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    Help 4 HD News Channel ~ Reach2HD/Prana Update

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    MONDAY, June 25, 2012 - 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST
    Tonight - an update from our amazing Huntington Study Group (HSG) Reach2HD clinical trial Principal Investigator (PI) Dr. Ray Dorsey and Dr. Caroline Herd, Chief Development Consultant from Prana Biotechnology.
    Reach2HD is a study to discover whether PBT2 (an investigational drug) is safe and effective and to determine PBT2's effect on cognition (thinking abilities) and other symptoms including movement and overall functioning.
    Tune in for a very informative update on Reach2HD another Huntington Study Group clinical trial.

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    The HD View with Prana Biotechnology, Ltd.

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    MONDAY, March 18, 2013
    Topics that will be focused on are:
    Our therapeutic strategy ‘MPAC’ technology, what are these compounds like PBT2? Brief historical background as to where our HD program came from.  A bit of science (although without AV this will be brief indeed) Why we are hopeful that the mechanism of action may provide patient benefit.  In particular our previous work with PBT2 in AD. Outline of Reach2HD, status.

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    The HD View ~ HSG ~ Reach2 HD

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    MONDAY, MARCH 26, 2012
    Reach2HD is a Huntington's disease research trial sponsored by the Huntington's Study Group and Prana Biotechnology to study whether PBT2 (an investigational drug) is safe and effective and to determine if its effect on cognition and other symptoms including movement and overall function.
    Study requirements include 8 in-person visits over 6 months and examinations at no cost to you. If you have early to mid-stage Huntington's disease, are at lease 25 years old and if you have a study partner who can come with yo to some of the research visits, this study is for you!
    Visit: www.WeHaveAFace.org/hsg for more invormation or go to www.huntington-study-group.org. Call: 800-489-7671 if you want to talk to someone about this study. This study is also available in Australia.

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    The HD View Best with Jody Goldstein

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    Jody Goldstein has a very long list of accomplishments: BS in Biology from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), 10 years as coordinator for the UCSD Huntington's Disease Clinical Research Center (HDCRC), Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP), facilitator for the San Diego Huntington's Disease Support Group and serves as Study Coordinator for more than 18 Huntington's disease clinical studies, 21 publications in peer reviewed journals... the list goes on and she's bilingual working with the local Hispanic HD community.
    Everyone should tune in for some very good information about the HSG Reach2HD clinical trial with Jody Goldstein and Elise Kayson from the Huntington Study Group (HSG).
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