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    Rams on the Move!

    in Basketball

    Welcome back to another wonderful episode of "The Jay Byrd Show!"

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    STL Rams Central Debut Interactive Radio Show

    in Football

    The debut of the STL Rams Central interactive Internet radio/podcast debuts on April 2!  This 3 day per week show will focus on the St. Louis Rams of the NFL's NFC West.  
    Topics covered on a regular basis will include the 2012 NFL Draft, the NFL Free Agency Period, the regular season, the Rams lease situation, training camp and all major Rams headlines or related news of interest.
    Features of the show to look for include interviews with former St. Louis Rams players, discussions with others who cover the Rams, interactive listener calls, special promotions and regular "celebrity" calls from a special caller who nails the voices and personalities of celebs like Ron Burgandy of Anchorman II, Charles Barkley, Tiger Woods, Bill Walton, Bill Bob Thornton of Sling Blade, Bill Cosby and many others. 
    Please tune in tonight from 7 to 8 PM and spread the word to all others of Rams Nation!  It is going to be a great ride and thank you for being a part of it all! 

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    STL RAMS CENTRAL RADIO w/ Ron Clements & @mrfactoid 5/7

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    Join CBS Sports Rams Reporter Ron Clements of http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/rapid-reports/team/STL and E Allen (@mrfactoid) of http://www.mrfactoidssportsworld.blogspot.com/ tonight at 7 CT on STL Rams Central Radio as we talk Rams, NFL, NFC West, the Vikings Stadium situation and much more.  
    STL Rams Central Radio is presented, as always, by http://stlramscentral.com/.
    We will discuss the logjam at wide receiver and who the favorites are to make the final roster, what the additions in the middle could mean to James Laurainitis and much more!  
    Join us at 7 CT to talk STL Rams with Ron Clements and E Allen with your host, Shane Gray of Bleacher Report and stlramscentral.com ! 

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    What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Rams Return To L.A.

    in Business

    I am ecstatic over the return of the Rams to Los Angeles,  I’ve waited for the NFL owners to finally do something for the second largest NFL market.  I refused to follow other California teams because I knew one day L.A. would get a team, and it did with the return of the Rams.

    I’m not looking at this with rose colored glasses.  I’m well aware that it was money that brought back the Rams, just like it was money that landed them in St. Louis.  They say the love of money is the root of all evil.

    In this Episode of Enrichment Radio I discuss what entrepreneurs can learn from this historic business transaction.  I look at the motives of the owners and the fans.  I expound upon the necessary core values one needs to have in order to be a successful entrepreneur while maintaining one’s integrity.

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    Pulse of the Pack: Rams, You're Next!

    in Football

    The Green Bay Packers are 4-0 and returning home for two weeks followed by their bye week.  The win over the San Francisco 49ers was yet another monkey off the Packers' backs and now it's time to focus on just beating everyone else on the schedule.  The Packers came out of the game with no new injuries and now prepare for one of the NFL's best defenses in the St. Louis Rams.  The Packers offense wasn't superb against the '9ers but the defense played lights out.  Who stood out against San Francisco and can they duplicate that effort against the Rams?  Can the Packers manage another win without some of their key pieces?  Will the game against the Rams be a shootout or a low-scoring defensive battle?  Jacob and Jason break it all down on this latest installment of Pulse!

    Pulse of the Pack is your weekly stop for what's new with the Green Bay Packers. Jacob Westendorf of Today's Pigskin and Jason Perone of CheeseheadTV bring "Pulse" to the Packers Talk Network. Be sure to follow the guys on Twitter at @JacobWestendorf and @JasonPerone.

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    STLRAMSCENTRAL RADIO w/ Former Rams FB Mike Karney May 2

    in Football

    Join STL Rams Central Radio tonight at 8:30 CT with former 2nd team All Pro Fullback Mike Karney.  We will be talking about the Rams 2012 NFL Draft, the Rams lease, touch on the Junior Seau tragedy and take interactive calls from listeners from around Rams Nation. 
    Join us at 8:30 CT to talk St. Louis Rams football as we cover the latest news and topics surrounding the Rams. 
    Looking forward to hearing from you then as we talk Rams with former St. Louis and New Orleans fullback Mike Karney. 

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    National Championship recap, Chargers, Raiders, Rams and Andrew Smith

    in Sports

    We will have the latest news on the #Chargers, #Rams and #Raiders as one of those teams WILL be relocating to Inglewood, California. We will also talk about the wild National Championship and TB and Bryan will discuss if Nick Saban is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time).

    We will also play the interview that Brad Stevens conducted with reporters, talking about his former player (Andrew Smith) that passed away from cancer this morning.

    All of this and more as we are LIVE




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    STL Rams Central w Former Rams Starting QB Tony Banks 4-11

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    STL Rams Central Radio (a media arm of stlramscentral.com) will welcome former St. Louis Rams starting quarterback Tony Banks (1996-1998) to the program as he and I interact with Rams Nation as we talk about Sam Bradford, the Rams chances in the NFC West, the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, what he thinks of the Rams Free Agency thus far and more. 
    In addition, I will run down the top stories of the day and will touch on a rumor that came out that says the Rams top choice at No. 6 would be Alabama running back Trent Richardon.  
    We will, as always, have a question of the day and will discuss the best scenarios that Rams fans or the Rams organization themselves could hope to transpire on draft day. 
    We will also touch on the announcement of the finalization of Jeff Fisher's coaching staff and will be talking calls from all across Rams Nation. 
    In the first four episodes of STL Rams Central Radio we have received calls from such locations as New Jersey, California, Branson and Springfield MO and several other spots from all across the nation. 
    If you have not called in, I encourage you to do so. 
    Heads up on Friday night as big Mike Karney will join on once again to delve into various Rams topics and take your calls.  
    Many of you told me you loved having Karney on and he will be back on regularly. Please spread the word about that and STL Rams Central Radio in general! 
    As always, we will be talking all Rams and nothing but the Rams and those things that directly relate to the St. Louis Rams and their terrific fans across the nation and around the world.
    I look forward to hearing from you Wednesday night at 7 CT right here on STL Rams Radio ! 

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    STL RAMS CENTRAL w/ Shane Gray & Ron Clements of CBS

    in Football

    Tonight's edition of STL Rams Central Radio presented by stlramscentral.com will feature host Shane Gray (featured columnist for bleacherreport.com) and Ron Clements of CBS Sports. 
    We will touch on recent Rams News relevant to Rams Nation and St. Louis including the Rams counteroffer related to the Edward Jones Dome, the team OTA's that started today, last week's rookie mini camp (featuring Brian Quick, Michael Brockers and Janoris Jenkins) and much more. 
    The show will kick off at 8PM central time and, as always, your calls will be welcome and the chat room will be open.  Call in line is 347 426 3353.

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    STL RAMS CENTRAL RADIO w/ Ron Clements & @mrfactoid 4/30

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    Join us at 7:30 Tonight talking Rams with Ron Clements of CBS Sports and @mrfactoid of sportswithmrfactoid.com talking 2012 NFL Draft and the Rams lease with taking calls from NFL, sports football and St. Louis fans throughout Rams Nation! 

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    STL Rams Central Radio April 6 W/ Special "Celebrity" Guest

    in Football

    Join STL Rams Central Radio tonight for another evening of nothing but coverage of the St. Louis Rams of the NFC West. 
    Wednesday's show was a of fun as former All Pro fullback Mike Karney joined us as we took several calls from listeners from all over Rams Nation. 
    Tonight we will begin, as always, with the latest from Rams Park and hit on and update all of the top stories from St. Louis.  
    We will also talk about the new audio released on Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the lease situation with the Edward Jones Dome, the 2012 NFL Draft and more. 
    Finally, expect at least one special guest, a "celebrity" call from the likes of Ron Burgandy, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, Seinfeld, Charles Barkley or someone else from a large group of famous actors and personalities. 
    This special guest is a wonderful impersonator and he guarantees to deliver some laughs. 
    Join us again tonight beginning at 7 CT for another edition of STL Rams Central Radio, where it is all Rams, all the time.