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    Talk Real Solutions Radio 8/18/2015

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    HOST TRS: 9-10pm Tyrone

    HOST BBB: 10-12am Angela, Denise

    TRS 3 point plan


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    Real Talk With Rasheeda & Gaylene: Frenemies; Toxic Friendships

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    Join Us Tomorrow!! We will be discussing Frenemies; Toxic Friendships and What's To Come For Real Talk!

    Tune Into Real Talk With Rasheeda & Gaylene Tomorrow via BlogTalkRadio .com/realtalkrasheedangaylene airing at 12pm MST/3pm EST
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    Real Talk With Rasheeda & Gaylene: Unspoken Rivalry

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    All NEW HOT Topics!!!!!!!
    Tune Into Real Talk With Rasheeda & Gaylene Tomorrow via #BlogTalkRadio .com/realtalkrasheedangaylene airing at 12pm MST/3pm EST ~
    Unspoken Rivalry; Multiple Perspectives On #Interracial & #Intercultural Relationships
    This is my personal view and experience. I speak only for me, Rasheeda S. The topic we are covering are the experiences of Interracial & Intercultural Relationships. Many Interracial & Intercultural Relationships struggle with outsiders prejudging and ignorance. There are some who aren't comfortable with the uniting of different races or cultural backgrounds. Those issues may stem from prior history with an opposite ethnic group. In some countries around the world they are not encouraged to bring another culture into their own.
    However times have changed and there seems to be a bit more acceptance. Reality is that there are still those who completely impose multicultural relations. There are individuals who feel that others have sold their own ethnic group out by carrying Interracial Relationships. Although I Support Black Love; I do still believe that Love is Love no matter race, cultural background or sexual orientation.
    What Are Your Thoughts On The Topic?

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents Metaphysics and Spirituality with S. Ali Myers

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    Real Talk All Time presents Metaphysics and Spirituality with S. Ali Myers and Juice Metaphysical Myers.

    Join us Tuesday Night September 15th for a REAL treat. We will have S. Ali Myers host of Mind Right radio along with “Juice” Metaphysical Myers joining us for a discussion on Metaphysical Practices and Spirituality. S. Ali Myers is a master teacher on Spirituality and author of the Book Deity Linkage which can be found on Amazon. We will touch on what is Spirituality? What is Metaphysics? Some elementary Spiritual practices that are simple yet ancient in their inception to man. We will also speak about what Ancestor Veneration really is Quantum Physics and so much more. Many are leaving main stream Religion for a more personalized knowledge system that speaks to the soul and the higher self. We will try to find out why that is? What is the meaning of “KNOW THY SELF?” Join us Tuesday September 15th 730PM EST for this and so much more. Real Talk All The Time 100% Real Unpolished, Unrehearsed, Unapologetic, real talk for real people. www.realtalkallthetime.com Call in is 347-637-3010 to speak to our guests as well as the hosts.

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents The Kim Davis Chronicles

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    Join the Real Talk All The Time Team as we discuss the ongoing saga of Rowan Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis. Her defiance in refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples in Kentucky has infuriated some but has inspired others. Join us as we chime in on this hot button topic as we dig slightly beyond the surface of this controversial story that has been felt around the globe. Does her Religious belief give her the right to be defiant to the US Government? Can one worship 2 masters? Is she correct to stand by her religious truth no matter who it offends?  Who came up with the idea of a marriage license anyway?? Who says you need a marriage license and why? Does any government have a right to deny marriage to anyone regardless of race or gender? Why does anyone need to “PERMISSION” to marry? All this and our usual weekly take on Sports, Entertainment, and politics. Tuesday September 8th 7:30pm EST the call in to talk to the hosts and chime in on the discussion. 347-637-3010. www.realtalkallthetime.com 100% Real Unpolished, Unrehearsed, Unapologetic, Real Talk for Real people. JOIN US!!!!

  • Real Talk After Dark

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    What's good my babies ... you know I missed you ... you know I love you ... you know I wanna talk to you .. call in (:!!!!



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    Real Talk After Dark .. Episode 5

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    What's up SQUAD ... you already know what it is ... time to talk ... and talk real ! Why? Because we are Real Talk ... tonight we just kickn it about Relationships .. the Good .. the Badd and the Ugly!  Leggo! 

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    Real Talk All The Time Presents, Survival Story!!!

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    Real Talk all the Time presents A story of Survival. Please join us as we interview a very special young lady who has survived sexual abuse and other horrors but still has the kindest of hearts. Although she was dealt a rough hand this young lady survived and still gives to others. An aspiring author and so much more. Join us as we speak to Tonisha Finely. This will definitely be a tear jerker episode. Join the real talk team Tuesday June 9th 2015 @7:30pm. As always we will have the latest and greatest sports commentary, Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Entertainment, news and Politics. The call in is 347-637-3010. www.realtalkallthetime.com. Real Talk All The Time 100% Real, Unpolished, Unrehearsed and Unapologetic . Real Talk for Real People. 

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    What Grinds Your Gears!!!! Tuesday on Real Talk All The Time!

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    Real Talk All The Time presents...What Grinds Your Gears Tuesday!! That's right it’s time for our monthly mash up of what pisses off each and every day on this wonderful rock of ours. From being stuck in traffic, to those morons we all work with. From in-laws and baby mama drama to our daily commute. Real talk family call in and let us KNOW...What grinds YOUR GEARS!! Always we have the latest and greatest up to date Sports Commentary, Entertainment, and Politics, and our newly added segment the controversial 15 minutes! Hitting you with the controversial story or thought of the week. Always Real Talk Always keeping it 100. All The Time. Catch us on Stitcher radio, Itunes, and Blog Talk Radio. The call in to talk to the hosts is 347-637-3010 press 1 to talk to the hosts or just listen in. Listen from your browser, smart phone or any mobile device. Real Talk all the Time, 100% Real, Unpolished, Unrehearsed, Real Talk for Real People.

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    Real Talk #1 Drs. Dr. Harris & Dr. Kennedy Cop Threaten Arrest Pocket Constituti

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    Real Talk #1 Drs. Dr. Harris & Dr. Kennedy Why Did Stockton Police Arrest Black Youth at the bus stop?



    The 16-year-old Stockton boy shot on camera during a violent arrest, insisted Friday he did nothing wrong during the incident.

    Emilio Mayfield was at the Stockton Transit Center Tuesday morning to catch a bus to school when police said he was in a lane marked for buses. Police spokesman Joe Silva said Mayfield was told to move, but he refused, then resisted arrest when the officer tried to cite him for trespassing.

    The encounter was captured on camera, and it seems to show Mayfield grabbing a police baton being used against him.

    "His baton is toward my chest, then goes to my neck, and he was choking me," Mayfield said. "I can hardly breathe, and I'm pushing it back."

    Silva said police officer can't allow their weapons to be taken away.

    "If people would just comply with a lawful order from a police officer and try not to take weapons away, force wouldn't have to be used," he said.

    Silva said the incident is under administrative review. Any video shot by a police body camera won't be released because of the ongoing investigation.

    The grandfather of Mayfield, Reggie Duncan, said Friday it hadn't been determined yet if the family would sue Stockton police for how the arrest was handled. http://www.abc10.com/story/news/2015/09/18/stockton-police-video-mayfield/72431142/


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    Relationship Tuesday on Real Talk All The Time!

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    Real Talk All The Time, presents Relationship Tuesday. Tonight we will be talking about Women and sexuality in the Millennium. Today women are exercising their voice more now than ever. In their careers the money they make and their new found sexual freedom. Women are definitely screaming “I am woman hear me roar!” That being said. How is this newfound image and freedom effecting our society our families and how we view women. Although women are saying they refuse to be objectified many are doing just that.  Are they projecting themselves as objects. Join tonight as we tackle another hot button social topic. As always the latest and greatest on Sports, Entertainment and Politics! The NBA Playoffs, Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn, and News and Politics.