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    Caroline Hammond: Friday Night Dance Party!

    in Indie Music

    Mary Lou Munroe Rey interviews Australian Folk Singer/Songwriter, Caroline Hammond!  Music from Carolines album  "Between the Shoreline and the Moon" will be featured in Hour 1!

    Hour 2 - It's your requests - so get 'em in and get a shout out, too!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and join in the fun!  

    Visit Caroline's website here!
    Like Caroline on Facebook here!
    Check out Caroline on YouTube here!

    Caroline's CD "Between the Shoreline and the Moon" is the Featured Album of the Week on Rated G Radio Superstar's Swag - buy it here!


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    Competition In The Church

    in Christianity

    Have you ever sat in church or at a church event and saw people trying to OUT-DO each other? What about preachers trying to OUT-PPREACH one another. What about people trying to OUT-MINISTER to someone? Have we gotten so bold that we OUT-PRAISE, OUT-SHOUT and OUT-DANCE one another? Or worse, having to OUT-GIVE, seeing who can OUT-TITHE who? Why do we do this? Why do we have an attitude of ungratefulness in the church? Why are being ungrateful to God? We have a sense of "smelling ourselves" because we think we have it all together and know everything. God is not pleased with this attitude and He will deal with us accordingly. I don't know about the rest of yall, but I am sick of "one-up" people!

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    Keep Calm and Dance Naked in the Moonlight!

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Linda West, Physic/medium, the Angel Lady for some straight talk about life with the Divine. We are all creating our own reality, no matter how you choose to view it, its all about the Energy.  Never fear we have help, always!!! The Angels surround you with love, remember its all about your empowerment!!!  Call in early for your reading and get some positive information on how to live your life in a more fulfilling way!!!

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    Orlando Presentz Feature Friday Show : ElevenOne

    in Indie Music

    Founded at Howard University, EleVenOne is a Christian R&B group that is dedicated to making music that edifies Christ anduplifts people. EleVenOne combines creative rhythms and melodies with scripture based lyrics that speak to the hearts and minds of listeners, and encourages them to dance and celebrate the joy of life in Jesus




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    First ContactRadio 10/9/15 - Cowmic Weather, UFOs, Misc News

    in News

    First Contact Radio 10/9/15 Show #1400 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Moon Cat Astrology

    Planet Watcher

    Jewish Calendar


    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, October 9 – 17

    UFO News
    Giant Orb Chasing Jets At Air Show On Oct 3, 2015

    Does FBI memo prove aliens DID crash near Roswell and THREE UFOs and were covered up?

    Leaked ‘NASA footage’ shows a manned mission to Mars in 1973

    One-Way Mars Trip: 1,058 Private Martian Colony Volunteers Pass 1st Cut

    George Bush Senior On UFOs: “Americans Can’t Handle The Truth”

    ET Contact Tool

    Daily Stories
    WA Gun Owners Stage The Largest Felony Civil Disobedience Rally In America’s History

    Questions You Aren’t Supposed To Ask About ISIS: #1 – Those Toyota Trucks

    Unbelievable scam of cancer industry blown wide open:

    HUGE Claim by MATT DRUDGE: Obama Is BLACKMAILING Boehner to Get His Way on This Key Issue

    6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now

    SaLuSa October-09-2015

    Warrior of the Light - pg 121

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

    First Contact Radio

    Confirm or Deny

    WakeUp by UFOetry

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    Twin Radio Syndicate Presents: Music 101

    in Entertainment

    Tune in tonight as we bring you Music 101 on a Thursday night instead of Tuesday night...we will be interviewing YKG at 8:05 pm EST and get them to discuss their new new song called "Dance Kraze" we will also have Kekeh Da Sickest calling in at 8:30 pm EST to discuss his new EP dropping soon and debut his new track "Just You" so make sure you tune in and see what all the fuss is about with Your Favorite Look a Likes from 8-9 pm EST!!! Call in number is (646) 716-4952 press #1 to chime in or make a request!! 

  • LOTL The Comfort Zone Welcomes Mariea Antoinette.Debuts Straight From The Harp

    in Music

    Mariea Antoinette  is bringing an entirely unique sound to R&B and contemporary jazz: her soulful harp. Offering a Straight From The Harp:” seduces and sways with refreshingly distinctive sounds placed in a seldom heard context that will change your perception of the ancient stringed instrument. Antoinette partnered with Emmy-winning and two-time Grammy-nominated producer-songwriter Allan Phillips

    The exotic mid-tempo original “Fly Away” introduces Antoinette’s thesis that the ethereal harp can bring exciting new sonic dynamics to urban-jazz grooves. Phillips and Antoinette sped up the cadence on “Rock Wit ‘Cha” while adding celebratory harmonies. Another original, “Slick urban nuances propel Curtis Mayfield’s inviting “Give Me Your Love.” Vocalist Chanel Fields penned “A Single Dance,” an R&B vocal cut decorated with gossamer strands of Antoinette’s sparkling harp riffs. Saxophonist Reggie Codrington contributed a couple tunes to the record, including “Spend Some Time (With You),” a romantic overture that he wrote with Phillips. The ‘70s classic “Boogie Nights” starts with a swinging jazz ride before rampaging through a sweltering workout of exultant booty shaking. “Journey” is the first of two mystical solo harp mediations with the title track being the other. Syncopated R&B rhythms provide the flowing undercurrent for Antoinette to float funky harp flourishes on Barry White’s “I’m Gonna Love You.”.

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    What's happening in South Carolina as we prepare for 10.10.15 *JUSTICE OR ELSE

    in Culture

    ASA, Family ,,,,,   WE are Fired up and Ready to Go !  #‎JusticeOrElse? --These are tragic events in South Carolina, but what is even more tragic is the tragic saga of fear and capitulation and the buck dance of "negro" mis-leaders who step-n-fetch for the powers that be in South Carolina. To the white wealthy elite and old money families who waxed rich on slave-labor and still control it today; the architects of white supremacy---you all are reaping what you have sown. You sown the winds of wickedness & now you are reaping the ...world winds carrying your destruction. The God of the oppressed don't fight like you, the oppressor.

    The Calamity that hit South Carolina is tragic, but we must face the truth, that this is the Hand of Allah (God) placing judgment here. Some of you may think it is insensitive of us who say the floods are the wrath of God against those who rejected the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan from coming here.

    Some of you are simply uninformed about the time and the presence of God in this hour in America. Allah (God) has always used the forces of nature as weapons in the war against His enemies. Believe or disbelieve-He is talking through His actions and may His actions touch His enemies and spare His elect.


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    Electric Lunch with DJ Vee

    in Food

    Don't pop those chilli dogs down just yet! We have a few beats that will make you move your seats!

    Shake. Shimmy and rockl!  Then get your butts back to work!

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    Recording Artist Donna Allen

    in Music

    DONNA ALLEN is an American Dance Pop/R&B Professional Recording Artist. Her Peers Call Her The “POWER HOUSE” Singer due to her strong and unique vocals abilities. Born in Key West, Florida and raised in Tampa, Florida. She attended Chamberlain High School and became the “First” black home coming queen. After high school, Donna Allen started her singing career performing in local bands around the Tampa Bay area. She was also The “First” Black Swashbucklers Professional Cheerleader/Choreography for the NFL team “Tampa Bay Buccaneers”. She moved to South Florida where she continue singing and landing her a major recording contract with Atlantic Records, which produced Major Hits such as: “SERIOUS”, Joy And Pain remake of Frankie Beverly and Maze and many others.She’s toured with many Major recording artist such as: Jon Secada, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine Band to name a few.’Donna Allen has recorded soundtracks for Major Motion Pictures (Movies) such as: “Real” written by world famous song writer “Diane Warren” for the Hit Blockbuster Movie “The Specialist” Starring Sylvester Stallone & Sharon Stone. She also has sound tracks in the movie “Fatal Beauty” starring Whoopi Goldberg, and the “Tyler Perry”/Lee Daniels Hit Block Buster Movie “Precious." Donna Allen has been cast in the short film “Mama I saw Jesus” currently in production. She was recently on the Major NBC Television Show “THE VOICE” Season 5 singing “YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL” original recorded by “Joe Cocker”, where she receive a “Standing Ovation”.