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    The Empowerment Zone - Creativity after dis/ABILITY - With LesPaul

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    The Empowerment Zone - Creativity after dis/ABILITY - With LesPaul

    Did you know there are thousands of people with disabilities working all over the United States and in other Countries fighting to help ensure a better future for people disabilities? Well, there are! The Empowerment Zone Was created to help people with disabilities find the resources, services, and learn the skills that it takes, after having a disability to help empower yourself to reach your goals and live your dreams no matter what!

    I Am a Certified Peer Support Specialist And a survivor of multiple brain injuries, aneurysms an AVM, a coma, and survivor and multiple rare surgeries. I don't think lightly of the fact that there are many people with disabilities living in deep poverty and neglec with out work. I say our time is now 2014!!!

    I Work for a Center for Independent Living Called Walton Options for Independent Living which a place where we use the four core services of our center which are 1, Information and referral, 2, Advocacy 3, Independent Living Skills 4, Peer Support.

    In these four core services lies the meat and potatoes of the independent living movement, which is people with disabilities powered, community inclusion based, and a federal mandate in all 50 states and US teritories based on the civil rights for people with disabilities act, known as the ADA the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    We are fighting for our rights and standing strong and firm in the belife that all people are created equally and reclaim ourselves as people of pupose as we strive to help others to get out of nursing homes, to work in the community, to get out of sheltered workshops, to bring down the Iron Curtain of dismay in disability, and start holding accountable the agencies that are supposed to support us and start taking control of our destiny. Now as survivors as people who struggled and fought for victory and face the challenge!

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    Interview with Lady Saw The Queen Of Dancehall

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    Welcome to Rosa's Resources Beauty Chat Radio Show

    On Wedesday, May 14,14 Rosa the Founder for Rosa's Resources and Beauty Chat radio was invited to a press release event in NYC by: PlayBook Media Group. It was so amazing to meet and speak with the Queen of Dancehall upclose and personal. Listen this evening to my interview ,somethings about her may shock you.

    About Lady Saw

    Lady Saw (born Marion Hall, 12 July 1968, Saint Mary, Jamaica) is a Jamaican reggae singer, known as the queen of dancehall. She is the first female deejay to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artist.[citation needed] She is also the first woman to headline dancehall shows outside her native Jamaica. 

    Listen to her lastest song below:


    Comments welcome

    Want to be a guest/sponsor a show or book us for an event ? Please contact Rosa and/or the crew here:  www.rosasresources.biz

    We offer, photo, DJ, car service with tour,blogging services, event review live on radio,marketing and promotions, event tickets sales ,salon staffing /Loads of beauty industry referal services and resources.. custom promotion packages available..


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    Let's Coach with Mark and Carolyn

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    Noon Wednesdays, "Let's Coach," hosts Carolyn Owens and Mark Thorn

    Join us at noon, Wednesday, April 16th, with our guest Mike Weiner - founder and CEO of the Network Referal Group.  Mike's innovative approach to networking focuses on people power.  

    Mike Weiner loves meeting new people and talking with them about their experiences.  He strongly believes that the human capital of a business is what drives its growth. Technological innovations are helpful, but unless there are committed people and strong relationships that support that infrastructure, success will always be out of reach.

    That is why Mike Weiner started NRG in 2001. Relationships are the key to growing and maintaining the success of any business, and he saw an opportunity to make the lives of professionals easier and more productive.  NRG connects likeminded professionals through intimate meetings where people can learn about other businesses and find opportunities to grow. Mike Weiner is proud that he has been able to help so many people over the course of his professional career and will do the same for you.

    If it ain't broke . . . make it better!

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    Business with Ivor - Live from St Albans UK

    in Business

    Ivor relates poor quality client service & asks you how are you creating the virtuous client circle of purchase, referal, repeat purchase & continual referrer?
    How are you implementing client services in your organisation?
    What does Ivor share this week that will help your business grow?
    Read Ivor's blog here
    Sales, Marketing, Client Servicing & Internal Systems are more efficient when managed through social media. Fact!
    Ivor can bring you Street Smart sales success in 30 days with an innovative proven lean system mentoring you to sales stardom!
    Ivor is a regular contributor on BBC radio. He has also appeared on BBC TV news & other TV stations.
    Sponsored by
    Mediavine Marketing - www.mediavinemarketing.com
    Via Strategy Group LLC - www.viastrategygroup.com
    Daniel Stoica - www.danielstoica.com
    Mandatek LLC - www.mandatek.com

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    Healthy Relationships With Dawn Masler & John Hollis

    in Radio

    2PM EST Friday March 5, Charles H. Bechert
    Fort Lauderdale Attorney will be giving legal advise on family Law.

    Charles H. Bechert, Fort Lauderdale Attorney will be giving legal advise on family Law and how to have a healthy divorce. Charles H. Bechert is an experienced trial attorney who dedicates his practice to representing people at some of the most difficult times of their lives. He focuses his practice in the areas of personal injury, criminal law, divorce / family law, wage and overtime claims and immigration / deportation matters.

    Along with our sponsor Charles H. Bechert is a referal to Holistic Lifestyles Radio Rosalind Sedacca, CCT the founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network and author of the ebook, How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? We are Looking forward to meeting Rosalind and having our listeners hear her message.
    Dawn Maslar MS is a Professor, Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Radio Talk Show Host on a call-in Relationship Show on Holistic Lifestyles Radio. Dawn has been working for many years helping women to heal and recover. A popular speaker, Dawn is a member of both The Florida Speaker’s Association and The National Speaker’s Association. She currently speaks on a variety of topics including recovery, spirituality, and building self-esteem. Her Soul mate Workshops are extremely popular, with each one filled to capacity

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    Recruiting 2010: UK Show

    in Business

    What does 2010 have in store? Just in time or talent pool? Referal networks, job boards, retained search. What is important to jobseekers & hirers now? What part does employer branding play & what influences it?
    dial in & give your predictions.

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    Recruiting 2010, US Show with Bill Boorman

    in Jobs

    Bill Boorman of Ready for Lift Off co-hosts with Alan Whitford of RCEuro.com.
    What does 2010 have in store? Just in time or talent pool? Referal networks, job boards, retained search. What is important to jobseekers & hirers now? What part does employer branding play & what influences it? dial in & give your predictions.

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    Smart adjustments and other street smarts you wish were taught in college by a trader/entrepreneur

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    Hear what some hope you never learn by listening to a sample of the story about a professional trader, entrepreneur and the host of a radio show about Innovation. Discover some of the outside the box strategies and solutions you wish were taught in college in order to get ahead. These are results and NOT ASSUMPTIONS. Join the growing group for free and have access to substantial rewards including a $1,000 referal fee for helping others find the results they are looking for. Our rapidly growing group is also opening new doors for those with good ideas. info@smartadjustments.com for more information.

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