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    8.24 A.V.A Live Radio- New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

    in Indie Music

    Join host Jacqueline Jax for New Music Monday broadcasting live from our south florida studio. Featuring new music from the Reverbnation indie artist community.  http://avaliveradio.com/category/new-music-monday/

    New Music Monday Playlist
    Jamar Leath – “Proud American”
    Carl Blackhurst “Love is Indestructible”
    Ray Ray Star  – Rock Star /Producer / Host “Feelin”
    Ryan Aderréy – Breath The World In
    Cynthia Gale – “I can do the boogie woogie and a line dance to.”

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    Black Women In Horror: Tananarive Due & Kristina Leath-Malin

    in Film

    Believe it or not there are Black female filmmakers who are creating horror films and have an eminent voice in the horror film community.  Tananarive Due and Kristina Leath-Malin will be our guests as we discuss gender and race disparities in the horror film genre as well as current projects both filmmakers are working on and their mission to spread the word that Black women are making horror films!

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    HER DEADLY WEB-Diane Fanning

    in Books

    Raynella Dossett Leath said she came home one morning in 2003 and found her husband’s body in bed—covered in blood, a Colt .38 by his side. But authorities were suspicious of Raynella’s story. Why would her husband of ten years suddenly commit suicide? And if he had taken his own life, why did it appear that three shots were fired?
    David Leath was not the first of Raynella’s husbands to turn up dead. After digging into Raynella’s past, police unearthed bizarre, gruesome details surrounding the death of her first husband, who was seemingly trampled by his own cattle. Which led investigators to wonder: Could Raynella have staged his death, too?
    To those who knew her, Raynella was a loving mother of two, a good neighbor and friend, a nurse who always reached out a helping hand. Was this woman capable of killing both her husbands? And if so: Why did she do it—out of greed, jealousy or revenge? This is the story about what dark secrets were lurking inside HER DEADLY WEB-Diane Fanning

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    Two Moons Talking Tonight Melissa Leath joins us

    in Culture

    Tune into Two Moons Talking Monday nights at 9pm Eastern. Your Journey Into Spiritual Awareness. Join in the chat with like-minded friends and come grow with us, we’d love to have you there!
    Tonight Melissa Leath joins us at the Spirit Lodge! 
    A certified spiritual medium for about 30 years. Although she still gives private consultations, her heart is in teaching, speaking, and writing.   "Psychic Integrity",   "Meditation, Plain and Simple Workbook" and "Outrageous Living, Tips & Secrets to Thriving in the 21stCentury" that she co-wrote with her husband are among them.

    This year she is focussing on the professional certification program  she facilitated. It is a year-long program to certify psychic mediums that have at least one year experience, instilling integrity in the profession. Look at this link for info: http://www.angelfire.com/realm2/melissaleath/CertificationProgram.html
     www.PsychicIntegrity.com and http://www.MelissaLeath.com/

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    Relationship Xtra with Stoney & Alex W. Leath

    in Romance

    Listen to Relationship Xtra with Stoney & Alex W. Leath as they discuss - Is Watching o Cheating & The Long Engagement.  Please call in at 8:30 pm EST to talk with the host @ 424.220.1862. 

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    Relationship Xtra with Stoney & Alex W. Leath

    in Romance

    Get ready for more great relationship talk with Alex and Stoney as they continue to help listeners navigate their ways through the nuances of relationships. 
    Tonights hot topic will be "What do you think about couples that bring a 3rd person into their marital bed?" Is this considered infidelity even though the married couple agree to it? Is this opening a can of worms that can cause trouble down the road?
    Please call in at the number above. If you wish to email us your questions of concerns please do so at RextraTV@gmail.com, RT @RXtraTV or Relationship Extra on Facebook.

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    Relationship Xtra with Stoney & Alex W. Leath

    in Romance

    Going live tonight to discuss the relationship issues that affect you most! Please call the number above to address the host with any and all questions!
    If you wish to email your questions please do so at RextraTV@gmail.com. Also RT @RXtraTV or join our facebook page at Relationship Extra and website www.RXtraTV.com.

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    Relationship Xtra with Stoney & Alex W. Leath

    in Romance

    After a brief hiatus Alex & Stoney take questions live TONIGHT! Feel free to ask them any relationship question you would like and they will do their very best to give you a satisfactory answer.  Opening live at 8pm calls will be answered in the order they are received. This is a great opportunity for listeners to interact with the hosts in a special more intimate way.
    If you'd prefer you can email us your questions at RextraTV@gmail.com. We can also be reached via Twitter @RXtraTV and on our Relationship Extra Facebook Page. We look forward to hearing from TONIGHT!

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    Relationship Xtra with Stoney & Alex W. Leath

    in Romance

    Tonight we discuss keeping people out of your business and the do's and don'ts of going back to an ex!
    We are taking live calls after 8:30pm. If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact us via email at RextraTV@gmail.com, RT @RXtra (Twitter), or contact us on facebook under Relationship Extra!
    Also visit our website at www.RXtraTV.com.

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