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    On the Hunt for Timber Rattlesnakes with Phil Dunning

    in Pets

    Join HTR Wednesday August 29 th as we welcome field biologist and herpetologist Phil Dunning to talk about his work on timber rattlesnakes and copperheads.  We will cover field herping round ups.  Don't miss this one

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    18. Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes with Dan Grubb

    in Hobbies

    The Other Herpcast returns on November 25th at 8pm est with a couple of firsts for the show. It will be our first discussion involving a venomous species (which are not for everyone- please listen to the broadcast for information) and secondly, it revolves around Dan Grubb's awesome Crotalus Atrox MORPHS! Let's see what Dan at DG Reptiles is cooking up at the next episode of the Other Herpcast. You want "other"?- Western Diamondback morphs- that's "other"! Let's do it Monday, the 25th of November. Plus, Dan jumps into "the Incubator" for some fun Q & A.

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    Live with the CaimanHunter

    in Education

    Normally, this is a live, call in talk show about spectacled caiman.  Today's show, however, features Dave Jensen, of Wasatch Snake Removal, Utah. Dave is a gladiator for conservation, education and the protection of all reptiles, includiing, and especially, rattlesnakes.
    The show airs every Thursday morning at 8am Central Time (9am Eastern, 6am Pacific).  
    Reptiles Magazine called me "The US' #1 Authority on Spectacled Caiman." My book, "Spectacled Caiman: My Experience; Your Resource" is available on Amazon.  And if you can't find me in the Croc Pond, you can find me:

    ...on Twitter: @caimanhunter
    ...on Facebook: /caimanhunter2
    ...on the web: caimanhunter.com
    ...or just Google: "CaimanHunter"

    See more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bam-the-caimanhunter/

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    "The Blue, The Black & The Ugly-Pt. 2: Silence Is Deadly"

    in Lifestyle

    SPONSORED BY MARK PITTMAN--Continuing on with our discussion from last night, tonight we touch on the effects of being silent while Black. Many of us believe that protesting or taking action will shake a rattlesnakes' nest and others believe that silence hasn't stopped the ambushes on us anyway. Join in tonight with your thoughts by calling 347-327-9967 @10:30 pm EST.

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    Animal Planets Star of The Hit TV Show Gator Boy's Chris Gillette

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor will interview the star of Animal Planets Gator Boy's, Chris Gillette.  He is the primary environmental consultant and animal handler at Everglades Holiday Park, where he has worked for 6 years. He has a Bachelors of science in environmental studies from Florida International University. Gillette has been around reptiles his entire life, from having a pet iguana as a child to working professionally the last ten years with reptiles ranging from 16ft crocodiles to cobras and rattlesnakes. He started working at a nature park at 16 where he cared for snakes, turtles, and a small alligator. He will discuss his career.

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    The Shiniest Little Rattlesnake Festival in Texas

    in Pets

    Join Danny & Andy as e recap the amazing Texas Rattlesnake Festival which took place in Round Rock Texas on Marh 8th & 9th.  Listen in to how history was made and how this event will shape the future of infamous Rattlesnake Roundups like Sweetwater and Freer which will likely become endangered species in their own right thanks to the Rattlesnake Festival and the amazing people behind this event.

    Before it's over, we'll go over some of the hatemail we've been recieving from Roundup Supporters and read them back in Dramatic Fashion, yo uwon't want to miss this!

    Once again, it's the world famous, award winning, History Making, UrbanJunglesRadio!



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    The Upcoming Texas Rattlesnake Festival

    in Pets

    On this special two hour episode of HTR we will be talking to many of the people who are behind the inaugural Texas Rattlesnake Festival. The Texas Rattlesnake Festival will be an all educational, family oriented event where no animals will be harmed that is taking place at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock Texas on March 8th and 9th.


    There are many levels of sponsorship available. Donations are greatly appreciated! If you would like to be a part of this ground breaking event please go to:


    To learn more about the Texas Rattlesnake Festival please go to:


    To follow the Texas Rattlesnake Festival on FaceBook please go to:


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    Rattlesnakes, how can you have your dog stay away from them?

    in Pets

    Is there a great method to keep your dog away from snakes? What should you consider with this? Is aversion training the only way? And can you teach any dog to stay away, even if they have been hunting for snakes?

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    Rattlesnake Aversion Training for Canines with Erick Briggs

    in Pets

    On this episode of HTR we welcome Erick Briggs of of Natural Solutions to talk about training dogs to avoid venomous reptiles such as rattlesnakes. Erick has successfully trained over 50,000 dogs over the last decade.
    To check out Erick's work go to:
    K-9 Rattlesnake Aversion Facebook page:

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    Michael Roth: Giving Up the Ghost

    in Self Help

    VividLife Radio's Ed and Deb Shapiro welcome writer poet and musician Michael Roth to discuss his latest book Giving Up the Ghost!

    Michael Roth is a writer, poet, musician, father, and long lost beatnik, whose writing centers around religious philosophy and history. Fascinated by these themes, he weaves tales of prophecy, history and thrilling fiction together, as seen in his latest book, Giving Up The Ghost. When not writing traditional books, he writes poetry – an eclectic mix of beatnik sound meeting modern day topics – with a focus on the quandaries, lessons and hypocrisies between life, society and understanding. He describes writing songs as a visual process: mixing space and trains and rattlesnakes while creating words and transitions. He grew up in Denver, CO. and founded his first band at age 6, when he was inspired by the Beatles albums he found in his parents' living room. Devastated that the Beatles were no longer together, Michael channeled his disappointment into creating his own sound and developed his shoe-gazing musical style. michaelrothwriter.com

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    The Matthew Brower Show with Barry Secrest - Jun 28,2013

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight at 9:30 PM ET on The Matthew Brower Show with co host Barry Secrest we will take your calls at 646-652-2089 so share your thoughts on the topics on deck tonight. Secret NSA partnership with Microsoft, Worthles US Senate Amnesty Dead on Arrival to House says Sen. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio turing to the dark side, Where's the smoke IRS official pleads the 5th, Gay marriage reaction, and Of Rattlesnakes an Hawks rebuttal to moderate GOP apparachik Michael Gerson, and much more. Listen in at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thematthewbrowershow/2013/06/28/the-matthew-brower-show-with-barry-secrest The Matthew Brower Show is your home for news and views you can use! The show is live Monday through Friday at 9:30 pm ET until 10:30 pm ET! Subscribe to the show on iTunes for free at itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/matthew-brower-show-blog-talk/id370827906 Join me as I discuss politics with great co hosts and what matters to you! Call in at 646-652-2089 or listen in live at www.blogtalkradio.com/thematthewbrowershow and feel free to join the chatroom!

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