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    Law of Attraction In Action - Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse - Part 1

    in Relationships

    (Part 1)

    This show, that Tami and I did together, is called "Law of Attraction In Action - Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse".

    Is this radio show, Tami and I cover a lot of the questions you posted, including - how to stop our ego sabotaging us, how to remove the filters of negative self talk when we want to stay positive, and how to eliminate the fear of being abused by a narcissist again - WHILST setting yourself up to have positive Law of Attraction experiences and forward movement.

    Tami and I also demonstrate a live Quanta Freedom healing to give her a needed shift in order to align better with one her present goals.

    This show is just over 2 hours long, so it is divided into TWO shows, and is jam packed with information, and is a conversation that I believe could change your life.

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    Narcissistic Central: Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

    in Women

    This show is an interview with an individual who has broken free and recovered from narcissistic abuse. Listen to their inspirational journey of how they recovered, and what processes they used to break free. If you have any questions that you would like answered in this show please email me at radio@melanietoniaevans.com and if you would like to dial in to speak to me the call in number is USA listeners 347 989 1262 or for Australian listeners 00111 347 989 1262.

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    The Soul Contract With A Narcissist

    in Relationships

    If this is the case, potentially this would change everything about the way we view these relationships. It could also have a profound effect on how we recover from them.

    This year, I had an experience that not only confirmed to me that the two narcissists in my life were  Soul Contracts, but also shocked and stunned me regarding exactly “how” that came into being and “what” it was really about.

    Nothing about my previous spiritual or self-development training could have prepared me for this!

    In this episode you will not only learn what that was all about, but also deeply recognise in your own journey the reason why we have Soul Contracts with narcissists. 

    To join me in my next free live 3 hours tele class please go to: http://www.melanietoniaevans.com/thankyou-step2.html

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    Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

    in Spirituality

    After surviving two relationships with men who had strong characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder, Kaleah went on to write several E-books on the topic. In her books “Spiritual Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse” and “Narcissism the Web of Illusion,” Kaleah shares her years of accumulated experience, research and knowledge on how to cut those debilitating psychic ties with toxic partners. She is the founder of narcissismfree.com and offers spiritual guidance and support by phone to survivors all over the world. Visit her website at http://www.narcissismfree.com/

  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1197

    in Self Help

    Q & A Night - You'll suggest the themes for tonight's show, which will involve any topic from the world of public safety, violence prevention, and child abuse and trauma. Special co-host Dr. Debra Warner, Psy.D., a Los Angeles based Forensic Psychologist will lead the discussion. ~~ NAASCA is pleased to announce that Debra will be making regular special co-host appearances on upcoming Tuesday night question-and-answer style community participation shows. An educator and violence prevention expert, Dr. Warner will assist SCAN host and NAASCA founder Bill Murray field questions and lead a variety of topic discussions suggested by our call-in participants. Debra's understanding of the issues of child abuse and trauma spring not only from a professional perspective, but also from a personal one. Multiple members of her own family have been victims of predators. She'll share how she's participated in their struggle with surviving and thriving. ~~ Everyone's invited to engage on tonight's show .. on the phone or in SCAN's ever-present community chat room. ~~ Please visit our website: www.NAASCA.org

  • Childhood abuse survivor and abuse expert, Kelly Flook, helps you heal

    in Spirituality

    I did everything society said to be happy. I got the degrees: BA, a Montessori degree, and an MA. I married the “right” men who could “give me respect and boost my confidence.” First an attorney. Had one daughter. The marriage ended after seven years because of his affairs. Eight years later, my second husband was a cardiologist from Virginia. We had a bi-coastal, whirlwind coke-induced love affair for eighteen months. The marriage lasted six months. I did things I thought might help society. I sent women to London for abortions before Roe v. Wade. I was active in the peace movement to stop the Vietnam War. I started NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) with my first husband. I had the right jobs: I wrote and produced for PBS. I won numerous awards. I wrote screenplays to shine the light on inequities. None of this alleviated my pain, shame and suffering from the childhood beatings and sexual abuse that led to my self-abuse. My healing journey began with Shhhh!

    I have lived in Venice Beach, CA., just steps to the sand, for eighteen years. I’m a grandmother of two loving, beautiful, half Chinese boys. I just had a portion of a short story published in a new LA literary journal, FRE&D.  Currently, I’m working on my next book, “Mother NORML”.  For those who wish to clean out their pain and shame please join me in my weekly webinar, Skype to Write.  I have been on a spiritual journey.  I have become the me I came here to be! To help you do so go to my Resources for You tab.

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    The Holy Spirit Can Help Us Be Delivered From Needs We Believe We Have

    in Blogs

    (My apologies, due to a technical error this program was not produced on the original date. I hope you enjoy the program.)

    When we see ourselves as bodies and are focused on the egos issues instead of on God and His Will we will see ourselves with unmet needs a plenty. Developing an ear for the Holy Spirit and the ability to know His guidance  can help us with to let go and not be emotionally attached to them. The Holy Spirit remembers who you truly are and where you came from.

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    Healing Myself from Lupus

    in Self Help


    Talk Show Host Keilayn greenwood talks with  Author/Publisher Diane Tegarden about how she contracted lupus, what the doctors told her, and how she had to figure out what to do without help from traditional medicine. 

    Learn more about Diane here ---.>







    YouTube-      https://www.youtube.com/user/DianeEMTegarden



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    One Word From the Lord - Prophet Yvonne & Pastor Joseph Rowell

    in Christianity

    Join us for another dose of the Holy Ghost. ... Every Tues. at 8pm PST, 10pm CST, 11pm EST, ..... We want to insruct  in the What Now........ Oftentimes  after being bound for  so long  we need  coaching on what next. .? Tell a friend  and join us for tne next Chapter of your life...... with Prophet Yvonne & Pastor  Joseph Rowell.........

    Call in for pray at your appointed time....... 1-347-855-8197  We would love to pray with you !

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    Food for the Soul with Chef Ramon Clayton Weldon why are we together

    in Cooking

    Master chef Ramon Weldon, whose highly successful blog, http://weldonramon.blogspot.com, teaches people how to revamp their "ordinary menus" into "extraordinary food events". He gives you all the details from appetizers to entrees to desserts and divine drinks and gives you a powerful thought to carry you through the day with his "Food for the Soul" antidotes.

    Food for The Soul is design to help feed your mind, relationships and personal growth. Chef Ramon Weldon will give you great recipes and life living suggests, also help with personal growth that will help build a better relationship with you and others. Check out my website ramon.firstfitness.com

    To leave feedback or ask Questions please email me at weldonr112@gmail.com orrcw112@yahoo.com

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    Mark Curtiss from Michigan

    in Paranormal

    Please join Sanjay for the first official broadcast of "Beyond The Forest" radio, as he welcomes Mark Curtiss from Michigan to the programme!

    Mark Curtiss, a native son of the 'mitten' state, was first exposed to the paranormal by reading books which his mother had left lying around the house.  His first book "Passport to Magonia: From Folkore to Flying Saucers" by Jacques Vallée would become the start of a collection of literature on the topic, greatly influencing his thinking on the unknown and the unexplained, to this day.

    Mark's active investigations began in 2007; one of his first friends in the community, Gerry Bacon, introduced him to many other investigators and enthusiasts, including "Bigfoot Bob".  Additionally, Mark has met and worked with JC Johnson, Brenda Harris,and Raven Meindel.  Mark is still actively investigating, with many experiences and encounters he will be sharing on the programme!