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    Rated R for Recovery

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    Internet radio call-in show discussing addiction and recovery.

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    Rated R for Recovery

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    Internet radio call in live show for advice on addictive personalities.

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    Rated R for Recovery

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    Live internet radio show with call in guests about recovery.

  • Rated R for Recovery - Addiction discussion

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    Bringing recovery and recovery information to the ones who suffer, and that of family and friends of the ones afflicted.


    To bring recovery and recovery information to the ones who suffer, and that of family and friends of the ones afflicted.

    On-Air and recorded live at Studio 7 Cafe and Coffee Co located at 1404 Del Prado Blvd in Cape Coral .


    We are filming live in front of a studio audience now and every show has a musical component to it .. we are always looking for musicians or artists to perform “recovery” related music or songs you have .. WE WANT YOU please contact us ASAPOur audience is the large, active recovery community in the State of Florida, especially in Ft. Myers and the surrounding area. Our focus is on recovery from drugs and alcohol, but we will also shine a light on other addictions with an emphasis on getting help and providing resources to our audience. We’ll discuss every topic imaginable, from getting through the holidays without a drink or a drug, to complacency after years of sobriety. We’ll highlight guests in the recovery community, from local participants, to well-known celebrities, sharing their experience, strength and hope that you can get sober, stay sober and have fun doing it.

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    Rated R Radio - One big family!

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    Tonight is a first for the Rated R Radio crew! The show is normally done through Skype or phone calls, but not tonight! Tim has set up Rated R Society Headquarters which means all the shows will have all hosts in person! Listen as Tim, Ant, and Gavin do their first in person LIVE show and knock back a few beers while doing so.
    The show is bound to be filled with hilarity and stupidity as only Rated R Radio can bring. 
    We promise its gonna be a fun ride.

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    This Show Is Awesome! - Clip Show- Rated R society

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    Gavin will not be with us this week, hes a busy man with many social engagements around the country. Its quite annoying actually, but none the less the show will go on. Our producer Tim will join Dave tonight while we play clips from "Rated R Radio" which is now called The Tim N Ant Show. Take a trip back in time to before "This Show Is Awesome" existed, and experience the beginning of the Rated R Society. Just a warning- Rated R Radio is alot more explicit then "This Show Is Awesome". Enjoy

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    Dierks Sterling Rated R Non PC News

    in News

    Tune in today to find out ! Rated R Non PC News right from Dierks Sterling, as Dierks Sterling sees it. Call on in!  From US Government to World News to what ever news is or who is in the news, Hear Dierks Sterling tel you like it is in a NON PC , NON BS Talk Radio show.

         " I don't care what the PC Crowd thinks, They can't live without a handout from the Government !"  Dierks Sterling.

    Rated R News Talk Radio. I do not stop myself or hold back because some left wing panti wearing man can't handle the truth.

    Daily updates on DierksSterling.com.

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    Xcast goes Rated R!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight is a throwback kinda night! Tonight is a blast from the podcast past! Join Tim and his Xcast Podcast partner in crime Frank Romano! 
    Frank is known for his dedication to the gaming community. He has had over 100 episodes for Xcast Online Xbox Podcast, and now can be heard with Tim, and QT by his side on the new podcast/blogtalk radio show The FAQ Show!
    Tim and Frank are absolutely no strangers to being on mic together. Infact tonight they plan on playing some of their old "bits" they used to do on Xcast. Trust us when we say...."ooooofa". Listen to the hilarity ensue as you hear what made Xcast so unique and great! (bites lip)
    Also Tim has heard some more things that drive him crazy about Lady Gaga...Listen to what he has to say about her and her new pal Judas (yes you read that right).
    Dodgeball, kickball and other fun games being taken away from schools and camps? What?! WHY!?! 
    They also discuss Verne from Back To The Future 3 and his MEMORABLE scene!
    Remember Tim will always be playing some sweet musical hits for your earholes!
    ALL of his and SOOOOOOOO much more!
    LIVE tonight! ONLY on Rated R Radio!
    @LPsoldier0303 - Tim
    @TheMan661 - Frank Romano
    @Gavin_Bazalar - Gavin
    @ContagionAnt - Ant
    For info on The FAQ Show go to www.thefaqshow.com

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    Rated R Radio - Best Of 1

    in Entertainment

    Sorry we couldnt be live tonight folks but here are our best moments from a short history as of yet.
    Thank you to everyone and I hope you enjoy!

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    Rated-R Zone

    in Sports

    we will discuss all things wwe tna wrestling wise

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    Rated R Radio - We are sorry

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to another great episode of Rated R Radio. Tim gav and Ant are here to entertain the masses.
    More on Osama...yeah we know...
    Nice shoes Gaga.
    Will Smiths trailer...
    and much more! LIVE on Rated R Radio!!