencing deplorable conditions. In 2001, the US Government resettled 4,000 young boys from the camp to live in America. Daniel Ukang, was one of those boys. Join us as Daniel shares the difficulties he and the other young boys faced, living as a refugees in America. 

    Tina Klonaris Robinson is an inspirational writer, speaker, visionary, humanitarian and Founder of the Meah Foundation based in Nassau, Bahamas. themeahfoundation.org

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    Politics Done Right - Ill-treatment of refugees will haunt us

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    This week’??s show 
    July 26th, 2014

    Many Americans and their politicians should be embarrassed with their behavior with regards to the refugees on the Texas border. If someday because of circumstances Americans are forced to migrate they should hope that the evil displayed against many of those immigrant refugees would not be directed towards them.

    It is so easy to forget that as this land was populated by Europeans, it was just taken. Those refugees at the Texas border attempting to immigrate here for economic and political reason just want a chance, not to take the land but to be part of what was created here.

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.


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    Immigration. Syrian Refugees. Muslims/Sharia Law.

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    Going to talk about immigration and the laws that are in place already.  The flood of Syrian refugees we will be getting very soon.  How muslims will impact our lives and our laws as they grow in numbers.  How Sharia Law will be brought in and how it will affect your freedoms.


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    Is the border issue a Crisis? Invasion? Political Football? Influx of Refugees?

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    The onslaught of illegal aliens successfully crossing our southern borders is frightening and expensive. As the movement to stop the flow increases so do the numbers of illegals crossing.Most of the "vocal" condemnation are calling the influx and invasion. Like President Obama, many are calling it a humanitarian crisis.  Others blame it all on politics. 

    The latest oush is to classify the flood of Latin Americans crossing the borders as "Refugees".

    This morning we are going to talk about the newest twist in classification of the illegals. We will also look at what has taken place in the last twenty-four hours to solve the problem. 

    Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" this morning at 7AM-8:30PM EST.


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    Ron March....Refugees in our own land

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    Part 2 Ron March......Refugees in our own land

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    Part 2







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    Lebanese War Survivor Talks about War Refugees

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    Hundreds of thousands of ordinary innocent children and women are suffering in Syria and other countries every single day. They have no HOPE and voice to TELL their story. Aimmee Kodachian understands the horror and the FEAR that they go through when they hear a bomb.

    Get an inside feel for the war from the life of a Lebanese War Victim on this episode of Power Up Living.


    Aimmee Kodachian is a Middle Eastern woman who authored "Tears of Hope,” her riveting true life story as a young girl. Aimmee lived 13 years through the Lebanese Civil War; she was only 12 years old when a bomb killed her older brother right in front of her. In the blink of an eye, her family would soon lose everything and become homeless. She was faced with countless hardships, escaping death 3 times and lost many close family members. Due to her severe dyslexia and the war, she was forced to leave school at the 4th grade, lost her dream of becoming a teacher and was left with no opportunities or hope.

    In 1988, Aimmee took the opportunity to come to the United States and start a new life. After years of persistence and determination, she became a successful entrepreneur. She not only found a way to Rise Above many challenges, she also learned how to see Light through Darkness and now helps others do the same.

    Aimmee donates 100% of the profits from “Rise Above” (a song about her life story) and a portion of the proceeds from her “Tears of Hope” book and e-book, to organizations that support victims of war and tragedy.

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    The Agenda: Australia, refugees and economics

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    It seems like every week the conservative Australian government plunges the nation into further chaos; stumbling from one crisis to the next with little idea for how to fix it. And worse, still little regard for the lack of action which is causing as much damage.

    So join in as the team vent their spleen.

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    Join me today at 5 pm CST recap on current events and open Mic Mystery guest ?

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    As things are heating up it would appear that the moslime usurper has a death wish for Americans> Iran and hezbolah no longer on American or UN Terrorist list . England and Germany joining Russian and China in New  Chinese banking system. Obambam is upset congress cares more about Americans than his Foriegn invaders. Law Enforcement is exhausted and budgets gone due to overwhelming flood of invaders breaching our borders.  Irving Mayor says no way to Sharia Law in her city.  These Topics and more. Revolution on the horizon? Is it to late to stop the moslim dictator from his reign of terror, or will the keyboard warriors who keep claiming their second amendment right  finally realize the very meaning it was written for. Christians being slaughtered around the world yet the mole only bringing in moslime refugees (invaders). DHS Document reveals they have full authority to wave visa/ Passports for refugees (felony invaders) globally.

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