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    Real Estate Radio Show in St Louis - June 27th

    in Real Estate

    Remember to join us on Real Estate Radio later today.
    Bill Rumping from PCS Debt Relief joins us & talks about how to negotiate your Credit Cards & Debt Down.

    Mortgage Rates hit 12-Month Low.

    Open Houses from Rachel Witt Team Tim Gunter, Stephanie Theobald, Carolyn Tumminia, Donna McKinnis.

    Trans Union to change how they report on your credit...could be good news...could be really bad news!

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    Real Estate Radio Show - August 8th

    in Real Estate

    Great Credit or Bad Credit...what about NO CREDIT!  Tips & Ideas how to build a credit profile.

    Getting a Free Credit Report On-line....is it safe?

    Top Realtors join us on with their Open Houses on Sunday.

    Mortgage Rates hit 12-Month low!!!

    First Time Buyer Funds - get $3K to $5K to help you buy your first home.

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    Real Estate Radio in STL

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    Some of the Top Area Realtors in St Louis Talk about their open houses this Sunday

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    Real Estate Radio Show - July 18th

    in Real Estate

    Major Mortgage Lender to TIghten Credit Guidelines
    Zillow Values...Fact or Fiction??   Check-Out a new report!
    Knox Mailes joins us in studio - Title Insurance questions & more....
    Open Houses from Tim Gunter, Melissa Boyer, Maureen Mahoney & Lita Kolkmeier

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    Real Estate Radio Show - May 30th

    in Real Estate

    How Your Great Credit Score could save you over $20,000 on your mortgage!

    Fantastic properties on the Show again this week...Top Realtors join us with their Open Houses.

    Housing Statistics for the St Louis area from the first quarter of 2014

    Mortgage Rates continue to drop...

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    Real Estate Radio Show - May 23rd

    in Real Estate

    In this weeks show we talk about Credit...how to improve credit scores and credit profiles....tips and ideas that work fast!

    Open Houses featured on our show this week from Robert Hudsperth, Stephanie Theobald, Maureen Mahoney, Tom Lime.

    "Rate Watch"  Mortgage Rates....lowest in 11 months!  We review current rates.

    New Rules for First Time Home Buyer Funds...we review the changes.

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    Real Estate Radio Show in St Louis - August 1st

    in Real Estate

    Great Show this Week!

    Do you Have Buyers looking in St Louis City?  First-Time-Buyer Funds...just released!  That's right FTB Funds for the City of St Louis!

    Tom Caviccha from AAA joins us and talks about how to save money on your insurance coverages.

    The impact of your credit score on your mortgage...what you don't know...will hurt you! 

    You could save $12,000, $25,000 or $37,000 on your mortgage just by improving your credit score!

    Open Houses from Kris Dodson, Kimberly Cameron, Stephanie Theobald & Maureen Mahoney

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    Real Estate Radio Show in St Louis - July 25th

    in Real Estate

    Shelly Clark joins us in studio from Cardinal Surveying

    Top Area Realtors call the show with their Open Houses this weekend

    Tips & Ideas on How to get You the best Credit Scores & Credit Profile

    Our weekly look at Mortgage Rates....what going on with the market?

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    Real Estate Radio Show in St Louis - July 11th

    in Real Estate

    Fed announces that Stimulus Plan to end in October…How will that affect Mortgage Rates?

    Realtor® gets 10-Years for Bank Fraud

    How to remove "disputes" from your Credit Report

    James Mouyassar from 2 Nice Guys Termite & Pest Control….joins us in studio

    Open Houses from: Tim Gunter, Maureen Mahoney, Stephanie Theobald & Caroline Tumminia

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    Real Estate Radio Show in St Louis - June 20th

    in Real Estate

    Top Realtors join us with their Open Houses

    How To Improve Your Credit Scores Quickly

    Identity Theft - what to do and how to avoid this crime....

    Mortgage Rates - up, down, up down....

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    Real Estate Radio Show in St Louis - June 6th

    in Real Estate

    RESPA penalties hit Big Realtor to the tune of $500,000...what happened?  We talk about RESPA guidelines and how to avoid these violations.

    Open Houses from Stephanie Theobald, Mike McArthur, Sally Droege, Donna McKinnis, Tim Gunter, Carolyn Tumminia.

    We are joined by Randy Cochrane – Senior Vice President  with United Credit Education Services.  How to eliminate Collection Accounts from Your Credit Report!

    Home Buyer bribed by the CFPB? Suzanna Ravin joins us to discuss.

    Alex McArthy joins us.  Is it government protection? or Government Interference?

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