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    Quo Vadimus: Seth Partnow, George Karl and Derek Fisher

    in Basketball

    Jared Dubin and Seth Partnow discuss the Kings' non-firing of George Karl and their leaky-ship organization, the merits and drawbacks of quickly cycling through coaches, the Knicks' firing of Derek Fisher, the progress of Phil Jackson's culture change in New York and where the Knicks might turn next before wrapping things up with some brief talk about Jimmy Butler's injury and the Eastern Conference playoff picture. 

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    Park Tool A conversation with C. Calvin Jones

    in Sports

    C. Calvin Jones wrote the book on bicycle repair.....literally.   The Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair from Park Tool located in Minnesota.  Join us for an in depth conversation on everything related to bicycle repair.

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    A conversation with Robin Farina.....

    in Sports

    You can follow this link to Robin's website which provides a glimps into her extensive background in cycling........Robin is a top female bike racer, cofounder of the Women's Cycling Assocationa and co-owner of a bike shop and traning facility in Charlotte NC.  We will talk about bike fitting, women in wheeled sports and we are just beginning to tap into her extensive knowledge of all things biking.  Join us live to become part of the conversation and ask Robin questions you may have about becoming more active in the sport of biking or simply improve your riding skills as a weekend warrior. I know I have a lot of questions, so join us and learn from a master in cycling.




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    Nature Connection: Wildlife Conservation, National Parks, Climate Change

    in Environment

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa D. Smith, mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine for Big Blend Radio’s Nature Connection show! This show airs live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, the hotel headquarters for the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of all 409 National Park units.
    On This Episode:
    - Adam Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and Born Free Foundation, discusses the outcome of the CITES 66th Meeting of the Standing Committee in Geneva.
    - Mark Wenzler, Senior Vice President of Conservation Programs for National Parks Conservation Association, discusses Southwestern Parks in Peril.
    - Caeli Quinn – Co-founder of Climate Ride cycling and hiking challenges that raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.
    - Erin Hunt, Director of Operations at the California Wolf Center in Julian, CA discusses California wolves and Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery in the Southwest.
    Plus, Hollywood History Nature Style, as recalled by Steve Schneickert.

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    David Corbett interviews Catriona McPherson LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    LIVE interview.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authorsontheair/2015/12/19/david-corbett-interviews-catriona-mcpherson-live-on-authors-on-the-air

    Guest Host David Corbett returns to speak with the incredible Catriona McPherson.  About Catriona:  A born swot, I finally left school at age thirty with a PhD in linguistics from Edinburgh University. Proper jobs have included banking (hopeless), library work in local studies and fine art (marvellous), and a short burst of academia (miserable). I'm now a full-time writer and hope never to have a proper job again. When not writing, I'm reading, gardening, cooking and baking, cycling in Davis, running through walnut orchards, getting to grips with this outlandish and enormous country (26 states visited so far) and practising an extreme form of Scotch thrift*, from eating home-grown food to dumpster-diving/skip-surfing for major appliances.  *when "making a living" as a writer, thrift helps a lot.  http://catrionamcpherson.com/.  About David Corbett: Ballantine purchased David's first novel, The Devil's Redhead.His follow-up, Done for a Dime was also broadly acclaimed was named a New York Times Notable Book. His third novel was Blood of Paradise. David's short fiction has also been widely praised. http://davidcorbett.com .

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.


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    " Born To Be Wild"

    in Fitness

    Nothing like hitting the road when it's just you and your bike is there ?  Okay maybe we aren't talking " Easy Rider " here , but we do have just about biggest buzz in cycling seats to hit Gotham in a very long time .  Join hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman as they welcome creator of " CitySeat" , Chelsea Petrozzo . Word on the street is that they made Oprahs llist of favorites for 2016.....pass it on




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    The LizyT Show with Nicola Mansell Topsom

    in Non-Profit

    Nicola Topsom

    The Floriana Wedding Dress Project

    (Founder and Canadian Director)

    The Floriana Wedding Dress Project opened the first “pay what you can” store in Port-au-Prince on March 28, 20105. Donated wedding, bridesmaid, grad dresses and accessories are rented or sold for whatever price the customer can afford. A second location was opened across the city by our team there. They opened it on my birthday this year – the best present I could ask for!

    This little idea that my sister and I had (our goal was 10 dresses for the March 2015 trip) exploded into something so quickly it has just been amazing. We have over 200 wedding gowns and 425 bridesmaid dresses already given to us! Many of these are already in Haiti or have been packed up for the next container.

    One of our goals is job creation for Haitian parents through sewing and up cycling projects. We will also plan to assist orphans transitioning out of care and into adulthood with jobs – there is a need for these young people to have employment, life skills and a way of supporting themselves

    Some of our goals for the very near future on the Canadian end of things are to have an office with storage, an excellent website that makes it easy to navigate and contribute, and an annual fund raising event that's interesting, fun and somehow involves the wedding industry.

    There is a special place in my heart for Haiti as my husband Jason and I were privileged to adopt a beautiful little child in 2010, following the devastating earthquake. This summer we celebrate our 21st Anniversary and are happy to say we enjoy each others company more than ever! We live in Burlington with our two internationally adopted daughters, Shantaya (from Malawi, age 11) and Divna (from Haiti, age 7).



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    Manhattan Beach Chamber Holiday Party

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Valerie James from Manhattan Village Shopping Center and Kim Ruggles of Kim Ruggle Events and we’re going to discuss the 2015 Manhattan Beach Chamber Holiday Mixer.

    Kim Ruggles began her professional career at the American Diabetes Association, where she planned walks, cycling events, various galas and an annual golf tournament. After her time there, Kim worked at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce as the Program and Event Manager, where she planned networking mixers, award shows, the mayoral State of the City Address, product launches and seminars.  It was her time with the chamber that cemented Kim’s desire to help companies large and small provide a branding experience to engage customers and grow their business. Kim founded her company in 2009 to follow her passion for creating extraordinary events and experiences. In 2013, Kim expanded her offerings to incorporate entertainment events, including wrap parties, premieres and red carpet events.

    Valerie James is the Marketing and Specialty Leasing Manager at Manhattan Village Shopping Center in Manhattan Beach. Her professional background in marketing is all encompassing and includes marketing strategy, events and promotions, creative development/branding, public relations, digital web and social media marketing. She is also actively involved in the mall Leasing and redevelopment. 

    The Manhattan Beach Chamber Holiday Mixer/Party will be held at Verandas Beach House on Tuesday, December 8 from 6 to 9 p.m. and our guests are going to give us the inside scoop as to what attendees can expect.


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    EXPOSITION - Beth RUFF - LOOM ROOM - Rug Weaving Dec 2, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    in Education

    DEC 2, 2015  1:00 pm  EXPOSITION with Valerie Thomas and Mike Thompson features Betty Ruff, who recently retired from teaching and decided to change a life-long hobby into a business. Using different looms and loom techniques, she produces woven products.   She has three large floor looms in her living room which she now calls “The Loom Room". She weaves different fibers up-cycling slightly worn clothes and fabrics. Most rugs are woven by order matching color schemes provided by customers. Recently, she began weaving plastic grocery sacks which make excellent car mats, yoga mats and festee mats. She also weaves cotton, blue jean, tee shirts, burlap, plastic tablecloths, panty hose and trash bags. All make for interesting and beautiful rugs.

    Beth Ruff

    The Loom Room

    534 Woodside Rd.

    Patriot, Ohio 45658

    HP: 740.379.2524

    CP:  740.339.2961

    Email ruffweaver@gmail.com

    website: theloomroomruff.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ruffloomroom

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    Tactical Tuesday: Surviving the Holidays

    in Fitness

    Co-Founder of Stark in Irvine CA, Brad Davidson, gives you tips on how to survive holiday meals. Denying yourself the temptation of holiday treats is unrealistic, so learn how to prepare your body for large, carb-heavy meals with just a few simple tricks! Davidson goes through the process behind loving your liver and carb-cycling to help keep you on your feet all holiday season and long after!

    For more tips and tricks on restarting and fixing your broken metabolism, pre-order your copy of the Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset at http://bit.ly/1T0KopJ