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    EDC Canada Premiere Part 2-Host introductions

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    Part of the premiere episode with Richard and Philippe talking about EDC Canada and some legal aspects of Carry in our respective areas. Also talking about some of the issues when in come to selecting our gear and some currents events. Also talking about future plans for the show and about doing a monthly live show where we will take callers. 

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    A false flag went down yesterday and STEPHEN HARPER IS RESPONSIBLE.

    The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) ARE TOTALLY AND UTTERLY FUCKING CORRUPT.


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    The MissingNMurdered Show with JennyNJerry

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    JennyNJerry Boone, Founders of the M N M Missing N Murdered (M-N-M)and MNM 2 group and hosts of the MissingNMurdered BlogTalkRadio show. They are advocates for victims and their families.
     TONIGHT'S SHOW is about Jamie G Lee Jamie  went camping with his friends on Sept 4, 2011 at a campground 20 miles south of Grande Prairie.   1077 days since he went missing; each day seems like a blur in the eternity that he has been gone,   He told us he was going camping that night with his friends for the long weekend and we wished him a good weekend. On Sunday we went for a drive about 3:00 pm when we got back into cell phone service we received a text message Jamie had gone missing.Jamie had walked away from the camp fire at 4:30 in the morning and had not been seen since.  Although there have been hundreds of tips occurances, but we still know nothing more.  We have our theories as do most about what happened that night, but he is thought to still be alive.  We know that he received a beating that night by a few people who found out later they had the wrong person.  He may have amnesia or he is in hiding afraid for his life.

     ABOUT JENNYnJERRY BOONE: Jenny and Jerry got started working with the loved ones of the missing and murdered as a ripple effect of this world. Jenny found herself thrust into it after her sister, Jean, who was pregnant at the time, and brother-in-law, David, were violently murdered on Saturday, March 31, 1979. They were on their way home to spend Easter with their family. They were going to share their wonderful news, they were going to have a baby. Jenny was one of the few people who knew, she just found out that day on the phone. 
    CONTACT THE BOONES VIA EMAIL: mnmgroupmail@gmail.com 
    MnM Alerts are brought to you each week by JennyNJerry

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    What Now? Do we give up? Fight? Libertarian View on Today's Government

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    Now that the Liberals have a majority what do we do? Are we doomed? Is there anything we can do? On today's show we will be disussing how the Liberals should be investigated and by whom should they be investigated by, is is smart to have the OPP investigate the same government they supported during the election? Is it smart to have the OPP investigate the same government who pays their salary? Should the RCMP get invoved? What should we do just to stay alive in today's political landscape as the Liberals head us towards bankruptcy.

    Call in and have your voice heard.

    We will be talking Libertarian BBQ and future Libertarian events that include a chili cook off and a breakfast with the leader day where you can sit with the leader of the Party and enjoy the best pancakes you will ever have.

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    RFB -Honouring The Fallen in the RCMP

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    Tonight, I honour those who were felled in the line of duty.

    Three Mounties shot and killed Wednesday are Const. David Ross, Const. Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, and Const. Douglas James Larche.

    All are Honoured tonight...

    Welcome  to the Red Fox Blogger with your Host, Kel Fritzi.

    I’m the Infidel your imam warned about…

    Mondays at 3PM EDT and Fridays at 7PM EDT





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    UJR Presents: Triumphs and Tragedies

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    Join UrbanJungelsRadio in another Ground-Breaking episode as we explore the ups and downs of some of today's most relavent topics.  Join us as we explore adn revist one of the world's most talk about tragedies, the death of two innocent children from an alleged python attack.  Listen in as we speak with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for an update on one of the most tragic events in Candaian history.
    Then we will catch up with Kelly Silvano of Wild Reptile Adventures in South Carolina for the rare in-studio interview.  We'll learn about WRA's 2nd annual BBQ supporting one of the country's up and coming reptile education facilites.

    As usual it will be an epic episdoe of UrbanJunglesRadio live Friday night at 10pm EST!

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    "Why You Should Delete SnapChat" by Adam McLane

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    Join me tonight as I talk with Adam McLane about his article, "Why You Should Delete SnapChat", a very important article for everyone to read .... young and old alike .... because it helps to explain how things you put on the internet STAYS ON THE INTERNET (sort of like WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS .... ). 

    A lifelong youth worker, Adam McLane is a Partner at The Youth Cartel and Principal at McLane Creative. He is a purveyor, connoisseur, trader, and collector of ideas. 

    Adam is a husband, father and a published writer whose work I came across when my cousin, Sonya, posted his article, "Why You Should Delete SnapChat", which you can find here. 

    CFJC TV Kamloops , January 17th, 2014 - Snapchat user targets kids, Sexually explicit messages sent to Kamloops elementary students  

    CFJC TV Kamloops, January 21st, 2014 - RCMP/SD73 investigate sharing of “inappropriate material"

    Kamloops This Week , January 21st, 2014 - Police, school district, involved in ‘complex investigation’ 

    Adam McLane's Website 
    Adam McLane's Blog  
    McLane Creative 
    Adam McLane's email address 

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    Canadian Federal Goverment Senate Scandle

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    1) Program intro. 2) Part 1 of a Report from CBC National News on the Federal Goverment Senate Scandle , on Oct 28th (13) 3) Part 2 of the CBC National report on Oct 29 th (13) - Note I had problem loging in tesday night but its working now . I will be doing more update News programs this week . This is a on going story in Canada now.   4) Taking calls from Listeners . 5) Closing Music , O Canada them song if there is time. - This is a website for a program on CBC radio called the Current were you can listen to the podcast programs on the Senate Scandal . the Current : http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/podcasts/current/index.html      

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    What is Happening in #Elsipogtog? With APTN Journalist Ossie Michelin

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    What is happening in #Elsipogtog? Tonight we will be hearing from Ossie Michelin, the on location APTN Reporter who has witnessed the events of the anti-fracking protests in #Elsipogtog since June of this year.  Michelin is of mixed inuit heritage from Labrador in North Eastern Canada. He is a journalist with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network covering Atlantic Canada and has been following the province of New Brunswick's Mi'maq (mig-maw) lead fight against shale gas development for the last few months.

    Thanks for joining us for a great show tonight on the award-winning, online "Indigenous Appreciation Station" Native Trailblazers!

    Check out our website: www.NativeTrailblazers.com

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Host: Vincent Schilling (Photojournalist, Author, VP Schilling Media, INc.) www.Twitter.com/VinceSchilling

    Co-Host Delores Schilling (CEO, President Schilling Media, Inc.) www.Twitter.com/DelSchilling

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    Rob Ford , Senate Scandal News update

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    1) Program intro 2) We will be playing the CBC News update reports on the Mayor Rob Ford and also the Federal Goverment Senate Scandal . That the RCMP are investagating . 3) Playing Part 1 of the CBC Report 4) Mid Break Music 5) Part 2 of the CBC News report 6) taking calls from reporters 7) Closing Music , them song O , Canada

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    Canadian Goverment Senate Scandal update

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    1) Intro to the Program 2) Our program is a recording of the CBC National on 24th of Oct (13) update on the Senate Scandal in the Federal Goverment. The RCMP are invesagating  to see if there is any Fraud in this matter. 3) Music Break 4) taking calls from listeners    more info on the Senate Scandal. 5) Radio programs from the Currect on CBC,that gives you more infomation about the Canadian Federal Goverment Senate Scandal
    Look for these programs on the website.     
    Oct 23(13) Duffy vs. Harper: A Senate Scandal Showdown - Oct 23, 2013
    Oct 24 (13) Senator Marjory LeBreton defends her role in the Senate spending scandal - Oct 24, 2013
    Oct 25 (13) Senators Suspending Senators - Oct 25, 2013    

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