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    The Power of Reframing or Declarations

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    Hello gang. 
    Just some powerful tactics again that has changed my life and opened up Power to flow in my spirit. Enjoy this life changing for the better message.

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    A Sacred Celebration: The Celestial Show 2nd Year Anniversary Party

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    Join Celeste Morgan for "A Sacred Celebration: The Celestial Show 2nd Year Anniversary Party. I'm celebrating another year on the airwaves of Life Conversations Radio Network. I want to share the good times with you for my last show in 2014. Let's see how far we've come and where we want to be in 2015. 

    There will be on the air readings…so be sure to call in early! 

    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "The Celestial Show with Celeste Morgan" fan (LIKE) page on Facebook.

    I'm marking the occasion by exploring the energy of a Venus ruled 6 day. 6 is the Lovers in Tarot and it’s also the Snake in Medicine Cards. Combine these energies together and you have transmutation with integration. Change lead to gold through the fire of your imagination. 

    Join me for readings, gifts of mood elevation, perception shifting, and reframing that will inspire you to witness your life differently with heart and authenticity.

    Celeste Morgan is an intuitive reader who also works extensively with numbers.  Join her as she weaves stories using cards, music, and movies  to provide you with a new outlook to experience the best in your life. Reclaim Your “ME Power” by spending your Sunday Night with Celeste and get ready to jump start your spiritual awakening and fall in love with YOU again. 


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    Reframing The Victim In Your Shadow

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    Thank you for joining me for episode 31 of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.
    The show notes for today's episode can be found at... http://www.joannadevoe.com/2013/10/hippie-wtch-reframing-victim-in-your.html
    And- you can pick up a FREE copy of my eBook "HiPPiE WiTCH : Peace, Love & All That Good Sh!t" here... http://www.joannadevoe.com/p/free-stuff.html
    MUCH LOVE -xo
    Joanna DeVoe

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    Self-deprecation: Hiding Your Light

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    If we can limit people’s capacity to see us, we can hide the beacon we truly are. For many of us, this tendency stems from a shy or wounded inner child. Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discuss suppressed sensitivities because of our personal life experiences. Self-criticism is supported by internal self-talk, which brings to awareness our negative self-judgments. Many of us have honed his internal critic because of the judgment we received from others. Tonight’s show is about healing our inner critic. During this show we’re taking the blinders off and making a conscious effort to reframe our self-talk. The Soul’s Intent is for us to stand in our own light so we can naturally fulfill that which we came here to do.

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    EFT Master Jaqui Crooks' MasterClass: Sharing What I've Learned

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    TapFest is pleased to welcome back EFT Master Jacqui Crooks, whose 15 years of experience has now been contained in her EFT Masterclass webinar series.  Those of you who haven't met or worked with her are in for a treat!  On this episode of TapFest, Jaqui speaks candidly about her desire to share her skills with those of you who really want to make an even greater difference for your clients and your own level of satisfaction, too.  During our visit we'll discuss how to introduce techniques and tips you can use straight away, and start using in your sessions for better results.

    Jacqui says "For a long while I’ve been wanting to offer my skills to those who don’t live in the UK.The Masterclass series will build your skill set, and includes the most important things I’ve learned since I started using EFT in 1999.” Listeners will get a secret, substantial  discount, too!

    We'll discuss these Masterclasses:

    Getting to the real roots of an issue easily
    Using language for change (including reframing)
    Working with parts and the inner child
    Clearing Ancestral and family patterns
    Rebirthing to create a new start for the rest of your life
    Looking forward - creating the life you want to lead

    Join TapFest host Jondi Whitis for another lively evening conversation with the best EFT experts, authors and practitioners to super-charge your results and satisfaction with EFT.  You can find Trainer & Practitioner Jondi in NYC, USA.  Jondi@TapFest.com, or meet her in person at the giant Spring Energy Event in April, 2015!

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    Program Summary 13 Oct. 2014

    Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss all manner of smalltown life in Kansas in the second hour after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.)

    This week on CounterSpin: The new film Kill the Messenger tells the story of investigative journalist Gary Webb, whose 1996 "Dark Alliance" series exposed links the connection between drug trafficking by the CIA-backed Contras in Nicaragua and the rise of the crack epidemic in the United States. Prestige outlets like the New York Times devoted serious resources to going after Webb in an attempt to discredit his reporting. We'll go back to the CounterSpin archives to hear from Webb himself.

    Also on the show: You might think you hear enough about abortion in the press. A new book says: We need to talk about abortion differently. PRO: Reclaiming Abortion Rights is the latest from author, poet and Nation columnist Katha Pollitt. We'll talk with her about reframing that conversation.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.)

    Police officer on private duty fatally shoots black teen in St. Louis ahead of Ferguson October
    Mass graves uncovered in Mexico during search for abducted students
    Volunteers help unaccompanied immigrant minors to adjust to life in New Haven
    U.S. District court hears challenge to force-feeding method at GITMO
    Lower Mekong dams continue to draw protest
    Low income mothers and children in London end occupation of empty public housing

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    Living Without Regret

    in Women

    What if there is a way to not only release regret regarding your past, but to also live your life in a way that keeps regret away?

    What if the the very same experiences that continue to cause you anguish, became sources of inspiration?

    Join Michelle Hollinger as she shares three tips for eliminating regret from your life, while learning to live in a regret-free way.

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    Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D., Manuel Barajas, Ph.D. & Heidi Sarabia, Ph.D.

    in Business

    Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D. & Manuel Barajas, Ph.D. Will be discussing immigration and other related topics affecting the Latino community and larger society. 

    Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D, Visiting Scholar, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
    Author, "Reframing the Latino Immigration Debate: Towards a
    Humanistic Paradigm," by San Diego State University Press (2013).

    Manuel Barajas, Ph.D.
    Professor, Department of Sociology, California State University, Sacramento

    Heidi Sarabia, Ph.D., just finished her Ph.D. in sociology, UC Berkeley


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    Can You Identify with Rosie?

    in Lifestyle

    Jewels does an on-air coaching session with Rosie who has issues with the breakup with her fiance.  She gets great clarity that it was her issues that brought her to end the relationship and she could finally stop blaming him for NOT being the one.   Great insight on Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

    in Spirituality

    L*I*V*E Readings ... skype or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading on the air during the show.

    HiC welcomes (r)Evolutionary guest, writer, magic maker and wisdom seeker, ERICK DUPREE. We will journey into the realms of the Divine Masculine, Dharma Paganism, Tantra, Men & the Goddess and more.

    Plus, our regular monthly features : the Astrology Update, Living Well with Linda, & Roundtable talk on Reacting vs. Responding.

    Erick DuPree has a unique writer's voice that blends many wisdom traditions and draws inspiration and spirit from the Goddess, Earth, and our divine immanence. Erick's studies in magic include working within Reclaiming Collective, WitchCamps, Soul Work with T. Thorn Coyle, and Dharma Paganism with Yeshe Rabbit Matthews. He has studied Tantra, sanskrit, and continues a rigorous zazen practice at Village Zendo, in NYC.  A popular blogger in the Pagan community, he also writes a column, Wisdom Within, featured on Witches and Pagans. Erick's voice has been included on ModernWitch, The Wild Hunt, Pantheos, and Covenant of the Goddess. As writer, he has contributed to numerous anthologies including surviving sexual trauma, race relations, and children's faith development. He is author of Alone In Her Presence: Meditations on the Goddess,  and forthcoming books, The Hero Within: Reframing Masculinity with the Goddess and the anthology Finding Masculine in Goddess' Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess, both by Immanion Press.

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    Nika Annon Create your Bliss, blue prints for manifesting your dreams

    in Self Help

    For many years I have dreamt of being a radio voice, and this my first show is that dream made manifest in a way I could never have imagined.  I love being a life coach, listening to people and drawing them to hear themselves and through their attention to themselves create the life they hunger for.  I have asked a number of amazing people to interview on topic ranging from learning modalities , somatic integration, nuero linguistic programming, trance work, creativity.  Creating the future with a client, inviting them to befriend themselves, transforming the critical innner voice to a loving supportive voice engages my whole being.    We are spirit made manifest, our greatest gift is our capacity to learn.  How do we expand into the greatness of ourselves, how do we support one another in the adventure of learning who we are?  Where do we hold ourselves back? What do we choose to do with our precious time here on this beautiful planet?
    Please join me alternative Fridays starting June 27th at 11 am EDT


    These shows will be archived on my website as well as available for listening live.


    FB Live Your Bliss, Nika Annon Transformational Coaching






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