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    Esposa do Dr. Mavungo Denuncia Maus Tratos na Prisão e Lança um Apelo de Ajuda

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    Rádio Angola (RA): Tivemos o privilégio de entrevista a esposa do Dr. Marcos Mavungo (Adolfina Mavungo) que nos informa desde Cabinda o estado de saúde de marido. Segundo Senhora Adolfina, a saúde do Dr. Mavungo continua a deteriorar-se na cadeia, em Cabinda, devido aos graves problemas de saúde, que não têm sido tratados. A Senhora Adolfina também falo sobre os custos relacionados com os medicamentos e que não estão disponíveis no mercado angolano. 

    Segundo um artigo que nos enviado a Redação da Radio Angola e publicado Pelo Padre Raul Tati, a senhora Adolfina Mavungo, "partilhou comigo alguns episódios de humlhação na cadeia por parte de certos guardas prisionais, embora tenha uma relação tranquila com a direcção e com a maioria dos agentes. Tendo em conta a pressão psicológica que está a viver nestes dias, juntamente com alguns episódios de perseguição contra a sua esposa, a dona Adolfina Mavungo, o Dr Mavungo estava disposto a remeter à casa todos os seus pertences e começar um jejum (entenda-se greve de fome) a partir da quinta-feira próxima. Leia mais: http://www.friendsofangola.org/#!Esposa-do-Dr-Mavungo-Denuncia-Maus-Tratos-na-Prisão-e-Lança-um-Apelo-de-Ajuda/c1e4/572891290cf2c0d03b660923

    Entrevista conduzida por Florindo Chivucute

    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 4/28/16: Spanish Horror

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    We've already spoken at length in prior episodes to Jess Franco, El Hombre Lobo Paul Naschy and Director of the Blind Dead Amando de Ossorio...tonight, we fill in the gaps on the short lived but much beloved Spanish horror scene!

    We'll touch on everyone from Naschy collaborators Leon Klimovsky, Carlos Aured and Javier Aguirre to the likes of Eugenio Martin (Candle for the Devil, Horror Express), Jorge Grau (Let Sleeping Corpses Lie), Eloy de la Iglesia (Cannibal Man), Narciso Ibanez Serrador (Who Can Kill a Child, House that Screamed), Jose Larraz (Vampyres, Black Candles), Vincente Aranda (Blood Spattered Bride), Claudio Guerin (A Bell from Hell), Pieces/Slugs/'Pod People' helmsman Juan Piquer Simon and many more!

    Join us for a final exploration of the grim world of Spanish horror, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine!

    Week 32
    Spanish Horror

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    Me Gustan Los Deportes.com (El PODCAST)

    in Sports

    Si te quieres mantener bien informado en la materia de los deportes (MLB, NBA, NFL, BSN, PGA, WTA, FIFA etc) tienes que escuchar a los duros en la materia @palillitoarnold y @mayitopr3


    1) Injusto el trato q esta recibiendo el baloncelista Peter John Ramos en las canchas d PR (BSN)

    2) Esta la prensa equivocada al pensar q Jake Arrieta pueda estar usando (PED) alguna sustancia ilegal para mejorar su rendimiento.

    3) Que es lo q tiene a los White Sox con el mejor record en la AL

    4) Esta bien q Bryce Harper haya dicho q solo jugara en el WBC17 si otras estrellas d EU lo hacen.

    5) Que significa para el equipo d RD saber q contara con Manny Machado.

    6) Anuncian q 2 prospectos boricuas estan en el Top 100 del proximo MLB Draft, eso es buenas noticias o deberian haber más.


    1) Como catalogan el debut en GL d Jose Berrios con los Twins.

    2) Alex Rodriguez terminara la 1ra mitad d la season bateando .250+

    3) Ganaran los Celtics esta noche

    4) Hanley Ramirez anuncia q jugara en el WBC17 y se preparara jugando con el Licey en el invierno, creen q en PR veremos jugar algunas d nuestras estrellas para prepararse tambien 

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    Into the Cosmos - Episode 5

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    This week on #IntotheCosmos, your hosts Ej Garr and Frank Dell'Apa get you ready for arguably the biggest match of the spring portion of the campaign.

    The first place Railhawks have set the precedence with wins in all four of their outings in 2016, which has left the Cosmos six points behind the table leaders, and three points behind Minnesota, who we know handed the Cosmos a tough 1 - 0 defeat last weekend, despite the Cosmos playing up a man for most of the second half.

    We have two interviews to air this week, as Austin da Luz from the Railhawks pays the guys a visit with his goal scoring touch the talk of the town so far. Da Luz leads the NASL with three goals scored, tied with Cvitanich and Ramirez.

    Gabriel Farfan of the NY Cosmos also stops by for a chat, so sit back, relax, and enjoy another edition of the Into the Cosmos Team Podcast!

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    MMA Destruction #Survivor Special with Aj Siscoe, Tom Keyburn, Joseph Ramirez

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    Join MMA Destruction tonight at 10pm cst with your hosts Dustin Hill and Don Mcguire. Presented by Lana's Egg Whites. Joining on the Fighting for Autism line for this cancer survivor special will be one of the most insperational stories in all of St. Louis MMA in AJ "Let's Go" Siscoe to talk about his amazing journey in the past year. Bodybuider Tom Keyburn will also join us to talk about how he beat prostate cancer. Undeafted Joseph Ramirez will also drop by and talk about the effect cancer within his family has had on him. It all goes down tonight on this very heartfelt and inspiritional edition of MMA Destruction.

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    American Daily Review: Cases Of The Shakes

    in Politics Conservative

    Real feminism comes out of the barrel of a gun; Terry McAuliffe empties Virginia prisons to vote for Hillary Clinton; Castros call "historic" Obama visit an "attack"; Rahm Emanuel throws Chicago PD under the bus to save his own ass; Obama Regime defies House subpoena of ObamaCare co-ips; Obama threatens Britain with trade war if they leave the E.U.; SCOTUS deadlocks on Obamnesty, as expected; The gender-bender pandemic; House Select Panel On Infant Lives vindicates David Daleiden, Center For Medical Progress; California faces another tsunami of illegal alien "children"; The U.S.-Saudi 9/11 Indicment Act tiff; and Iran tests its newest ICBM.

    Then, in hour #3 of the Saturday Afternoon Radio Extravaganza on Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM, 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific:

    Tim Donnelly, who ran for governor of California in 2014, and is now running for Congress this fall, is our guest.  Plus: ChiComms may not voluntarily give up power; Russia expanding its submarine fleet; California's flight from $15; Donald Trump wins New York primary and the campaign paradigm shifts from pathetic whining back to crass boasting; And after Myanmar, Japan, and Ecuador, where will the Ring of Fire strike next?

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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to this edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. During this program we feature our regular PANW reports with dispatches on the visit of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to the United Nations Millenium Development Goals conference in New York City this week; the presidents of South Africa and Namibia have pledged to strenthen bi-lateral relations between the two sub-continenal states; Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has spoken at the UN as well on the plot to illegally remove her from office in the South American nation; and the Cuban Communist Party has concluded its 7th Congress in Havana where both President Raul Castro and former head-of-state Fidel Castro delivered major addresses. In the second hour we pay tribute to Prince, the African American musical innovator and film star who was found dead in his home on April 21. We will look at the battle he waged for years against the corporate record companies demanding just compensation for his creative work. Finally we look back on the 151st anniversary of the conclusion of the United States Civil War which ended in April of 1865.

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    MMA Destruction w Andy Nguyen, Shannon Sinn, Dan McWilliams, Joe Torrez

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    Join MMA Destruction Tuesday at 9pm cst with your hosts Dustin Hill and Don Mcguire. Presented by Lana's Egg Whites. Joining us on the Fighting for Autism will be the newly crowned King of The Cage Atomweight Champion the CrAsian Andy Nguyen who will discuss her championship bout and more. Shannon Sinn will stop by to talk about her upcoming fight against Christine Stanley in an intresting Flyweight match up at Invicta 17 in Costa Mesa on May 7th. Joe Torrez will be on the hot seat talking about his return back to the cage. Dan McWilliams will talk with us about his career. Joseph Ramirez will pop on to discuss his most recent win this past weekend.

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    The latest in US-Cuba issues with Jorge Ponce

    in Politics

    Guest:  Jorge Ponce, Cuban American writer, joins me for a look at the latest from Cuba.........Raul Castro delivered a very stern speech to the Communist Congress......more bad economic times coming....he also complained about the bureaucracy and its unwillingness to reform.........a Cuban ship with illegal drugs stopped in Panama.....memories of similar incidents over weapons and other goods in violation of UN resolutions.......

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    Drummer WALTER WILLIAMS visits This Side of The River with Dick Green Host!!

    in Music

    The Savingsouls Network is excited to bring to you another up and coming SUPERSTAR Musician.  You are going to really enjoy this segment and be among those who heard of this great talented musician first!!

    Growing up in the church Walter began playing at the tender age of 2. His enjoyment of drumming expanded through his education as he played in the jazz and marching bands all through elementary, junior high and high school. While attending Solano Community College he also played with the jazz band under the instruction of Music Professor Mr. Delbert Bumper. Having extensive experience playing Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Neo Soul, Alternative Rock, Latin and Blues along with anything in between. Walter is a versatile musician who takes his craft seriously while having fun. Walter’s love of music and skillful playing has afforded him the opportunity to play in several live recordings, live shows as well as complete studio work including the use of click tracks. He’s had the opportunity to play at the 12th Annual American Gospel Quartet Convention where many gospel legends where in attendance as well as the AGQC Hall of Fame luncheon honoring The Williams Brothers. He has also played in live performances with Tachina Danielle (Tri-Une Entertainment), Bobby Gonzales (guitarist for Tina Marie and Mariah Carey), Kenny Lattimore, Dave Hollister, Darius McCrary (actor and singer), Holy Cry (Spirit West Coast Tour 2007), Derek "DOA" Allen (producer/musician/songwriter and two-time Dove and three-time Stellar award nominee), Jaguar Wright (Artemis_Records), Troy Sneed (Emtro Gospel), Eric Smith (bass player for Rihanna), Aaron Young (new artist) and Sene’ of Prototype for live shows and recordings.

    Excerpt taken from: http://www.soultonecymbals.com/artist/walter-williams


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    The Hit Show Episode 4: THE LONGBALL

    in Baseball

    Join Dustin, Danny and Darby as they review the Ray's first week of the MLB season. For ease of listening or return listens, we're working on an indexing feature so you can hear what the crux of the topic/players we are discussing based upon time. Be sure to let us know if this feature is useful!

    Corey Dickerson (appox 9:02)
    Steven Souza (approx 10:00)
    Desmond Jennings (approx 11:25)
    Brad Miller (approx 13:07)
    Logan Morrison (approx 15:50)
    Kevin Kiermeyer (approx 19:53) - The most exciting player to watch in MLB?
    Erasmo Ramirez (approx 25:18)
    Alex Cobb with a little Matt Moore (approx 27:24)
    Jake Odorizzi/Drew Smyly (34:22)






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