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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!!  Just so you know, the show was almost a "no show"!!!  But Glory to the Most High, we here!!!  Anywho, today's topic is, LEAN ON ME.  Tell me, how many of us, have folks we can lean on, in extreme times of need???  How many of us, can be counted on, to be leaned upon, in someone else's time of need???  How many of us are willing to get uncomfortable in order to take on someone else's weight, when we see they are in need of a helping hand???  All of these questions are rhetorical, something for you to ponder, and while you're pondering, see if there's someone in your immediate circle, who could use a helping hand, of any kind of way.

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    Draft Preview ~ AFC EAST

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will discuss all the draft needs of the AFC EAST.

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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!!  ~insert the hawkie squawk~  What a week, what a week, what a week, last week was.  So thankful for a new week and new beginnings.  Today's topic is, LIFE HAPPENS, and oh, yes it does.  Man, one day things can be all, peachy king, and the next, hell done rose up from the bowels of the earth, and vise versa.   So how do you handle it???  Do you curl up in a ball, and wait for it to pass, or do you plow thru it?  Hopefully, you put on your full armour of God and keep it moving, cause regardless of anything, long as you wake up, life is going to happen, and how you deal with it, determines your overall, existence.

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    Episode 68: Red Wings Playoffs and the Tigers' Hot Start

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    Can the Detroit Red Wings rebound from a Game 2 blowout loss to upset the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup playoffs? We're breaking down the rest of that series, plus touching on the red-hot Detroit Tigers, who opened the year 10-2 despite the absence of Justin Verlander. 

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    Word On The Street w/ PeteyPete

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    Catch up with the one and only Peteypete as he gives you the WOTS! Also hear some positive motivation from Rev. Stephen Ivey!

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    Author Kari Chapin

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    Kari Chapin is an author, creative business consultant, motivational speaker, teacher and her podcast, AIM with Kari Chapin. AIM is about taking Action, finding Inspiration and creating an entrepreneurial Mindset and was partially inspired by the success of her popular books for creatives.

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    "The Red Pill" LIVE!- 4/20 Special- Marijuana 101 w/ Cara Crabb-Burnham of NIC

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    In honor of 4/20, Joe and Steve dedicate this episode to Marijuana with a special informational episode with Cara Crabb-Burnahm, School Administartor of NIC- The Northeastern Institue of Cannabis instsitueofcannabis.com the first ever Cannabis dedicated educational institute in the Northeast. Cara will discuss the History of Cannabis, its Medical uses, legalization and why we all should get educated about this exteremely healing plant. This is a great episode for those who want to learn more about Cannabis and its power. 

    Cara Crabb-Burnham is former President of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition and has been a director for the past 4 years. As a director she has been the speaker coordinator and volunteer coordinator for the Boston Freedom Rally, organized several events and raised thousands of dollars to put toward cannabis policy reform in Massachusetts. 

    She began her career in cannabis through Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Emerson College, assisting in the founding of that chapter. She worked with chapters throughout Boston and New England to help promote student issues with drug use. Cara helped found the NORML Women’s Alliance with representative from three New England states. She was the first in the New England drug policy community to work alongside the gay rights movement; she walked with SSDP in the Boston Pride Parade for two years before the NWANE group donated space to have a table at the Boston Pride Festival at Government Center. She has been recognized by both High Times and SKUNK Magazines.


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    This Week in Economics 21 April 2015

    in Finance

    This Week in Economics is real time forecasting and analysis of the previous week's economic activities.The longest running programme of its type on Internet Radio and the Bostonred Network(bostonred.org)

    Esta semana en la economía es la predicción en tiempo real y análisis de actividades.El económica de la semana anterior programa de más larga duración de su tipo en la radio por Internet y la red Bostonred Network.

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    Taylor's Detroit Sports Show (Postgame) - Monday, April 20th, 2015 11:00 PM EST

    in Sports

    LIVE: Call in with your name, city, and state at (646) 478-4837 or send me a text message with your name, city, and state at (231) 429-3668 to share your Detroit sports opinion!

    The Tigers start a 4-game series at Comerica Park against the New York Yankees as Alfredo Simon starts on the mound against a struggling C.C. Sabathia.  I will additionally preview the Tuesday matchup between Kyle Lobstein and Nathan Eovaldi.

    The Red Wings return home Tuesday for Game 3 of the Atlantic Division Semifinals against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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    The Conservative Refuge: 4/20/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    With the 2015 General Assembly session over, the media is coming out with their lists of winners and losers.  Do these lists reflect what actually happened in Annapolis or just the bias of our state's media.  We'll discuss.

    The Attorney General of Maryland finds a recent bill passed by the legislature and pushed by the LGBTA community as discriminatory while simultaneously opining that all traditional marriage laws are based upon hate.

    As we continue our discussion of the evils of physician assisted suicide, I share a piece from Wesley J. Smith on the suicide advocate's argument regarding "rational elder suicide".

    And we couldn't record a show on 4-20 without mentioned marijuana.  We'll discuss how the burgeoning marijuana industry is like the tobacco industry of past decades denying the truth about the health effects of marijuana use.

    We end the show with a very special "Get Off My Lawn" featuring my daughter, Samantha Kline, getting some things off our chest.  Definitely a must listen.

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