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    Real Success, Reel Recruits

    in Health

    This week "The Hour to Empower with Dale Roberts" is proud to showcase young entrepreneur, Kyle Stanley of Reel Recruits.  His organization is responsible for assisting high school athletes realize their dreams by gaining notice of credible colleges and institutions with an emphasis on athletics.  How does Reel Recruits help young athletes?  What do they do to gain the attention of colleges for these high school students?  How have they helped teens acquire scholarships to these institutions they otherwise wouldn't get on their own?  All this and more on the "Hour to Empower" on Thursday, December 5 at 9:00pm MST (11:00pm EST).  Please feel free to share and repost to all social media outlets!  Thank you for your support.

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    Generation disrespect, Abortion, ISIS recruits, Donald Trump's mouth, & Korea

    in Politics

    Hr 1: Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas unloads on high school students disrespecting him during a speech... then starts talking to the "black community." AND... Legal voting age, Concealed carry, & Muslim wife "abuse"?

    Hr 2: Some advocate for abortion on demand at any point in the pregnancy decrying "forced motherhood." Because their selfish needs outweigh the rights of the human life they carry... and apparently, adoption is no longer an option in the U.S.? AND... X-RAD Daily host, Xander Gibb talks about ISIS recruiting on college campus... isn't about freedom, this is about plotting against the freedom of others. The safety and security of the nation trumps free speech. It's Xander's first presidential election since switching parties. Every time I try to take Donald Trump seriously, he goes and opens his mouth again.

    Hr 3: College kid learns the hard way... the rest of the world is not as kind as the US. North Korea sentenced him to 15 years hard labor for stealing a political banner. AND... Man charged with super aggravated sexual assault of a 23-month-old toddler and 14-year-old girl, infecting both with HIV and STD's. There are no words... AND... Tap dancing Senator Elizabeth Warren refuses to answer reporter's simple question about whether she is happy with President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. AND...Bernie Sanders' wife, Jane, visits Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tent city.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    The Billy Moon Project .. Hard Rock

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes The Billy Moon Project (Hard Rock) to the Show!


    The Billy Moon Project started by songwriter (born) Charles Fritts, aka: Billy Moon, as an original hard rock trio. Moon recruits bassist "Paul Sweeney" and drummer "James Casner" during winter of 2013/2014. Trio begins in February 2014 and by May enters Waterworks Recording Studio. The result was "For All Mankind" produced by Jim Waters and mastered by David Shirk, released early 2015 on multiple formats and on the web. Late in 2015 band signs on with Pride Management introducing Elena Strittmatter as manager/agent. Upcoming plans for 2016 include recording second album and beginning its first radio campaign.

    All Media Inquiries: 
    Elena Strittmatter
    of Kim K. Jones Pride Management

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    The Sound Mind Sound Body Radio Talk Show

    in Sports

    Episode #6: “Under The Radar Recruits”


    On this Monday's Sound Mind Sound Body Football Radio Show, Ann Arbor Skyline head football coach Chanterius Brock will be along to discuss the history of SMSB, his role with the nation’s premier football academy plus his reaction to the NCAA's ban of satellite camps. You can assist in the movement to overturn the NCAA's ruling by signing the following petition: https://www.change.org/p/mark-emmert-memmert-ncaa-org-overturn-ncaa-ban-on-satellite-camps.


    Additionally, Brock, co-founder of the Detroit-based "Maximum Exposure" 7-on-7 team, will talk about how arguably the greatest 7v7 team ever assembled came to be.


    The show will also feature under-the-radar recruits, who will explain what a camp like SMSB does for them in gaining exposure.    


    Send in your questions for host Joe Gladney and fill-in co-host Vito Chirco plus our guest Chanterius Brock before & during the show by tweeting at our Twitter handle, @SMSBFootball. In addition, when you tweet us your Q’s, use either #SMSBFootball or #SMSBTakeover. You can call in your questions as well by calling us during the show at 347-850-8025.


    So, tune-in Monday night at 8 EST to hear from our featured “Under The Radar Recruits” plus to learn much more about the ultimate grassroots initiative among high school football camps nationwide.



    Episodes of the show air each and every single Monday night at 8 EST on Play Book Talk Radio.


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    Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast Episode 103 International Recruits

    in Wrestling

    The first week of wrestling of 2016 has been a roller coast of news. New Japan continued its run of quality Tokyo Dome shows followed by news of the possible departure of major players to the WWE. WWE has shaken up the Royal Rumble with adding the World Title as the prize to the winner, which followed with news of John Cena going under the knife again. TNA Impact debuts on an non High Defination quality Network with the return of a Cowboy and a Miracle.

    Check out the latest episode of 2015 Nominee for Best New Wrestling Podcast "The Worked Shoot Wrestling Podcast" with hosts Corey Richman and Jason Brookes talking all the latest wrestling news of the week.

    Twitter: @workedshootpod

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    Big Blue Views - It's National "Big Blue Views Day"

    in Sports

    We've experienced National Siblings Day, Grandparents Day, Chocolate Day and Pet Day, so why not make today National Big Blue Views Day?  We're going to celebrate all the good things about being a Big Blue Views listener!

    Kristin and Michele will be getting up caught up on what happened in Saturday's Blue/White Spring Game.  Who impressed, who surprised and who didn't quite live up to expectations?  If you're a regular visitor to CameronMillsRadio.com, you have probably read some of the recruiting interviews written by Dustin Cordell (@DCordell_CMR).  Dustin joins us tonight to give his insights on the B-W game as well as let us know what's going on in the recruiting world.  Be sure to give Dustin a follow on Twitter & listen in to his segment tonight & get to know him better.

    While we still wait to see where the last few recruits end up, some of our current signees took part in the Jordan Brand Classic and they made their presence known.   Will Bolden ever make his decision?  Does Cal have another ace up his sleeve?  We'll tackle these questions.

    We're eager to take YOUR calls and hear YOUR views tonight.  It's not necessary to be an expert on any sport or topic -- it's just necessary to have an opinion on something.  This show is for YOU, so make YOUR voice heard!  646-716-4741

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    The first podcast of a new era!

    in Sports

    WE discuss the politcal race, and Kentuckys recruits, as well as the the latest CBS way to early rankings for next year. Stay tuned as we branch out into the new world of podcasting and go the good and bad with us. Stick around, we are here to stay. 

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    Interview with well renown Entertainer DJ Emotion

    in Goals

    Rob Nadigel is well known across the globe as an entertainer that brings joy to adults and kids using his outrageous, funny and unique personality. Rob is known as DJ Emotion, and started spinning at age 15, working weddings, nightclubs, Bar Mitzvahs, and everything in between. DJ Emotion’s specialty is cruise ship entertainment where he traveled the world for years and explored every avenue imaginable in the world of a DJ.

    Rob has seen many fine DJs and most of them are awesome entertainers, DJs and people. Rob found that most DJs aren’t savvy about marketing themselves. That’s why Rob Nadigel started a DJ Marketing company to help his DJ comrades look more professional, get the better gigs, make more money, and live the lifestyle of their dreams. In 2009 he started http://DJPressKits.com providing professional presentations of DJ’s experience. A DJ Press Kit is required to get the great gigs. Rob creates the best available and they absolutely work.

    Rob does full service marketing for DJs including DJ Logos, Laptop Skins, Logo Magnets, Voiceovers, DJ Drops, all things that DJs need to make them stand above the rest. DJs must update their DJ Drops once a month so they don’t get stale. His DJ friends use female drops, special effects, male and celebrities. Visit http://MyDJDrop.com. The DJ Emotion Brand is familiar around the world, and is well known for stellar customer service at every interaction. Rob currently manages the entertainment department for the new Hudson’s Club in Calgary Canada, and DJs there as well. Rob is well connected to Princess and Carnival Cruise Lines, so he recruits DJs to travel the world with them. Connect with Rob and entrepreneur.

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    My Bodyguard, 1980

    in Movies

    Clifford Peache (Chris Makepeace) is a sensitive, well-to-do teen who becomes the target of bully Melvin Moody (Matt Dillon) after he starts attending a new school. Tired of being picked on, Clifford recruits brooding tough kid Ricky Linderman (Adam Baldwin) to be his bodyguard. While this initially works, and Clifford and Linderman form an unlikely friendship, soon circumstances strain their bond. As Clifford is forced to confront Moody again, Linderman has to deal with his own troubled past.

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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (Jason Burianek)

    in Football

    Tune in for this very informative BYGP Locker Room Show, with Missouri Baptist head coach, Jason Burianek! Most are unfamiliar with the quality competition in NAIA football and coach Burianek, is going to inform us about the association. Coach Burianek, will also share the differences between the NCAA and the NAIA, as well as provide key advice, for anyone who may be considering playing NAIA football.

    This is a great opportunity to hear what college coaches look for in recruits and how you can separate yourself from the rest of the competition. Lets go!


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    It is #TruckerTuesday - TalkCDL unfolds truth behind recruiters

    in Work

    It's Tuesday, one day closer to Friday but also one day closer to another Monday. Doesn't it suck how that works.. life just keeps revolving around. Just like recruits keep giving the pitch to get you through the door. Yesterday we started to talk about an article on our website divulging the Evils within truck driver recruiting. Let's continue discussing how the life of a recruiter may not be what it seems. Call us LIVE at 516-387-1911.