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    The Real World Ex-Plosion Preview!

    in Entertainment

    Reality Radio kicks off the new year with a preview of the new real world season "The Real World Ex-Plosion"! MTV's hit series changed the format for the first time ever and we'll be here to break down all the action weekly! We'll also be speaking with several (hopefully ALL) of the cast members to get their thoughts on what really went down and MTV's version of what went down. Follow us at @RealityRadioPod and you can follow the cast @JayGMTV (Jay), @ItsAriFitz (Arielle), @MTVCoryWharton (Cory), @JennyCDelich (Jenny), @ThomasBuellMTV (Thomas), @JamieChinaMTV (Jamie), and @MTVAshleyBrooke (Ashley).

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    The Real World: Ex-Plosion Premier Discussion!

    in Entertainment

    Reality Radio is breaking down the premier of The Real World: Ex-Plosion! Don't forget to call in and join the fun! Thoughout this season we will be getting interviews with the cast as well as a few Real World alumni to get their opinions. So stay tuned in, follow us on twitter @RealityRadioPod and @RWRRMTV for more updates!

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    Cory Wharton from Real World Ex plosion

    in Radio

    Cory Wharton from MTV Real World EX plosion stops by the show.

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    Real Talk Radio with Mille

    in Entertainment

    BE SURE to tune into Real Talk Radio with Mille TODAY @ 7:30PM EST as i tackle the topic of " ON & OFF RELATIONSHIPS ... ARE THEY HEALTHY OR UNHEALTHY & WHY ??? " JOIN ME as i not only give my personal opinion on this particular topic , but i will share some of MY OWN personal experiences ... I encourage you all to CALL INto the HOTLINE - 602-753-1691 with ANY of your questions , comments , suggestions , personal stories , & opinions as well ... SO TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND to TUNE in @ 7:30PM EST TONIGHT only @ www.blogtalkradio.com/real-talk-radio11111 . SEE YALL IN THE BOOTH SOON !!!!

    All materilas are copyrighted by Real Talk Radio . All rights are reserved . The materials of this content cannot be copied , rebraodcast , or published without the expressed permission of Real Talk Radio .

    (C) 2016 Mille LLC. All rights are reserved on all written and oral materilas . No part of the show can be copied or rebraodcast without express or implied permission . Violators will be prosecuted .


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    You Have Got to be Real with Natalie Albano

    in Current Events

    Because the mass population does not understand geopolitics....they defend the very structures that are meant to destroy them....learn how they function!!!!

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    Keeping it Real

    in Education

    we will keep you up to date of whats coming up


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    The Right To Speak Freely... Is it REALLY your RIGHT?

    in Politics

    Join Real Talk as we open a can of vicious worms... This is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of The 1st Amendment. The Right to Free Speech. Do we really have this right? According to The Constitution we do! 

    Listen in with Richard Starita and his son Junior, along with special guest co-host Mike Serour, an independent journalist from Serour Strikes Back and the co-host of Spitfire Sentenel, as they discuss The Right of The People to speek freely in this country. 

    We always welcome your input, so give us a call at (914)205-5370 and talk live on the air with the Real Talk Crew!!!

    And remember... ALWAYS... STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!!

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    Real Talk With Coach Sherri Season 2 Episode 54

    in Sports

    For all athletes, spouses of athletes, parents of athletes, and coaches/trainers this show is a must!

    Maisha McGee Scoot is sharing information on the supplement EHT that has shown cognitive repair and better memory.  In the height of concussions, this is valuable information that you will need to get your pen and paper ready to capture.

    Call in 646-716-5245 with questions or just to listen.

    Thank you for tuning in to Real Talk With Coach Sherri

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    Meet John Alite, Former Mafia Hit Man, who testified in the Gotti Jr. Trial

    in Radio

    John Alite’s story is truly unique. It is an inside look at the treacherous, double-dealing and corrupt world of the American Mafia in the 21st century. You want honor and loyalty, watch The Godfather. You want reality, talk to John Alite.

    John Alite was a murderer, drug dealer and thug.  After learning his lessons the hard way, he has turned his life around and is now a bestselling author, crime consultant expert, performance coach, and keynote speaker.

    Over the course of a twenty-five-year career as a gangster he brutalized people, stabbing them, shooting them, beating them with clubs, blackjacks and baseball bats. He’s not proud of that, but he doesn’t try to hide from it either. It’s who he was.

    But it’s not who he is.  At least that’s his position today as he tries to put his life back together, a former mob associate and hitman trying to live a normal life, trying to figure out how he got off track and trying to get back on.

    But not everyone is believes in him. Not everyone believes he is the real deal. Some are cautioning us not to be fooled. Exactly what is the truth? Can the worst of us change and become one of the best of us? If so, what can bring on that type of change? Can it last? Will the past slowly creep up, grab his coat tail and drag him back into a lifestyle he wants to leave behind? 

    Well, on today's show, you will meet the man, himself. The man who worked with John Gotti Jr. and who testified in his trial. We will also meet Theresa Racine of XtremeMeasures.com, who is working with Mr. Alite on a program designed to help end Bullying across America. She believes in Mr. Alite and says he is the perfect man for the job.


    Airs May 1st @ 6:00 pm, E.S.T. Click this link or dial (818) 739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere. Dial 1 to make comments or ask questions...


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    NONSTOP UNDERGROUND: Special Collab Rap With Beege Show!! Artists 5.01.2016

    in Music

    On Tonight's Broadcast of NONSTOP UNDERGROUND: A special cross episode feat RAP WITH BEEGE. We are playing NONSTOP Collaborations. 30minutes of Music from The Beege and his Artisan friends. Feat Semi Lay, Brooklyn Bear, Ryan- O'neil, MdubMusik, Krena Dean, Ace Cartar, and the premiere of the newest BEAT JAKKER track. Plus more..

    Make sure you catch RAP WITH BEEGE Every Thursday Night at 11pm. Interviews, Music, and Metaphysics. 

    If you are an artist and would like to submit to our RADIO SHOW. Go to brooklynmusicworld.com 

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    Within and Around Your World

    in Education

    This weeks show has three different parts the first deals with a workshop structure for presenting information for race relation. The next two are about two great Jazz artist who were the best with their instruments they were Jay, Jay Johnson on the trombone and Ray Brown on the Double Bass.