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    Restart or Recycle?

    in Self Help

    Join us for the last show of 2014 as we discuss the importance of not repeating the past if you want a different future. Will you restart or recycle in 2015

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    UGP #369 Is It Time To Recycle The D.O.I.?

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight the professor asks the question: should we recycle the Declaration Of Indpendence and start another revolution to overthrow the bonds of our corrupt government? 


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    Ep 72 Grant Wood Regionalist Artist

    in History

    "American Gothic," the frequently parodied painting of the old couple (really father and daughter) standing in front of a white farm house with a gothic style window holding a pitchfork, is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. You know the painting, but what do you know about the artist? Wood was one of the school of Regionalist painters, but his art ranged from recycle art to murals to stain glass. Wood was born and raised and returned to work in Iowa. Tune in to learn about Wood's life, his art, his Iowa connections, and a new display coming to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

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    Making Order Out of Chaos With John Terrell

    in Entrepreneur

    John Terrell joins us ON THE DEAN'S LIST. 

    Terrell is founder and president of Burly Guys Hauling Junk.  He will help us to bring order to the chaos in our physical spaces and talk about what to do when the job becomes too much.  Terrell and his team were featured in an episode of TV's Hoarding: Buried Alive! 

    Burly Guys is a junk and debris removal company with branches in Detroit, MI and Sarasota, FL. They will take items from either a home or business and recycle up to 60% of what they remove. They also assist with the demolition of pools, hot tubs, decks, sheds, garages, and playscapes. They also partner with real estate professionals, bank asset managers, businesses and private individuals. We perform trash-outs (debris removal) and property preservation services on bank-owned properties and REOs. Their services include complete home amelioration, from board-up to winterization and photography. Included with Burly Guys' Specialties are hot tub and spa removals, demolition of decks and sheds, removal of pianos and other heavy objects.

    This broadcast promises to be uplifting and orderly. 

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    How one Mom takes on an industry, with help from friends like Sarah Jane Morris

    in Moms and Family

    #SHOPDROP2016 Find out the buzz behind #ShopDrop2016. Why it's BIG. And why you might want to get into it now with Kristin & Laura Best of LA LIVE!

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    Philosophy, Religion & Life - Rise & Burn: Overcoming the Root of Fears

    in Motivation

    Please join Zhe Levels Scott as she interviews the dynamic author Michael Muse about his book: Rise & Burn. Mr. Muse is a business coach and entreprenuer that has inspired and advised countless individuals who have successfully changed their lives around. He truly has lived what he preaches. His book is available here: www.michaelmuse.com 


    Reviewed by Louise Bannerman, CC 1/7/2016
    After reading Michael Muse book, Rise and Burn, I throw my hands up and said, “Yes!!! I am so on fire.” I just want to Rise and Shine and Burn up everything from the root that is trying to hinder me from my growth. I declare that the root of ALL of my problems will burn in flames. And I will not fear, but I will Face everything and Rise. This book inspired me to overcome my fears with some burning actions. - Louise Bannerman, Author of Living with Victory after Past Mistakes 
    Overcoming Fears is not a option! 



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    Teaching Sciences in 2016 - Witness

    in Environment

    Witness: January 6th Teaching Sciences in 2016 and Beyond 

    As we roll into 2016 on Witness, I thought it would be fitting to take a look toward the next generation again, and see how they are going to guide us into the environmental and science front into the future.  This time, from the teacher’s perspective.  My two good friends who will be on the show Wednesday night are both teachers in High Schools.  They both are ex-aquarium employees as well, so they have had years of field and laboratory experiences to draw from in the classroom.  These two guests (Not to be named), both have extremely strong environmental ideals, and try to guide the classroom discussions and lessons into hands on learning experiences designed to guide students into critical thinking and good scientific practices.   

    I am looking forward to getting an honest perspective on how they see their prospective students becoming the future scientists of America.  I’ll be asking some tough questions about lessons, common core, “No child left behind learning”, etc.  I really want to know if these students are prepared to become the future, or if they are going to become the next unprepared voters of America. 

    Do the kids recycle, how can you teach this?  What’s more important, Grades, test scores or life lessons?  I look back to my own middle and High school years, and the missed opportunities I see now in retrospect.   Will these kids be in the same position when they have kids of their own?

    On Wednesday January 6th at 9pm est,8pm cst and 6pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 1 -949-534-0637.

    Thank You,



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    Test Your Recycling I.Q.

    in Environment

    Andrew Quigley, City of Tucson

    Do you recycle? Do you know what “not to throw” in your recycle bins? Andrew Quigley and his team are on a mission to educate people about what should go in the bins and what should not. Unfortunately Tucson has considerable challenges when it comes to contamination. Join us to learn what’s safe and what’s not as well as the impact contamination has on the entire recycling effort. Andrew will also share with us information about the recycling markets and hopefully move all of us a few steps forward when it comes to recycling and keeping as much as we can out of our landfills. I love to talk trash so I hope you can join us! This show made possible due to the generous support of the City of Tucson.

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    STR #230 12/31/15 2015 Stana Katic Year In Review

    in Television

    For further information on Stana Katic, please visit her Official Web Site at:  www.stanakatic.com

    Please try #ATP and #GOcarFREE for just one day in 2016! More information: www.alternativetravelproject.org

    2015 Stana Katic Year In Review photos are via Zimbio.com, gettyImages|WireImages, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ebay Auction, EMA Instagram featuring Stana Katic posts week of March 9th, Alex Gross' painting of Stana "Memory Fragments" on display at Koplin Del Rio Gallery, Recycle Across America YouTube video, Jill Weisleder Los Angeles Dodgers LLC, LACI 2015 Cleantech Global Showcase, LA Opera - Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Alternative Travel Project - Auction via EBay, Castle S7 Cover Art, Stana Katic on set of "The Rendezvous", GoogleTalks - ATP - "Where Do You Want To Go Today?"  [photos are in BTR random order]

    Audio copyright credits: Stana Katic PCA Thank You via Stana Katic | Google Talks - Stana Katic "Where Do You Want To Go Today?", 'Castle' music via Robert Duncan, Castle | Disney | ABC Studios | ABC

    Outro Music copyright credits [available via iTunes for full song purchase]:  “Last Year’s Winter” by Cinders, Tall Tale Records  |  “Christmas Card” by Steven Curtis Chapman ‘Joy’ Album, 2012 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

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    Why Is The Lifespan of a Dollar Only 6 Hours in The African American Community

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tues. Dec., 8th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  We'll discuss a recent article by Michael Imhotep, “Why Is The Lifespan of a Dollar Only 6 Hours in The African American Community? How To Recycle our $1.2 Trillion Economy”.

    CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and listen to the podcasts.


    The documentary, "Black Friday", takes an in depth look into the spending habits of African-Americans in America. The film chronicles the financial mis-education of many African-Americans and explores the economic pitfalls that continue to derail the progress of the community-at-large. In an effort to heighten the economic awareness and financial responsibility in the community, the film, Black Friday, presents solutions on how to better manage the $1.2 Trillion dollars that leaves African-American communities annually. In addition, the film champions the importance of leaving a financial and ethical legacy for the next generation.  Order "The Film Black Friday" at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.

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    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. REALLY!

    in Self Help

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC to take on some Habit work that will literally save planet earth!  In Nicole's S.H.I.N.E. Coaching Methodology, the "H" represents Habit Work. Habit work is essential to letting your light illuminate the world.  WIth good habits in place, we allow the flow of positive energy and create positive outcomes.  Doing your part for the environment is imperative to your future and your ability to live a vibrant and productive life!  

    If you can be part of the process of sustaining the quality of life on planet earth, obviously this will create your own sustainability. This concept is so obvious, so close, so taken for granted, that you may just be numb to fact that you can really do some incredible work that would shift the whole trajectory of planet earth.  

    Take away strategies, systems, and smarts for shifting YOUR behavior to sustain a vibrant life!

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