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    Nov. 30, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Spaced Out Radio's 1-Year Anniversary Special

    in Paranormal

    Wow! It's hard to believe that we've been on the air for one year! Spaced Out Radio was created to give the "experiencer" a place to listen and learn from the best guests in the business. Throughout the year, we have had a chance to talk with many individuals who are professionals in their fields, come on the air and tell us incredible stories from the Paranormal, Supernatural, Cryptozoological, Extraterrestrial, UFOlogical and so much more.

    After Dave Scott broadcasted seven days a week for the first six weeks of the program, James Tyson was added to create Spaced Out Weekend. James, a career RCMP Officer, and a paranormal investigator, brought a real sense of professionalism and charisma to the weekends with his expertise in ghost investigations. Behind the scenes, James works tirelessly to bring in his creativity to the program with top notch guests and topics.

    Dave Scott, host of the flagship Spaced Out Radio, has brought his experience as a journalist to the forefront in asking tough questions and bringing on the biggest names to explain why so many people are experiencing these stories right out of their imagination.

    All of this couldn't have happened if it wasn't for Jonny Enoch. Jonny's role behind the scenes in helping set up Spaced Out Radio cannot be forgotten. He pushed Dave to get on the air, and to make this show happen. Jonny was a true driving force to making Spaced Out Radio, and his experience, and positivity has brought us to where we are today.

    If you're a fan or a former guest, we would love it if you could join us. Call in and tell us about your time with Spaced Out Radio. 1-607-203-5344.

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    TVUH and @OpAnonDown on #BairdAllegedly

    in Politics

    On July 16, 2015 in Dawson Creek, BC, James McIntyre was shot dead by RCMP. The fifth shooting since April 1 in the region. We await the investigation report, which may take a year. There was a BC Hydro-Site C dam presentation that afternoon. Protestors were expected. Police responded as they do too frequently.

    This event brought forth Op Anon Down. For all the money being spent by Canada's spy and surveillance agencies to watch our "enemies" and to "protect" us, there seems to be some holes much closer to home for the powers that be.

    Mohammed Fahmy. Peter Munk. Barrick Gold. Nathan Jacobsen. Israel. ISIL. Secret Orders-In-Council of the Privy Council Office. The Prime Minister's Office. Expensive and partisan photo ops. Who is the common factor here? Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, current board member of Barrick Gold and the Friends of Isreal Initiative, John Baird. His surprise resignation from Cabinet, then politics altogether was an unexpected occurance.

    Op Anon Down can fill in some blanks for you, as they have proven to date. Let's discuss how far and deep the corruption goes in Harper's world. Expect Us.

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    The View Up Here & @darknetj on the possibilities with c-51 and Harper

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    Beware, Canada. C-51 - The Anti-Terrorism Act 2015 is now the law of the land. The Conservative majority Senate did exactly as it was instructed as a full Chamber audit hung over their heads with the PMO controlling the release date. Despite the partisan gamesmanship from all three of the usual suspect parties, it does not change the reality. This mess of unnecessary, unneeded, unconstitutional statute is now in force in varying effect over the next year. If you listen to Reich Minister for Public Safety Steven Blaney, is this even the end of demands against your privacy and security from the State?

    For the foreseeable future, what politicans of all stripes say about C-51 matters not except what they will do with it if they form Government. If and until that moment comes to pass, it is the citizens of Canada and beyond that have to deal with the consequences. C-51 meshes with numerous other bills from Emperor that are ever closing the circle on democracy and freedom. Sixty pages of new "tools" for all levels of the state use of power, despite nearly all charges already existing in the Criminal Code of Canada. Three hard candies and 100 cat turds is not a good bag of law. Are you already breaking this law? Would you know if you were? Journalist, activist, protestor, blogger, streamer, concerned citizen. There is a scenario for all of these and many more. No longer presumed innocent before conviction.

    @darknetj from @TorontoCrypto joins us to look at how the RCMP, CSIS and successive governments got us here. We will look at scenarios previously thought impossible in Canada. We will connect some dots. Join us, it's all of our freedoms under attack here. Everyone needs to know about it.


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    Peter Goral interviews Jackie Lauer - Mentor to High Tech CEO's

    in Business

    Peter Goral, VP Business Develoment at TechBlocks interviews Jackie Lauer, Mentor to High Tech CEO's.

    Passionate about leadership development and culture, Jackie Lauer grew her career leading technology sales teams at companies like ITI and Nortel. She has experienced leading teams through periods of rapid change and fast growth. She believes she succeeded or failed based on her capacity to engage the human side of the business, taking one company from 1 million to 85 million in 5 years. With a passion to create great leaders and high performing cultures she pursued multiple certifications in coaching, change management, emotional intelligence, neuroleadership and mediation. As CEO of her own consultancy she has had the pleasure of working on clients like Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Accelerator Centre, Department of National Defense, House of Commons, RCMP,  Fibernetics, Miovision and Magnet Forensics. She’s known for her humour and her ability to challenge leaders to be their best selves, to not forget their business isn’t just about products and sales and must also include a foundation for a great life and a great culture . 

    Recently described by a client as "She’s like a (much!) younger version of Yoda, sharing practical philosophies on how our needs as human beings inform the way we want to be lead and be led" . Best of all, she has a no BS approach, an infectious laugh and loves what she does.


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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Patrick Sullivan is the chief executive officer of the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency. He works with the NSTA board of directors to set the long-term strategy for tourism and deliver sustainable growth for the industry.

    Patrick has been General Manager and President for both start-up and large organizations, including Indigo.ca, Toronto.com and Workopolis.com. He has also worked for Procter and Gamble, McCain Food Ltd., Moosehead Breweries Ltd., and Upper Canada Brewing Company, specializing in marketing and digital marketing.

    Patrick enjoys running and has participated in a number of marathons. In October of 2011, he completed a 250 km run across the Sahara Desert, helping to raise over $100,000 for the National Advertising Benevolent Association.  Accepting a tourism industry challenge, he recently participated in the 2013 Blue Nose Marathon.

    Sgt. Craig Marshall Smith is a 18th year veteran of Canada's national police force the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He is a descendant of both Black Loyalists who came to Nova Scotia from the USA in 1784 and Black Refugees of the War of 1812. 

    Craig is also an author and historian on African Canadian achievements and the journey of Black men and women who serve in the RCMP. 


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    April 23, 2015 10pm PT, 1am ET - Shag Harbour UFO Crash With Don Ledger

    in Paranormal

    Back in 1967, Canada had it's own "Roswell Incident".  It happened in a little place called Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, on the East Coast, near Maine.  On October 3rd, people in the area saw a flash of light, then something big, looking like a meteor coming from the dark sky lose control, then splash into the water.  Some young kids who were enjoying a night of hanging out with friends saw something different.  They believed it was a spaceship right away.  They called the RCMP, who sluffed it off, before more calls started coming in.  Before residents in the area knew it, the Canadian Navy was on the scene.  And it got weird from there.

    Don Ledger is the premiere expert on the Shag Harbour Incident.  Don has written about the crash and other fine details from scuba divers to eye witness accounts.  His story is incredible.  You're going to want to hear it.

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    Feb. 19, 2015 10pm (PST) - Canada's Roswell Incident with Don Ledger

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    On October 4th, 1967, Canada experienced its own "Roswell Incident".  Witnesses claimed, at that time to see a UFO crash in the night skies of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia.    It was a clear night, in an area where everybody knows everybody.  For over 20 years, Don Ledger (www.shagharbourufo.com), has been researching the incident.  From divers who searched underwater for crash evidence, to eye witness and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accounts of what happened in this sleepy fishing village on Canada's East Coast. 


    To this day, people are unsure whether it was a secret military aircraft or something from outside of this Universe that crashed into the Harbour that night.  What we do know is this?  There's not a trace of evidence left in the waters of where this craft went down.  Was it a UFO?  What it something else?  Mr. Ledger joins Spaced Out Radio to discuss the facts about what happened in Nova Scotia.

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    EDC Canada Premiere Part 2-Host introductions

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    Part of the premiere episode with Richard and Philippe talking about EDC Canada and some legal aspects of Carry in our respective areas. Also talking about some of the issues when in come to selecting our gear and some currents events. Also talking about future plans for the show and about doing a monthly live show where we will take callers. 

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    A false flag went down yesterday and STEPHEN HARPER IS RESPONSIBLE.

    The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) ARE TOTALLY AND UTTERLY FUCKING CORRUPT.


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    The MissingNMurdered Show with JennyNJerry

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    JennyNJerry Boone, Founders of the M N M Missing N Murdered (M-N-M)and MNM 2 group and hosts of the MissingNMurdered BlogTalkRadio show. They are advocates for victims and their families.
     TONIGHT'S SHOW is about Jamie G Lee Jamie  went camping with his friends on Sept 4, 2011 at a campground 20 miles south of Grande Prairie.   1077 days since he went missing; each day seems like a blur in the eternity that he has been gone,   He told us he was going camping that night with his friends for the long weekend and we wished him a good weekend. On Sunday we went for a drive about 3:00 pm when we got back into cell phone service we received a text message Jamie had gone missing.Jamie had walked away from the camp fire at 4:30 in the morning and had not been seen since.  Although there have been hundreds of tips occurances, but we still know nothing more.  We have our theories as do most about what happened that night, but he is thought to still be alive.  We know that he received a beating that night by a few people who found out later they had the wrong person.  He may have amnesia or he is in hiding afraid for his life.

     ABOUT JENNYnJERRY BOONE: Jenny and Jerry got started working with the loved ones of the missing and murdered as a ripple effect of this world. Jenny found herself thrust into it after her sister, Jean, who was pregnant at the time, and brother-in-law, David, were violently murdered on Saturday, March 31, 1979. They were on their way home to spend Easter with their family. They were going to share their wonderful news, they were going to have a baby. Jenny was one of the few people who knew, she just found out that day on the phone. 
    CONTACT THE BOONES VIA EMAIL: mnmgroupmail@gmail.com 
    MnM Alerts are brought to you each week by JennyNJerry

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    What Now? Do we give up? Fight? Libertarian View on Today's Government

    in Politics

    Now that the Liberals have a majority what do we do? Are we doomed? Is there anything we can do? On today's show we will be disussing how the Liberals should be investigated and by whom should they be investigated by, is is smart to have the OPP investigate the same government they supported during the election? Is it smart to have the OPP investigate the same government who pays their salary? Should the RCMP get invoved? What should we do just to stay alive in today's political landscape as the Liberals head us towards bankruptcy.

    Call in and have your voice heard.

    We will be talking Libertarian BBQ and future Libertarian events that include a chili cook off and a breakfast with the leader day where you can sit with the leader of the Party and enjoy the best pancakes you will ever have.