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    Award Winning International & Literary Author LaDonna Marie stops by Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    LaDonna Marie is an Award Winning International and Literary Author, Writer, Poet, Motivational Speaker & Founder of Planting Positive Seeds #PPS. She discovered her love for words early and started writing poetry pre-teen. She has also been a public and motivational speaker for numerous youth groups. She has a M.S. in Counseling Studies from Capella University and a M.A. from South University in Professional Counseling in 2012. She feels that becoming a writer and her love for words, are her greatest gift from God. She been featured in International Author Blog Interviews in South Africa, London, and Italy. LaDonna Marie's Magazine Features includes SHINE, YOUnique, Precioustones, C. Hub, Image and Style, Blaq Rayn Poetry Publications, Sibella Poetry Publications and Urban Grapevine Magazine. Also her first poem to music was played on a Australian Station "Jazz Radio'.She became apart of and The League of American Poets in 2007, in a collective anthology called Whispers. In received a Certificate of Congratulation from Congressman Bennie Thompson 2nd district of MS. Inducted into Who’s Who in Black Mississippi in 2012, Humanitarian Award in  2012, 2013, and nominated for a Stiletto Women Business Award. Until Tomorrow Comes landed #2 and #3 on Amazon Best Seller in Poetry and Positive Growth. She was runner up in the 2013 Best of Liberty County Writers Category. Contributing Poet in 2014 Anthology The Gospel According to Poetry, the Good Newz Project. The Book Until Tomorrow Comes awarded Honorable Mention in the 2014 Paris Book Festival in Poetry Category, 2014 DJ Gatsby Book Club Literary Award in Poetry. Lessons Shattered Pieces Being Restored made the bestsellers list upon release in 2014. She is a Co-Author of 2015 Release Tainted Elegance :Simply Beautiful.  LaDonna Marie is a Finalist in the 2015 Divas of Colour International Women's Award for Diva Author. 

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    in Hockey

    11/18- HoF Inductees, Fantasy Reports & Hot/Cold Start Players (are they the real deal?)

    NHLBreakdown hosted by Scott Levy, w/George Kurtz of RotoExperts.com, covering all the on & off ice action of the NHL!


    Our Fantasy Reports, including the IR, Goalie & Waiver Wire reports, will help keep you fantasy team a constant threat!


    Shows twice a week:  Mondays @ 5 pm/Fridays @ 2pm (September thru May)

    **Mondays only (@ 5 pm) during July & August

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    An Entrepreneur in Every Home

    in Business

    Jimmy Newson, director of the A Billion Entrepreneurs Foundation will join me to discuss his international program which aims for there to be an entrepreneur in every home

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    Live on Wakefern!

    in Entertainment

    Join comedian Ms. Rayn and guests as they discuss current events, selected topics, comedy, humor, relationships advice and life in general.  You never know what will happen on this show.  Tune in for information, insights and laughter.  

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    The Don S. McClure Show - The State of Optimism, Assumption, Pessimistic Views

    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show  The state of Optimism, Assumption, Pessimistic,  Views


    : a doctrine that this world is the best possible world.

    :  An inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome


    :  A taking to or upon oneself <the assumption of a new position>

    :  The act of laying claim to or taking possession of something<the assumption of power>

    :  arrogance, pretension

    :  An assuming that something is true

     :  A fact or statement (as a proposition, axiom, postulate, or notion) taken for granted

    :  The taking over of another's debts.


    Emphasizing or expecting the worst <with that pessimistic attitude.

    Featuring the best music and best guidance on the web.

    Every Friday from 7:00 PM Central to 8:30 PM Central 8:00 PM Eastern New York - 5:00 PM Pacific - California and 6:00 PM Mountain - Arizona

    We play the best music and information for your enjoyment. Featured Artist; The Delfonics, Carly Rae Joseph, Aretha Franklin, Macklemore & Rayn Lewis, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Price and Ronald Isley, Karen White, Gato Barbieri

    Talk, Music, Views, Art, information and more.


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    SWAG Radio Presents: My Friend, My Foe with Kenni York

    in Books

    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be talking with Kenni York about her best selling novel, My Friend, My Foe. 



    Kenni York is the author of over 11 titles to date. Kenni's love for the literary arts drives her every move. She has ghost written several novels, teaches creative writing classes for youth and adults in Atlanta, serves as the creative and executive producer for the online series Literary Ladies of the ATL, while still finding the time to pen her own titles. Kenni's works have a creative flare that is a combination of mind blowing dialogue, vivid details, and compelling story lines. Her goal is to make a difference with  all of her projects and not just a dollar.


    Chloe and Rayn are old high school friends but a shift occurred the moment Rayn's high school crush chose to be with Chloe. Now, all grown up with a fabulous career, a beautiful family, and a secret she intends to take to her grave, Chloe's beginning to wonder where her friendship with Rayn stands.  Secret meetings...surprise visits...mysterious behavior...too close for comfort. Chloe notices all of these obscure occurrences from her high school bestie,  leaving her to question whether Rayn is a friend or a foe. This cautionary novella will have you questioning whether your good intentions can be perceived as scandalous and whether or not your friendships are worth holding on to.  But most importantly, it will provoke you to re-evaluate what's most important in your life.

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    Pagan Path - Imbolc and Lunasadh | The Wheel Turns

    in Spirituality

    Connect with Leonore and Caithe to discuss The Celtic Wheel of the Year  ~ Lunasa in the Northern Hemisphere and Imbolc in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Discover practical ways to incorporate these seasonal changes into your everyday life.  Connecting with the cycles of life within the Wheel of Year allows you to develop your awareness and spiritual connection.

    Leonore and Caithe share their knowledge, experiences and perspective on how they connect with Lunasa and Imbolc in their local area.

    Learn more about Caithe ~ www.celticai.com.au


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    CPT talk Big K.R.I.T. with Tim Chi Newson

    in Music

    I have to tell it how it is... Hip Hop is an off and on Genre of music and Culture... We need to keep Hip Hop Alive

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    Fire and Rayn Bring You: Sistahs on Fire!!!

    in Art

    This show is dedicated to all the women on their grind and getting their legitimate hustle on. Whether you be a mother, housewife, student, business woman, author, poet, musician, entertainer or entrepreneur...as long as you are handling yours and not depending on anyone to make your way in the world but you...this show is for you. If you are a Sistah taking yourself and those around you to the next level...this show is for you. If you are a Sistah that has realized her worth and the value in having a strong man in your corner because of what you BOTH bring to the table...this show is for you. If you are a Sistah no longer making excuses but now making moves...THIS HERE SHOW IS FOR YOU!!!

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    A Conversation With MsRayn ComediAnn

    in Comedy

    Ms. Rayn has been performing comedy since she left the womb. Her comedic observations of life have been the fuel to her meteoric rise in comedy. Her brand of clean, Christian-based comedy touches on many of life’s crazy moments with her friends, family and society as a whole. Born in San Antonio, Texas and raised up and down the Mississippi as a military brat, she has seen her fair share of life on the road. She has been headlining comedy events at area churches, comedy clubs and is taking her show on the road!

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