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    Susun Weed: Green Magic Green Medicine "Reeds"

    in Spirituality

    Susun is an author and teacher who doscusses herbal medicine and psychology of healing.

    Susun offers an herbal medicine class every Tuesday at 10 pm eastern time!

    This week Susun continues her series on The 13 Sacred Trees!

    This weeks tree is : Reed

    Join us in knowing that herbal medicine,is peoples medicine!

    To check out Susun's books go here: http://www.herbalmedicinehealing.com/store/default.php

    Join us!!!

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    How to Build a Successful Business and Marriage

    in Travel

    The reality for many working professionals is our time is spent more with co-workers and colleagues than with our loved ones (spouse, partner, children, close friends, parents and pets). What if we could shift that reality? 

    Married Travel-preneurs and hosts of the NuAttitude A.C.T.I.O.N.o.w Show, Kenneth and Cynth'ya Reed share their secrets on building a successful business with your partner while strengthing your relationship. In fact, if you ask the Reeds they will tell you owning a business, especially a travel business, with you partner is "Better Than Donuts".

    Be sure to connect with Surge Nation via Facebook or Twitter 


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    Checking in with Joetta from Stone Harbor, NJ

    in Motivation

    Live From Location This Wednesday April 29, 2015  Stone Harbor, NJ

    NEW TIME 7:30pm- 8:30pm EST  The Reeds at Shelter Haven

    Madame Olympian will speak to the community.

    A partnership with the Mayors Wellness Campaign and Stone Harbor Recreation. The event is 5:30pm - 6:30pm visit.  www.StoneHarborRecreation.com

    Listen via:
    www.joettasportsandbeyond.com   click on Radio


    "Checking in with Joetta” is an interactive show that will provide informative conversations about topics such as health, education, finances, fitness, empowerment, sports, relationships, and motivational tactics. These topics will be discussed with business & financial leaders, educators, sports legends, entrepreneurs, health & wellness advocates and historical icons.

    "Checking in with Joetta" will serve as a useful, informative and thought provoking resource for ALL adults, teens & children.

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    SING SING SING Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

    in Podcasting

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn


    Sing, Sing, Sing" (introducing "Christopher Columbus " [Louis Prima])

    Benny Goodman and His Orchestra

    Podcast Link

    All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies  

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:

    www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or oscssw@juno.com

    Benny Goodman and His Orchestra ‎– Sing, Sing, Sing

    Label: RCA Victor ‎– 36205

    Series: Swing Classic –

    Format: Shellac, 12", 78 RPM 

    Country: US

    Genre: Jazz

    Style: Big Band, Swing

    A: Sing, Sing, Sing Part 1

    B: Sing, Sing, Sing Part 2

    Record Company – Radio Corporation of America

    This was recorded July 6, 1937 in Hollywood, mixes 09671-2 and 09672-2 and issued as 36205. Arranger is Jimmy Munday.

    My copy of "Sing, Sing, Sing" (introducing "Christopher Columbus" [Louis Prima]) is 12" RCA Victor 36205A-B. The top of the label says "Swing Classic," perhaps suggesting that it was part of a set; I don't have the rest of the set, if indeed it came with. The entire personnel of the Goodman band at that time is listed on the labels (both sides!). Included are such luminaries as Hymie Schertzer and Adrian Rollini, saxes; Harry James and Ziggy Elman, trumpets; Harry Goodman (BG's brother), string bass; Jess Stacy, piano; Gene Krupa, drums. Total 14 (5 reeds, incl. BG; 3 trpts., 2 trombones, 4 rhythm (piano, bass, drums, guitar). Mmm, not a bad bunch


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    Ignorance Of African Fledgling Intelligent Human Life Makes One Uncivilized

    in Music

    You may have some commerce intelligence, from  going to the defiled learning centers of the day.You have a nice job and the comforts of hme, you go to  church and sing praise to the Romans under the presumption and belief that you have a relationship with you creator. That is historically a false idea, because mere belief in what is not certain, will never total to affirmative knowledge. You must read the direct history of African indigenous fledgling human inauguration into the world, so that you know the circumstance under which the cause was formed to  ushered intelligent people on earth. The bibles will not tell us of whom are responsible for our creation, and set the ocho system to serve mankind. Such as what cause the rain to fail, and seasons effectuated, to supply the delight of man. And here is a brief excerpt of what I read in history: "Enki the god of waterand wisdom, kept them safe in the Abzu, his shrine in fresh-water undergroungd spring. It was Enki who carried out the actual details of organizing the universe. He then supplied the things necessary to make the earth fruitful and provide for man's needs: he poured pure water into  the Tigris and  Euphrates, sowed the marshes and canebrakes  wth fish and reeds, cause rain to fall on the earth, heaped up grain in the cultivated  fields, built stalls and erected sheepfold.  Book "Cradle of Civilization, by Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer.

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    In The Beginning Was The(spoken) Word and it became flesh #4

    in Current Events

    Come, my Soul, swim to me!
    The water is deep in my love
    Which carries me to you.
    We are in the midst of the stream,
    I clasp the flowers to my breast
    Which is naked and drips with water.
    But the moon makes them bloom like the lotus.
    I give you my flowers
    because they are beautiful,
    And you are holding my hand
    In the middle of the water.

     Under the protection of Hathor

    O, my god, my lotus ...
    The north wind is blowing ...
    It is pleasant to go down to the river
    My heart longs to enter it
    To bathe with you.
    I let you see my beauty
    in a shirt of finest royal linen,
    moist with balsam.
    My hair is plaited with reeds
    I enter the water to be with you
    And leave it to join you
    With a red fish.
    It is beautiful on my fingers
    I lay it down before you
    Contemplating your beauty.
    O my hero, my lover!
    Come and look at me! 

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    Seahawks Miracle NFC Comeback; Patriots Float to Super Bowl; RQ's (01-21-15)

    in Sports

    This week: we look at the Seahawks' Miracle comeback against the Packers in the NFC Championship Game.  How did the Packers turn a 16-0 lead into a 28-22 overtime loss?  The many mistakes the Packers made along the way, reserve tight end Brandon Bostick's mis-cue on the Sehawks' onside kick, an impressive series of improbable touchdown drives by a struggling Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, plus much more from the NFC Title Game.  We also cover the Patriots' resounding win over the Colts in the AFC championship game, and go into the season in review, plus a minor moment covering the ongoing "deflate-gate" with the Patriots doctoring the inflation of footballs.   Kevin on the Cape joins for "Random Questions" in Hour 1, we'll touch on the Patriots and Seahawks with their road to the Super Bowl, then go into some music trivia, plus your RQ's.   In Hour 2, we change gears and chat the NBA, with a few words on the upstart Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, and the improved Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.   New blood in the NBA or are LeBron's Cleveland Cavalier's lying in the reeds ready to make a huge run to the playoffs?  Much to cover in this week before "Super Bowl Week" in the City.

  • Mwamba World Outreach Presents Prayer and New Year Message By Bishop Dr. Mwamba

    in Radio


    vs. 3.   strengthen the  weak hands, and make firm the feable knees.

    vs.  4.  say to those who are of a fearful heart,  be strong, do not fear, Here is your God. He will come with vengeance, with terrible recompase, he will come and save You.

    vs.  5.  The the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped.

    vs.  6.  Then the lame shall leap like a deer, the tongue of the speechless sing for Joy.  For the waters shall break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert.

    vs.  7.  The burning sand shall become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water;  the haunt of Jackals shall become  a swamp.  The grass shall become reeds and rushes.

    vs.  a highway shall be there, and shall be called the  Holy way, the unclean shall not travel on it. But it shall be for God's people No trveler not even fools shall go astra


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    Shout Of The Divine Warrior In Defeat Of The Primordial Chaos Monster (Rahab)

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the doctrine of the Divine Warrior.  The Divine Warrior is present throughout the biblical materials.  In the opening pages of the Genesis document he was present to arrest and subdue the threatening presence of Rahab or primordial discontent.  The Divine Warrior was present at the Sea of Reeds and with the blast of his nostrils made a way through the deep for his molested people.  The Divine Warrior is present today to come along side his people who are ravaged for their faith. 

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    Gospelfest 2014 ~ Sparta, TN - Radio #1

    in Christianity

    We had our first radio show and on it we had Evangelist Gary Ray, S.L.I.M.M. and The Reeds (Burt and Rita) as well as our Food Manager, Karen Pruitt. Everyone is very excited about the show. We want to thank all of our partners for making this such a great even. The RAFFLE is gonna be great.

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    Second Apocalypse

    in Entertainment

    Music from Antania based off R Scott Bakker's fantasy world of Earwa. Intro song lyrics posted here..second song lyrics will be in comments for show post

    Wicked North

    I lay down my offering for the wolves of the night 
    I spill my own blood in their den. 
    I become the predator who destroys mankind 
    Spawn of Anyasiri be thou my hands! 
    The sorrow of shades sweeps forth with foul might 
    The howling hordes ceaselessly churn. 
    Souls compelled are souls possessed 
    And so the torch is lit. 

    Angel of Endless Hunger 
    Tsurumah, Mursiras, Mog-Pharau 
    Spit forth the tongueless howlers 
    In aeon of weakened sun 
    Angel of Endless Hunger 
    Tsurumah, Mursiras, Mog-Pharau 
    People of weeping summer 
    Spring will never come! 

    Amidst cut-tongue cacophony, 
    Bloody rapists of man. 
    Min-uroikas, great pit of obscenity. 
    Aurang and Aurax ageless in malice. 

    Whispering the silent screams 
    The gasping of many reeds. 
    Souls compelled are souls possessed. 
    The world pyre ignites. 

    Angel of Endless Hunger 
    Tsurumah, Mursiras, Mog-Pharau 
    Spit forth the tongueless howlers 
    In aeon of weakened sun 
    Angel of Endless Hunger 
    Tsurumah, Mursiras, Mog-Pharau 
    People of weeping summer 
    Spring will never come! 

    Spring will never come!

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