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    The Original Red Pill Show

    in Current Events

    The Orignal Red Pill Show was inspired by the 2008 financial meldown. Wallstreet and the "Too big to fail" banks were bailed out with taxpayer money while mainstreet was left out in the cold to pay for mistakes made by the smartest people on the planet. That motivated Red to look into our finaincial system, and what he found was latent systems in place created by The Federal Reserve Act. Still not sure what to think, Red went further down the rabbithole and discovered more latent issues.

    By Red's bank not keeing their end of the agreement for loan modification, his credit rating was destroyed. This caused a chain reaction which forced him to inject his life savings into his company or make the decsion to fail. In order to keep the company afloat, and keep valued employees their jobs, Red decided to wipe out his life savings which was taxed at over 50% and was considered income. Times have been tough since then with no help whatsoever from big banks to do the right thing. Big banks have seen higher profits and are making more money while mainstreet barely getting by even with good intentions like the Affordable Health Care Act.

    This insired Red to go even further donw the rabbihole and look at issues like eduaction, a solid currency for a nation, hyperinflation and study the history of the Romans. Apparently, we are repeating the same mistakes of that Great Empire and quite possibly World War II Germany. We cannnot repeat these mistakes or we will suffer the consequences that our ancestors have experienced.

    Movies like Star Wars, America, Captain America, Monumental and more have inspried Red to find his answers to his questions. Instead of how we got here, Red asks " Why did we get here"? The answers are nothing short of a poorly made science fiction movie. We are living in difficult and challenging times and need to ban together to make it through by becoming aware of what is really going o around us.

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    Music and Moor with Latifa Ali with Red Pill and Blue Pill and Vision View TV

    in Women

    Artist, Television and Radio Producer, Latifa Ali discusses arts, and special guest on her radio program. Guests for this show incude: Jean Llyod, Omar Henderson and Karim Ali of Vision View.TV talking about having a Town Hall Conversation: Creating a Profound Sense of Self Jan. 29th. Also Teachers Red Pill and Blue Pill talking about When in ROME. Roxbury MA Jan 23/24th.

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    Pill Pop-in

    in Current Events

    It has been a while, so it is time to pop-in and test the system as a ramp up for a new, revitalized concept, version and presentation of "THE PILL." This is an unformatted gathering around the "virtual water cooler" discussing racism in America, the Zimmerman trial verdict, the cover of the Rolling Stone and that which is currently making us feel "unhinged."  You cannot get beyond that which you refuse to acknowledge, so let's get it out. This webisode features Mark Ward and Dawn DePasquale.

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    The Original Red Pill Show

    in Current Events

    On today's episode on the ORPS, Red will bring up the topic of education. He is constantly a

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    The Original Red Pill Show

    in Current Events

    Join Red for todays episode as he shares his perspective on the current news stories of the day, and your phone calls. Todays topic will be education and the cost of continuing education and the possible alternatives to getting your degree.  Enjoy!

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    The Original Red Pill Show

    in Current Events

    On todays episode, Red discusses on of the most important responsibilties we have as American citizens and that is the right to vote. Red will discuss the choices we all have and the power we have that our system grants us, We the People to govern through our elected servants. You have the choice to vote and some are deciding not to carryout their responsibility to ensure we are represented by our elected servants.

    Red will also discuss current movies, gizmo's, gadgets and boohs thats are catching his attention. So, join in on the discussion and the fun. Enjoy!

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    The Red Pill episode 2 w/Joseph Peterson & Kevin Savo

    in Pop Culture

    TIS's Joseph Peterson & Kevin Savo discuss Ferguson, Eric Garner, Police Brutality, Bill Cosby & more on episode #2 of "The Red Pill" Podcast  



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    The Red Pill or The Blue?

    in Spirituality

    Just how deep does the rabbit hole go? The year 1999, Hollywood released a powerful movie that rocked the minds of man. The Matrix. Morpheus said  "You take the blue pill the story ends you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." Which pill do you want, the red or blue? We are living in a troubled world. Amongst people who are perturbed, unsettled, ill at ease. Financially unsecured, spiritually unaware, emotionally unprepared. Sexual immorality is at an all time high compounded by sexual confusion. Men who want to be women undergoing surgical knives to alter nature, woman who psychologically believe they are men. For many of us we've been in church more than we've been at home. We've given enough time, money and sacrifices to live as good as the "anointed" speakers, orators, teachers. Can someone please answer the question, "What's going on?" Could the movie "The Matrix" have answers for the problems of our day? The term red pill and its opposit the blue pill have become symbols for choices. The blue pill represents "the blissful ignorance of illusion" whereas the red pill, embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality. We are just like Neo, living two lives. Religious, active at church, professing holiness while all the time we are confused, discontented, angry and disallusioned. Tired of just a few people prospering, and "the favor" given out to everybody except you. Maybe a little of Neo is within you? Go ahead take the Red Pill. When will your "season" come? Aren't you tired of the euphoric messages and psuedo prophecies of a forthcoming jubilee? Are you looking for the answer like Neo? Has the question brought you here? 

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    The Red Pill w/Joseph Peterson & Kevin Savo

    in Pop Culture

    Truth is Scary's Joseph Peterson talks The Illuminati, New Wprld Order, Good vs Evil, The Luciferian Agenda & more with co-host Kevin Savo

  • Red vs Blue Friday Night Football

    in Sports

    Join Scott Atkins & Michael Trent as they recap the professional circuit of Fantasy Sports. 
    Scott is VP Marketing of Fultime Fantasy LLC, which conducts contests around the country highlighted by the Fantasy Football World Championship (www.fulltimefantasy.com) 
    Fulltime Fantasy also owns and operates FFToolbox.com, the nation's largest independent fantasy content site in the country. 
    Scott is the resident Cardinal Fan representing Planet Red (Louisville) while Mike is the heart of Big Blue Nation (Kentucky). 
    Stop by and join the chat, "The Crew", some of the best minds in the world of fantasy sports, and let's have a good time!

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    Red vs Blue Super Bowl Weekend

    in Sports

    Prop Bets

    Super Bowl Squares

    Playoff Draft World Championship

    Food Food Food!



    Dynasty World Championship Season III

    and a whole lot more.


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