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    Lecture-SANKOFA2011-Social Upheaval&Revolution OR ReAfrikanization&NationBuild

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    www.lulu.com/kamau301 HOW TO MAKE A NEGRO CHRISTIAN


    This is a workshop from the SANKOFA CONFERENCE 2011. The topic was:




    (pssst...YES, You read that correctly...


    . This is a G-O-O-D presentation)

    The facilitator was Nana Kwao Agyeman. The presenters, in order of appearance were Nana Afua Serwa, who was on our show INTERVIEW W/3GRADUATES OF REAL AFRIKAN SPIRITUALITY (as was Nana Kwao), followed by Bro. Esi Ramu and lastly Bro. Kwesi Densu.

    (you wanna listen in alllll the way to the end on this one...we May have a later show dedicated to this episode......)

    These shows are shared to prepare the listeners for THIS YEARS SANKOFA CONFERENCE 2015 which will take place in washington d.c. April 3rd, 4th & 5th.

    For more information on time, prices & location, send your emails to:



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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tune in Tonight: Sat. April 18, 2015 @ 10:30 pm EDT for another power edition of "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" Hosted by: Empress Chi.

    Tonight's topics include: *Mumia update, *Reparations and Genocide Reports   AND: Soon the 30th year commemoration of modern day paramilitary maneuvers in the Black community and right in your face Genocidal acts that undoubtedly set the stage for some what we are seeing today and what is projected to be coming in the future.                   "The MOVE Bombing"


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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight's Sat. April 4, 2015 broadcast of "NU DAY" will kick off with a Mumia Abu Jamal update that will be provided Sis. Pam Africa., Chairwoman of the Internatioonal Cerncerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu Jamal.

    Check out this powerful segment of "NU DAY" "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" radio program Hosted By: EMPRESS CHI ALSO: Heeding To The Call For JUSTICE. Learn more about the National Black Women's Political Convention 2016

    AND On the "Live Line" Dr. Randy Short providing a report on Black Martyr's Day and other relevant matters.

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    NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT Sat. April 11, 2015 on "NU Day"    

    MUMIA ABU JAMAL Update and the Million Woman Movement Human Rights Campaign ALSO:  Report of the Reparations Summit with the Caricom Nations in NY AND: A report on the Pan Americas Summit in Panama and what this means for Cuba and Venelzuela.   Joining us on the LIVE LINE will be Bro. Banbose Shango and Bro Haki

    Also: A Special Report with Dr. Randy Short

    And: Get Ready for the "MWM Evolution"  Learn about the upcoming Black Power Women Conferences and the National Black Women's Political Convention 2016

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Monday  April 13, 2015 A "SPECIAL EDITION" of "NU Day"


    Joining us tonight is Sis. PAM AFRICA, bringing us a special report and update on the health crisis of MUMIA ABU JAMAL and some of the nationwide activities to help get him the medicl treatment needed at this time .

    ALSO: Another BLACK Man is murder (South Carolina).  What Now?

    And: Today, Reserve Deputy Robert Bates, who is also a Tulsa Police Department benefactor, is charged with second-degree manslaughter. Police say Bates thought he pulled out his Taser but "inadvertently" fired his gun. in the shooting death of Eric Courtney Harris

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    Come Out Of Her My People Outreach Program Tribes of Aboriginal Nations.  

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Tues. February 24, 2015 another "SPECIAL EDITION" of "NU Day" 

    The Life, Death, and Legacy of Dr. Khallid Adbul Muhammad.  Today marks the day ( 4/24/2001) that one of the boldest, Blackest, African Liberation Freedom Fighters in contemporary times was buried in NY. Minister Dr. Khallid was without a doubt uncompromising and unrelenting.  What would he say and do about what's is going on today?     Share your views, stories about Dr. Khallid, and how we music keep his work and legacy alive and moving forward now.

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    Words, perception, and meanings are the tools to Liberation of Yourself

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    Words with definitions and perception, are the tools to liberation of people from a bad situation. The human life is far more critical to live than this docile culture commonly supposed it takes. Therefore, words must be treated without exception, as the means by which people obtain knowlwdge.  Failure to use words properly inhibits proper perception, and invokes ignorance, stirs up hatred, and provokes violence. The bible is the primary source for teaching people not to use words correctly, and for that reason many people are void of knowing the essence of words, and what should be done to manage word process. Too many ieeues are being left unresolved which causes war to divides people at home and abroad. Are words, definitions and perception priority to you?

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    'NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat. February 21, 2015 on "NU Day"   Salute to our Black Prince "MALCOLM X"  and

    Tonight's Topics Overview:

    Tribute to Malcolm X "OPEN MIC" How can we/should we continue the work today. Hear some of the what is going on now as a result of Malcolm X work and vision
    On November 22, 2008, Gregory Johnson Jr. was reportedly found dead in the basement of a Sigma Chi Fraternity House near San Jose State University, at approximately 2:45 p.m. Members of the fraternity claimed to have found his body in the basement, hanging in a sitting position with heavy-duty extension cord tied around his neck, as the result of suicide. Gregory's family says otherwise and his mother, Denise Johnson will be on our "LIVE LINE" and will give us information as to why.
    Why Black is not only Back, but is Fundamental.  Hear a "Special Report" from Bro. Haneef Shabazz of "All Dem DVD's Production"on the continuation of Black Liberation, Black Power, and Black Nation Building as administered by Sara Suten Seti who is lecturing in Philly this weekend.  

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    Tonight: Sat March 28, 2015 on "NU Day"  We continue our commemoration and celebration of the Original Woman for this year's African/Black Women's History Month observance.  Tonight's topics will focus on:

    The United Nations Day of Remembrace  (March 25) and this year's theme: "Women and Slavery"
    The International Decade for People of African Descent 2015- 2024
    Million Woman March/Universal Movements Updates
    Report on the murder of Brandon Tate-Brown
    Report on Black Martyr Day

    On the "LIVE LINE"   Dr. Randy Short  and Bro Gabriel Sankofa

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

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    TONIGHT: Mon. February 16, 2015 a "SPECIAL EDITION" of NU Day Black History Month" 360

    It is indeed a pleasure and honor to have with us tonight Bro. Marshall "Eddie" Conway who after 44 years of being a political prisoner and behind prison walls, he is now FREE.

    You don't want to miss this powerful dialog as we talk with this courageous African Liberation freedom fighter and warrior while we make further preparations to do the necessary work to "Free Them All" .....

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