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    Black Men Are The Real Reason The Black Community Is Not Advancing

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    Everything in life has a place, but most importantly everything has a rightful place especially the men.
    Some men have lost their way, some have never been taught how to be a man while others have abandon their post, their title and some have just left the buildng and are no where to be found. Real Talk Live 216 is CALLING OUT ALL MEN and asking them one question WILL THE REAL MEN PLEASE STAND UP & TAKE YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE? IT'S TIME TO COME BACK HOME! It's time for ALL MEN to take their rightful place whether it's in the home, the community, church, schools etc.. Call in to speak with us and our guests at 646-929-0243.  IT'S TIME FOR THE REAL MEN TO STAND UP & ANSWER THE CALL AND SIMPLY SAY I WILL I WILL I WILL STAND UP!

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    Let's continue the dialogue As Real Men Speak

    in Social Networking

    This week On Real Men Speak, we want to continue with the open dialog and just talk about  issues that help men grow and change.

    So if you're about growth and development in other words change then join us in this conversation, you're welcome to bring your questions, concerns, and opinions.

    Remember, Real Men Speak is a radio show that is designed to help men to grow and we gave our suggestions and our opinions based upon information that is current and Information that is investigating. Our disclaimer is that we are Making Options Available

    So join our show, 7 PM Wednesday night, Real Men Speak. Let's go to work

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    Men in Depression

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    Tonight on Real Men Speak, of discussion is going to be on Depression. Men are suffering from this deadly disease called depression. And we want to discuss what measures we can take to help cure or prevent this ailment that is overtaking us. Men cry in the dark,  How can we stop crying.

    We will discuss what depression is in the Man Cave , So Tune into Real Men Speak

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    Where Are the Men

    in Social Networking

    This Week on Real Men Speak, we are asking the question, Where Are the Men.

    Our conversation will take place in the Man Cave and we want to know about the status, situations and needs that produce a man.

     Do you think the male population is losing ground in the area of knowing what their role is?

    This is a discussion this Week On Real Men Speak

    I need help from all our listeners both male and female to resolve this issue, so please call it at 718-664-6891. Wednesday night at 7 PM

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    Real Men Sh!t- Part 1

    in Automotive

    This week we start a two part special series taking a break from the heavily car-centric content, to bring you a couple of episodes based around some real men tips we've picked up and thought we'd share.  This was a lot of fun to do and we're looking forward to adding a few of these throughout the year.   

    1.  Grandpappy's iron skillet

    2.  Meat, fire, and blades

    3.  How to build a properly stocked bar or liqour cabinet

    It doesn't get any simpler than that..  We hope you enjoy the show!  Thank you for downloading.

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    Real Men Sh!t - Part 2 - With Bloodhound SSC's Mark Elvin

    in Automotive

    This week we conclude our two part special series taking a break from the normal format, to bring you a couple of episodes based around some real men stuff we've encountered and thought we'd share.  This was a lot of fun to do and we're looking forward to adding a few of these throughout the year.   

    1.  Buy your girls MGBs, and always respect a Prius with racing pedigree.

    2.  Bias ply tires and busted knuckles.

    3.  How to build a 1000 MPH desert land-rocket with Bloodhound SSC, Engineering Lead - Mark Elvin.

    It doesn't get any simpler than that..  We hope you enjoy the show!  Thank you for downloading.

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    in Music

    Join Your Faith With Ours and use the Power Of Testimony to change lives. Every Sunday at 2pm pst. Tune into MEN OF FAITH IN ACTION RADIO SHOW, Hosted By Justified. 

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    Real Men in a False Reality with Justin Wassel on A Voice for Our Time

    in Christianity

    Join host Charlana Kelly with guest Justin Wassel for a discussion about Real Men in a False Reality. Justin is a community advocate who seeks to shine light on the truth about how our culture is destroying the lives of men and women, and therefore the plans of God for husbands and wives and families. Be sure to tune into this powerful program and learn how to maneuver this false reality and how to be healed and restored if you have fallen into sin in the midst of it.  We will take calls during the last segment from 11:45 to 11:55 Central, call (347) 945-5050. #TRUTHmatters #SPEAKup #BeAVoiceForOurTime

    A Voice for Our Time is the flagship program on Voices of Truth Radio Network a SpeakTruth Media Production. (c) 2015

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    Real Recognize Real "Women Changing their appearance for men"

    in Radio

    Join Byron with talk show "Real Recognize Real" Topic

    This is Honey Drip Radio we have the hottest talk show in town, we have open mic for advertisements, poets, rappers, singers, businesses, speakers, talk shows and more!!! Come showcase your talent.

    Honey Drip Radio
    Mission: To talent that is showcased to the next level. We are a voice that reaches thousands. We are here to serve.
    We are here to bring people into a position where they can showcase their creativity of the arts.
    Vision: A platform for showcasing talent from all genres and networking in unity.

    Join us and tune into our shows:

    Tuesdays~HDR Live 8-10PM
    Wednesday~Real Reognize Real 7PM
    every other Wednesday
    Wednesday~Voices Between the Lines 7pm
    Thursday~Beast Queens Sanctuary of the Mind 7PM
    Sunday~The Flava 7pm 

    760-454-7054 *Press 1 to get into the call que 


    With our Host Queen of Love
    Co-Host & Host  Starr~Panther
    Host Byron
    Host SYA
    Co-Host The Kyotae~John Hall  
    Co-Host Charles BeastKing aka HDR Monsta


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    REAL MEN 2-24-2015

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