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    Sara Jayne Townsend on Page Readers

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    Today I talk with Sara Jayne Townsend from "across the pond."  Sara lives in Surrey, England and will be discussing her latest release, a book of short horror stories during her second appearance on Page Readers.
    Discover more about this exciting author at http://sarajaynetownsend.weebly.com/

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    Talking about Page Readers

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    My guest that had been scheduled for the day didn't show, so I took the opportunity to discuss what Page Readers is about, my upcoming book and white papers that are available to help authors and hosts make the most of their interviews.

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    Sara Jayne Townsend on Page Readers

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    Join me when author Sara Jayne Townsend stops by for her second appearance on Page Readers to talk about her latest release, Death Scene.  Visit Sara online at http://sayssara.wordpress.com/

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    RD Foster visits Page Readers

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    RD Foster, born on a Collin County, Texas, cotton farm, graduated from McKinney High School in 1966 and at 18 years of age, enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After serving three years in Vietnam, the Philippine Islands and Okinawa, Foster returned home and worked as a fireman, a long-haul truck driver, a private investigator and spent many years in the music business as a singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer and bus driver for touring bands. He is a published author, with numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and is the author of two published novels.
                With the publishing of "One Day as a Lion – True Stories of the Vietnam War" in 2007, a grass-roots effort began to build a veterans memorial to honor all Collin County men and women who have given their lives in the service of our country. As a result, the Wall of Honor at the Veterans Memorial Park in McKinney, containing the names of 345 heroes, was dedicated on 11, 11, 2011.
    "One Day as a Lion” was awarded the Silver Trophy at the 2009 North Texas Book Festival. In 2010, RD Foster was selected as Patriot of the Year by the Texas Veterans Commission. Currently, he is writing a book of true stories about the 345 names on the Wall of Honor.
    RD, who has been an editor with Entry Way Publishing and Digi-Tall Media since 2003, and his wife, Trina, live in a rural section of northern Collin County, Texas.

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    Lavie Margolin on Page Readers

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    Lavie Margolin is a Career Coach and author of "Lion Cub Job Search: Practical Job Search Assistance for Practical Job Seekers". His role as a job search advisor is to act as a coach, educator and helping hand to you. He will work with you closely in reviewing all aspects of the job search process and sharpening the necessary skills. He clearly defines all advice given and cites practical examples for applying methods to increasing job search success.
    Visit him online at http://www.lioncubjobsearch.com/

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    Author Laura Benedict Talks With Jennifer Perry About Engaging Readers

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    Award Winning Mystery Author Laura Benedict On Blogging To Engage Readers With Jennifer Perry.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.

    Promote This! With Jennifer Perry is a trademarked solely owned podcast of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.  If you're listening LIVE, please click the follow button.  You can find out about my show and all the radio talk shows in the network by visiting our web site at www.authorsontheair.com, or on FB at Authors on the Air.

    I’m an entertainment publicist and the owner of Lone Wolf Communications, LLC. The mission of this show is to show authors different ways to promote their books.

    So many books. So many authors. How do you keep readers engaged, waiting for your next title, and raving about you when they are being blitzed by so many new books daily?

    Calling Laura Benedict an author of suspense novels is somewhat like saying Lady GaGa knows a wee bit about costuming. She can open a book with a paragraph that grabs you like a steel restraint clamping down on your brain.

    Her multitude of followers is devoted, and while they wait for their next fix of sheer fright she keeps them involved with her website’s blogs, pictures, events, giveaways and so much more.

    As a longtime fan I’m thrilled to have Benedict as my guest. Here is your chance to get the low down from the high priestess!

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    Writing Royalty Radio-Readers Corner: Topic: "These Damn..Books.."

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    Topic: "These Damn..Books.."

    Special Guests: Just Read Book Club: 

                             Mary Green

                             Nikkeishia Parmely 

                             Natoya Taylor

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    Writing Royalty Radio- Special Readers Edition

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    Writing Royalty  Blog Talk Radio
    “Special Readers Edition”

    The Readers Sound Off....

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    Surviving the Con: Tips for Authors & Readers

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    Con season is upon us!  If you are an author or reader that frequents book conferences and nerd conventions this can be an exciting and stressful time.  Sherry and June share survival tips

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    Are readers the best people to fall in love with?

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    Anne Murphy Paul of TIME magazine discussed the benefits of "deep reading," the kind of reading where you feel full from the experience, connection, and richness that comes from "digesting another soul." Avid readers do a lot of deep reading, and it makes them the best type of person to fall in love with. Join us and listen in to find out more about how deep reading helps develop traits like empathy, the ability to hold differeing opinions and interests apart from your own, and wisdom. 

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    Author Ricky Gott shares his love of "it" on Page Readers

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    "IT" is an enchanting world evolving through Ricky Gott's words and "IT" comes to life in this remarkable story of the word "it". Have you ever thought of how many meanings the word "IT" could have? Well, you are in luck - Children's Author, Ricky Gott has helped children and their caregivers to have an e-book that will show them with delightful and colorful illustrations all of the meanings of "IT" he envisioned. Enjoy learning all along the way not only what "IT" means...you will also be able to teach young children many other marvelous things by sharing this book with them. This book is perfect for home schooling kindergarten to third grade students.
    Visit Ricky and his world on "it" online at www.rickygott.com