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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie Spotlighting Dennis Tillman

    in Books

    My name is Dennis Blair Tillman and I started writing at twelve years old and the people that inspires and motivates me to write would be heavenly father God almighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as my number one, my wife, mom and dad. This book is for everyone with spiritual and financial situations.  This book is also for young people that are in need of help to stay free from drugs and criminal acts and violence against one another. I wrote this book to help save a lot of souls from heading down the wrong path. Because I believe that somebody has to do it because people are hurting other people and young people are killing other young people. This book is a message to everyone who reads this book is that God will never leave or forsake you and if you have dreams follow your dreams and if you have a calling from God take that calling and use that calling from God to help others. I have also written poems in the back of this book for the soul.



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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie-Spotlighting Charles Fears Jr.

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    Charles R. Fears, Jr. was born on May 14, 1976 to Charles Sr. and Theresa Fears. From conception, there has been a calling on his life. Faced with disheartening news that he would be deformed at birth, Charles' parents exercised their faith in God and trusted that God had other plans.

    Born normal and healthy, Charles grew up in church, being taught how to live for God. During his teenage years he was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. As do many young people, Charles thought he was missing out on the "good times" often made attractive by the secular world. Charles rebelled against his upbringing, failed to stay connected to God, and soon found himself fighting addictions and depression. He takes every opportunity to share his story about this time and is forthcoming about struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Charles found comfort in songwriting and God has blessed him with the ability to write and sing the songs created. Charles writes songs that give God the glory. He sings them with anointing because they are his testimonies; he shares them because this is what God has chosen for him to do. 


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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie Spotlighting 2Propa

    in Hip Hop Music

    All Glory to God!  Brooklyn bred Gospel Rap Lyricists, 2Propa consist of a set of 28 year old twin ministers by the name of Jermaine and Jarrell Hilton.  Since the age of 16, 2Propa have been in listener ears tryng to stand out with a positive and Godly outlook on the common way of life.  Their success is led only by the Lord's blessings, positive lives and unbreakable personalities.  The Brooklyn born native emcees now residing in Charlotte, NC are poised to revive the youth and teach the Word of God with their commanding delivery and purpose driven flows while remaining relevant voices to this generation of music lovers.

    2Propa possess two of the most commanding voices and they intend to make a definite mark in today's oversaturated sinful mind state of all who possess the Lord Jesus Christ.  Their wordplay, substantial content and passionate delivery moves the listeners mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  All thanks to God!

    2Propa has broadened their creative horizons, exploring a new depth of musical viability while maintaining the authenticity and respect for the artform they have become known for.  The balance of rap is in definite question and God is the answer they have been looking for.  So it is their pleasure to preach, teach and help all understand the Word of God and accept Him as your Lord and Saviour while utilizing the light He has instilled in us to shine through the darkness of this world with songs of praise.  Men of God on a mission to help save the world through this wonderful God given gift.  He is God and we are 2Propa.  God Bless.

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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie Spotlighting Charlie Spraggs

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    My Name is Charles H Spratley Jr.  and I was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I developed my musical talents at Norfolk State University majoring in Music Education with emphasis in media (voice being my major and piano being my minor). Over the years I have ministered threw music at, Olive Branch Baptist, Cathedral of life C.O.G.I.C, Mount Olive Baptist, Tabernacle Baptist, and currently play at First Gravel Hill Baptist. There has been many church events that I have ministered at as a gospel artist ( Charlie Spraggs) and also with various praise and worship groups. I have enjoyed this road im on as God continues to grow me in the ministry of music.

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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie-Spotlighting Win Thompkins

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    At the tender age of 14, “Ambassador” Win met country singing star Zeke Clements and signed  his first recording deal with Cross & Crown Records. Two years later he and his brothers  recorded their first album, titled “Keep On Pushing,” on the Holt Sullivan, Nashville label.  “The  Ambassador” also wrote, produced and released seven albums for other artists. In 2004 “The “Ambassador” reached back into his roots to release a 26 song CD entitled  “FootStompin (vol.1)” The album has often been referred to as a “masterpiece” by gospel critics.  Here’s one quote: ”It has legs and will be around for a very long time, guaranteed to make you  clap, stomp and dance in the Spirit.” “Foot Stompin (vol.1)” led the way for the release of  several other popular CDs and DVDs including “Live and up Close,” “Foot Stompin (vol.2),”  “Project Joshua,” and“With People In Mind”. In 2009 “Ambassador Win” released another chart breaking CD entitled “The Leaning Tree”  under the name of Win Thompkins & The Stompers on NLR Records.  He then re-released it on  MCG Records/Humility Music Group. This CD surpassed all other CD/Albums that  “Ambassador Win” had released, earning him another title: the “Leaning Tree Man.” It also grew a substantial following within the gospel community, enabling win to minister to thousands. The Ambassador of Foot Stompin Gospel” does what he is called to do. His latest 2013 CD  release,“I May Be Hoppin”is guaranteed to make you taste and see the good things of God  through the voice of his “Ambassador”servant.

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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie Spotlighting Wilson Bunton

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    Wilson is the 8th child out of 11 brothers and sisters in the Bunton family of Roberta and John E Bunton Sr. Although he's the youngest boy in the family, his talents speak loud enough for his whole family to recognize.

    At an early age he starting traveling around the country singing with his brothers and sisters as the Bunton Specials. As he grew older he branched off on his own knowing that one day he would be a professional singer and writer. His anointed voice and musical talents has allowed him an opportunity to write numerous songs, which the entire world is ready to hear. His new CD titled "On The Inside" will inspire thousands of believers and unbelievers to the point that they'll truly have JOY down on the inside. His CD is NOW available on iTunes and available in stores near you. If that particular store don't carry it please request it in their store.

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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie Spotlighting Rhema "PocketSize" Lampkins

    in Poetry

    Pocket Size Bio

    Rhema “Pocket Size” Lampkins, was born in Colorado Springs on December 27, 1992. She grew up in a Christian home, surrounded by talented members who were always supportive in her endeavors. She later moved to Texas in 2006, around the age of twelve, which became a new starting point for her new life.  Rhema first began her exploits of poetry at the age of eight while her confidence was still growing, writing simple poems for her mother’s amusement. As she continued writing it became an escape for her to allow the timidity that she harbored to slowly disappear. At the “sweet” age of sixteen she devoted her life to Christ and it was definitely evident in her poems. Her youth pastor, Nakia Thomas, taught a sermon that inspired her to write a poetic piece called, “Hypocrites”, a poem that spoke of false Christians, who claim they are believers, but their actions speak otherwise. She then was given the opportunity to perform it for the youth ministry. After this performance she felt led by the Spirit to continue her purpose in creating poems. Utilizing her influences like poet, Terrious Janette, and Christian rappers, Christon Gray and Swoope.  Because of this, her poems have resonated through her voice full of metaphorical lines and allegorical phrases to transcend her to a new level, and is crafting God’s gift daily. Her most recent performance was at a charity event called, “Mood Swing”, where she performed her latest pieces, “Broken” and “Tomorrow”.  She has also performed at several youth services and teen conferences, and will continue to do much more in the future.

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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour with Cherie-Spotlighting Debra McKinney-Price

    in Religion

    Born February 28th, in Sylacauga , Alabama to Mrs. Mary McKinney and The late Mr. J D McKinney, Sr. Lady Debra Price comes from a pentecost upbringing. When you listen to her sing you feel the anointing that breaks yokes. When you salute in Angelic Harmonies over savory urban beats, with a dash of soul and a teaspoon of Hip Hop, you define a sound that is considered to be a timeless masterpiece called Debra Price. This anointed songstress, just completed her sophomore album titled "Transform Me, The Soul of a Woman". Where she relates to woman the importance of knowing who you are and valuing the daughter you were created to be. This year has been such an amazing year for Debra she has found her true voice and she is letting the world hear it. Debra is a talented songwriter, motivational speaker and savvy business woman for Christ Jesus. In 2011 Debra released her highly rated new album “Set Me Free”. The album includes the hit single “Set Me Free” produced by Priceless Productions Inc. (PPI) Featuring CEO and Founder of PPI T-WON aka Tha Gospel Godfatha. Lady Debra has received rave reviews by The Urban Inspirational Awards and The Inferno Urban Music Society as one if the best Rhythm and Praise artist of all time she was honored with two awards in 2010 “Inferno Awards Rhythm & Praise” and “Best Praise Banger” Award Lady Price has graced the stage along side of Gospel Great Mrs. Shirley Caesar. Debras' gifts are making room for her and taking her before great people. This 2013 Debra has been featured on "Dream Out Loud", and "Long Life Radio. May 18th 2013 Debra will be singing and giving back at The Casting Light Variety Show in Madison, AL. July 10th 2013, "Transform Me" Album release party. 


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    Rebirth4Love Gospel Hour -Spotlighting Gospel Artist Jay Arrington

    in Entertainment

     Jay Arrington is from Passaic, New Jersey.  He is  56 years young and has four children ages 35, 30 & 26 (twins) respectively. He was born and currently lives in New Jersey but brought up in North Carolina. He worked as a salesperson and manager in the auto industry for 30 years before the firm downsized nearly five years ago. He is the President and founder of Poetry Emotion By Jay, an inspirational faith-based greeting card company.
    He is also the President and founder of Poetry Emotion Productions, a music and theater production company. In addition to writing poetry He has written a musical gospel (yet to be produced), sings with a 31 piece orchestra, working on his first CD and completing a book of original quotes. In addition, He is a member of a nonprofit organization, All God’s Children, that sponsors gospel conventions and seminars. Presently He is a featured writer for an online newspaper the Maryland Daily Examiner.
    He holds a degree in business from the University of Phoenix and is pursuing a degree in communication. 

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    Sanchez Tanniehill - GOD DID IT

    in Music

    Sanchez was never meant to be onstage singing according to statistics. In fact, he has beat the odds and has done many things he was not “suppose” to be able to accomplish.

    When Sanchez was 6 weeks old, he suffered a stroke. He spent the first three months of his life at Children’s Hospital. The son of James and Victoria Tannehill had the odds stacked against him to walk, talk, and overcome a young, devastating blow to his life. But life and statistics did not underestimate the love and determination of Sanchez or his parents plus they had the one thing on their side that helped them overcome so many of life’s challenges: their faith in God.

    Sanchez, along with his two brothers and a sister grew up in Alabaster, Al. Raised on strong Christian beliefs, he was never treated differently even though small modifications had to be acknowledged and occasional made for him. He attended Thompson High School. His spirit and determination helped him through high school and even won him accolades in local talent events. As he continued to build on his talent, more community leaders and talented musicians began to notice this rising star.

    From opening up CityFest in Alabaster, to performing at the Special Olympics ceremonies, Sanchez continues to bring joy to others through his talents.

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    Short & Sweet-"A Relationship is a Necessity? Think Again"

    in Relationships

    Discussing my view and experience on relationships, being a female in her twenties. Is it needed? Is it the right time? Why many of us are so desperate for it? Also sharing a personal poem, centered around the dificulties of a relationship.