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    Bankruptcy for Real Estate Professionals

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    Our latest Podcast covers a much more serious issue for many home owners....bankruptcy. Join The Coaching Chics and our special guest Robert Pope as we explore a topic we hope you never need to learn more about.

    Robert Pope has been successfully practicing law in the D.C. metro area for over 13 years.  Robert graduated from the George Mason University School of Law in 2001, passing the Virginia bar shortly thereafter and gaining admittance to practice in Maryland in 2012.  Prior to law school, Robert received a B.S. in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech in 1997. Currently Robert is the Founder of Robert S. Pope, PLLC.  Roberts's law practice includes all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions as well as civil litigation and bankruptcy law.  Robert provides extensive real estate legal knowledge by regularly conducting seminars for the benefit of members of the public, Realtors and Brokers. 


    Q: So I've heard that filing for bankruptcy ruins your credit for 8 years and makes it impossible to get a credit card or buy anything without paying cash, is this true?

    Q: But how do I rebuild credit, if I file for bankruptcy, what company would possibly give me a credit card?

    Q: But that doesn't make any sense, if I file bankruptcy, I've just done the single worst thing I can possibly do to my credit, what idiot is going to give me a credit card?

    Q: So I can get these credit cards, what happens to my credit score?

    Q: Okay, but when you file for bankruptcy, don't you have to give up all your assets?

    Q: So how do I find out more?

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    Building A Real Estate Business Through Faith With Joy Wilburn

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    My 1st guest is an entrepreneur with a huge heart with a small business thats growing. Joy Willburn is a mother, wife, realtor/broker, and real estate investor who wholesales short sales. She has completed a few short sale deals over the years and through time, faith, and diligence has started an outreach ministry to help those in need of spiritual guidance. She is very inspiring and is in the Central North Carolina market.

    Join Joy on her FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/BreakingCurses101

    Today's sponsor is Mr House Saver www.640orfree.com/mrhousesaver If you're ready to stop renting and want to buy, we guarantee that you'll gain a 640 credit score through our program or your money back. We also provide help with locating lease options and rent to own properties. www.640orfree.com/mrhousesaver

    If you would like to learn more about no money no credit real estate investing or to find a wholesale deal go here: www.myhousemademecash.com

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    Blogging: Friend or Foe...

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    One of the many questions we get asked by real estate professionals and small business owners is, "Do I need a blog?". Today Cindy is going to interview Ashley to get some real information about what a blog is intended for, how much time does it need and do you really need one.

    A fun and informative discussion with one techlobite and one techaphobe.

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    3 Most Powerful Ways to Having a Killer 2015 in Your Business: #31

    in Real Estate

    Listen in as I not only share the 3 Most Powerful ways to Having a Killer 2015 in Your Business but I share how I came out with my 2014 goals and how you can effectively set new goals for the new year.

    You don't want to miss this podcast!

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    To Your Success,

    Lolita "aka" Lo


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    Practical Tips for using the 203K Renovation Loan

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    Special Guest: Rob Menefee

    EST in 1979 in White Plains, MD, FLOORING AMERICA is a full service retail and commercial flooring company.  We have 3 locations in the DC market and service VA, MD and DC.  We provide and install all types of flooring, including, but not limited to carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile and luxury vinyl.  We are certified in asbestos removal, lead paint and mold remediation. 

    EST in 2006, FA DESIGN BUILD and HOME SOLUTIONS are full service, Class A General Contractors.  We are licensed and insured to handle any residential and small commercial type of projects.  We have 3 design centers in the DC market and service VA, MD and DC.  We have a design staff and architects readily available for the larger projects and in-house crews to handle the smaller work. 

    - We will perform the work (Home Inspection list) for the seller and collect payment at settlement
    - We handle every service inside and outside of the home
    - With a full staff, we respond quickly, do quality work and are competitive
    - We are licensed and insured in VA, MD and DC
    - We have been in business for 36 years
    - We provide free estimates for the buyers to help them decide on a home
    - We are a pre-approved 203K contractor


    Explain why someone would use a 203K loan?

    How long have you been handling 203K's and how did you qualify?

    Give a real life example of a successful 203K renovation that benefited the home owner and the RE agent involved?

    What type of work can and can’t be done under a 203K loan?

    What is the main objection to using a 203K loan and do you have a solution?

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    1st Time Buyers Programs with Dave Hershman

    in Real Estate

    Your client is a first time home buyer. They are so excited and nervous about what comes next. In the midst of all of the excitement, it's easy to become blinded by beautiful back-splashes, granite and quartz counter tops, hardwood floors, and fenced-in backyards. While looking at homes that are completely perfect from top to bottom, they may begin to rationalize a larger purchase than they had originally planned for — "This house is perfect for me; it's worth $50,000 extra dollars for me to have a house with enough space in a perfect location," or "We were planning on spending a little bit of money on painting; we can spend $50,000 extra on this house because it doesn't need any work."

    As a real estate professional, your job is to be their guide, their confidante and the expert. Listen in today to learn more about the programs available for those first time home buyers and be the expert in this field.

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    Navigating & Strategizing the Social Media Landscape

    in Real Estate

    Listen as we learn how to best use social media to engage and communicate with business allies, customers and other target audiences. Discussion focuses on best practices, strategies and tactics when utilizing the powerful tools of social media.

             Which social media platform is best to convey your message?

             What type of content best engages followers?

             Does your organization have a social media marketing plan?

             Are you aware of the pitfalls and the benefits, and what to do when things don’t go as planned?

    Following the presentation and discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to brainstorm and begin building a comprehensive social media plan for their business. Presentation will focus primarily on Facebook and Twitter with short discussion related to some of today’s other popular platforms.

    Meghan Snyder, Meghan Snyder Communications, LLC., is a PR practitioner specializing in food, wine and lifestyle. She helps clients develop effective communications strategy in order to promote a consistent brand message, gain recognition, foster professional relationships, and most importantly, build the bottom line. While Snyder works in all areas of PR, a priority of many clients today is developing and maximizing their social media engagement for business. To do this, Snyder guides clients toward identifying and understanding core messaging, target audiences, communications technique and strategy. She also manages and maintains the social media presence of some of her clients.

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    Jonathan Smoke LIVE from Inman Connect 2015

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Jonathan Smoke, the Chief Economist for Realtor.com, who joins us LIVE from the Inman Connect Conference in New York City. Jonathan joins us today to discuss December 2014 Monthly Housing Inventory Data and the Realtor.com® 2015 Housing Forecast, and he's also going to give us some insights into how the Inman event is going, and what the mood of the agents, brokers, and industry representatives in attendance is.

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    Navigating the Manhattan Real Estate Market

    in Business

    On January 28, at Noon, my guest will be Shelley Lindauer.  Shelley provides her clients with superior, professional service. Communication, integrity, and honesty are the bywords she operates by. For sellers, her goal is to achieve the highest price, in the shortest time, with the least stress. A property that meets her clients’ needs, priced right, and in the right location, is what she will accomplish for her buyers. She oversees every aspect of the transaction, from beginning the search or listing through a satisfactory negotiation and closing. Shelley has been selling and listing millions of dollars of real estate at Keller Williams over the past two years. She understands the complex business side of every transaction, and more importantly, she understands the emotions of her buyers and sellers.

    Prior to her real estate career, Shelley was a Certified Public Accountant, marketing business owner, and non-profit executive (immediate past Executive Director of Women of Reform Judaism).

    Shelley is a native of Brooklyn who has spent most of her adult life in Manhattan.  She is a graduate of Hunter College, and has completed certification as a Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Buyer Representative.

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    Real Estate Navigator

    in Youth

    Topic today  Escrow, closing, buyers and sellers wisdom, credit score and any all real estate matters


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    Greg Sexton from Century 21

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Greg Sexton, the Chief Operating Officer of Century 21 Real Estate. Greg has spent over a decade with the Realogy Corporation (formerly Cendant Corporation) and has served in a number of roles, including franchise sales director for the CENTURY 21 brand and regional vice president for both the Coldwell Banker and CENTURY 21 brands. In his previous positions and Senior Vice President for Coldwell Banker Commercial Franchise Sales, he was responsible for the sale of real estate franchises and supported the growth of existing franchisees through the merger and acquisition of unaffiliated real estate companies.

    He joins us today to discuss the Century 21 brand - where it's been, where it's going, and what we can look forward to seeing from C21 in 2015.

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