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    Real Food Mama and Natural Birth Options with Stephanie Greunke RD

    in Health

    Showtime:  October 28th at 6pm PT

    Are you pregnant and interested in natural options for delivery and raising your baby?  This is the show for YOU!!   Join Dr Lo as she interviews Stephanie Greunke RD, host of Real Food Mamas Podcast and creator of RockYourHormones.com

    Great ready for a fun and juicy show!

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel, owner of Shine Natural Medicine

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    Meet a Real Food Foodie

    in Environment

    Megan Kimble, author

    Straight from “about the book” write up that says it all:  “In the tradition of Michael Pollan’s bestselling In Defense of Food comes this remarkable chronicle, from a founding editor of Edible Baja Arizona, of a young woman’s year-long journey of eating only whole, unprocessed foods-intertwined with a journalistic exploration of what “unprocessed” really means, why it matters, and how to afford it. In January of 2012, Megan Kimble was a twenty-six-year-old living in a small apartment without even a garden plot to her name. But she cared about where food came from, how it was made, and what it did to her body: so she decided to go an entire year without eating processed foods. Unprocessed is the narrative of Megan’s extraordinary year, in which she milled wheat, extracted salt from the sea, milked a goat, slaughtered a sheep, and more-all while earning an income that fell well below the federal poverty line.” Gotta love it and can’t wait to hear Megan tell her story. This show made possible through the generous support of the University of Arizona.

  • Episode #1: How to Get Your Wellness On Point with Acupuncturist Haley Jardine

    in Nutrition

    An open, insigtful discussion about Haley's own journey to optimal health, tips for dealing with stress, the techiniques of observation & palpation commonly used in traditional chinese medicine, and this incredible concept called the internal body clock!

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    Terra Madre Day in the USA

    in Food

    Every year since 2009, on December 10th Slow Food International has celebrated it's founding with Terra Madre Day . Food communities and Slow Food convivia around the world celebrate eating locally and sustainable local food production in more than a 1,000 events: collective meals, community festivals, protests, workshops for children, excursions to producers and much more are held to promote local food traditions and demonstrate the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean and fair food to communities, media and decision makers. This year is special because it is the 25th anniversary of the Global Slow Food movement. Real Food Empire is celebrating Terra Madre Day with stories from the USA. Guests Jeremy Brown of Washington State, Slow Food USA Executive Director Richard McCarthy of New York, and Brenda Ruiz of Sacramento California will share how they are celebrating Terra Madre Day in their own communities. To find out more about Terra Madre Day go to http://www.slowfood.com/terramadreday/?-session=query_session:6394B43B1d8b60F3FBIpFFC18AE0 and for more information about Slow Food USA go to http://www.slowfoodusa.org/

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    The Back to Basics Kitchen: How to transition your kitchen to real, whole foods.

    in Cooking

    Brought to you by:  Millers Grain House

    It dawned on me the other day that for years I've been teaching back to basics cooking, real food recipes and not once did I ever consider the beginning of someone's journey.  

    Transitioning your 'typical' convenience kitchen to a back to basics, whole food kitchen really does have a starting point and some simple steps along the way.  Here are the points that I'll cover in this episode:

    Start with just ONE item first!
    Read Labels
    Buy Ingredients Only
    Learn to salvage mistakes
    Prepare for the dishes
    Learn how to create your own make-ahead secret weapons
    Stock your pantry and plan by what's on hand
    Play with your food!  

    Remember, just because you may not have been gifted with the domestic gene or raised by Betty Crocker - You can do this! If I can, anyone can!

    Best Blessings!

    Donna Miller

    Join me on Facebook Too - Click Here

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    Queenie's Kitchen Southern Seasonings

    in Food

    Qeenie's LLC and Queenies Kitchen Southern Seasonings are as the saying goes , delightful seasonings from the tradition of the Iron Lady of the South, Taking Southern Cooking everywhere. Owner and creative seasoning designer Rosie Ogden of Riverside California joins Real Food Empire to talk about what inspired her to start the company and her delicious Southern Seasoning blends. Since 2013 Queenie's LLC has been in partnership  with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) in honor of Queen Ester Brown the matriarch of her family, and a portion of the proceeds goes to this organization  For more information go to http://www.queeneskitchen.com/default.html

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    Eating Real Food

    in Family

    This week on Mom Talk Radio, Jessica Ballard of BeginToCraft.com shares her Holiday Gift Guide for last-minute shopping. Spotlight on Moms features Alison Smith of AlisonSmithCoaching.com. Lisa Leake, Author of 100 Days of Real Food, shares tips for eating Real Food. Dr. April Jasper, OD, FAAO, shares information on maintaining your child’s vision health. Sharon Thayer, author of The Myth of Santa’s Beard, shares how the publishing of her book helps non-profit organizations.

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    Food Fun Nation Ep #48 Christmas/New Years part 1

    in Food

    Christmas/New Years part 1

    brought to you by www.foodfunnation.com

    On  this episode.... Part 1 of our Christmas and New Years, radio show. Food Fun Nation's Chef has been busy like a little elf, whipping up and finding some of his very own best Christmas recipes, which are some of his faourite childhood memories. We can't wait to share some of this special, magical time with all of you. RECIPES RECIPES RECIPES..... We Celebrate Food With You! Stay tuned! Oh and as a bonus he shares some of the best of the best of his infamous holiday drink recipes.....

    For all those that like to entertain during the holidays, you won't want to miss this one!

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    The Real hip hop show

    in Radio

    Were we discuss world news and celeb gossip as well as get indie artist heard and spin their records in our online competition.

    Join the festivities and have some fun on "The Real Hip Hop Show"

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    food for the Soul with chef Ramon Clayton Weldon thankgiving

    in Cooking

    Master chef Ramon Weldon, whose highly successful blog, http://weldonramon.blogspot.com, teaches people how to revamp their "ordinary menus" into "extraordinary food events". He gives you all the details from appetizers to entrees to desserts and divine drinks and gives you a powerful thought to carry you through the day with his "Food for the Soul" antidotes.

    Food for The Soul is design to help feed your mind, relationships and personal growth. Chef Ramon Weldon will give you great recipes and life living suggests, also help with personal growth that will help build a better relationship with you and others. Check out my website ramon.firstfitness.com

    To leave feedback or ask Questions please email me at weldonr112@gmail.com orrcw112@yahoo.com


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    Keeping It Real

    in Social Networking

    tell us whats in your mind,what do you think,about the world,what did you hear,this week in whatsapp,was it good or bad,keeping it real in social media.