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    SPORTS: SAJA-SAMMA Super Bowl 2016

    in Sports

    SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association, and SAMMA, South Asians in Media, Marketing and Entertainment, present their seventh annual BlogTalkRadio conversation about the biggest day in American sports - from a South Asian perspective.

    Join us as hosts Vijay Setlur (@VijaySetlur; who teaches sport, tourism and leisure marketing at Schulich School of Business, York University) & Sree Sreenivasan (@sree, Chief Digital Officer of @MetMuseum) chat with ESPN anchors Kevin Negandhi (@knegandhiESPN) & Adnan Virk (@adnanESPN); Priya Desai (@PriyaDesai), reporter/anchor, Sports Illustrated @SI_Wire; Aditi Kinkhabwala (@akinkhabwala), reporter for the NFL Network and Amar Shah (@Amarshahism), features editor, NFL.com - both calling in on game day from Santa Clara. Also participating is SAMMA co-founder Rajan Shah (@rajanCshah), who’s been involved in marketing campaigns with the NFL and Super Bowl over the past decade; Geetika Rudra (@GGGeetika), who works in breaking news at Dataminr and is new SAJA webcasts coordinator; and Neha Contractor (@NehaSoneji), co-creator of South Asians in Sports, @SAinSports. 

    Call-in live or send your questions: to sree@sree.net or @sree or @sajahq or #sajahq

    OTHER NFL NOTES: Paraag Marathe is President of the San Francisco 49ers; Sanjay Lal is Wide Receivers Coach of the Buffalo Bills; Megha Parek is Senior VP, General Counsel of the Jacksonville Jaguars. And, of course, the owner of the Jaguars is Shahid Khan [see the glowing "60 Minutes" profile: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50134050n ]

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    Ep 513 It Khan Not Be | Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan BOXiNG Preview

    in Sports

    The Pound4Pound Kings of Boxing Broadcast Journalism. ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG is the world's number 1 boxing podcast, and blogtalkradio's original boxing program.

    Many boxing observers are accusing Amir Khan's father, Shah Khan of signing his own son's death warrant by negotiation for an agreeing to a fight with lineal middleweight title-holder, Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. The jump up in weight is widely considered too great for Khan who moves up a full weight class and a pound, to what has become known as "Canelo weight."

    Even as "middleweight champion," Canelo is back to doing what he does best, facing smaller challengers nobody in his weight class is worried about.

    ONTHEGRiND BOXiNG breaks down the fight in the aftermath along with the latest boxing news, commentary, predictions and analysis from around the boxing world.

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    Dec.6..2015~Larrie Noble & Lisa Shah~ GirlgeoRadioShow

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show 

    12-6-15-Sun...3pm..Interviews Larrie Noble & Lisa Shah

    Larrie Noble Has Won Best Blues Guitarist (Oakland)

    Lias Shah..Author..Singer/songwriter/Keyboard

    Larrie Was A Berkeley Blues Singer/guitarist-

    Lisa was a Singer From Down Under~ Australia..

    ..They Fell in Love & make Beautiful Music togeather....

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    "The Cross in the Desert: Speaking hope and freedom to Iran."

    in Christianity

    How The 1979 Iranian Revolution changed the rights of women forever!

    Special interview: Manda Zand Ervin: Founder of Alliance of Iranian Women

    Understanding the Book of Revelation: Chapter 8  (Seven trumpets of judgment)

    Interview with Becky Noble: How incompetence led to trajedy and death at Benghazi.

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    in Politics

    I was speaking to a gentleman who as a boy witnessed the disintegration of Lebanon. Once known as the Paris of the Middle East. The banking center of the Arab world. He was about ten years old and this is what he recalled. The electricity went out and when it came back on there were tanks in the street and the country had a new government. When the bullets stopped flying everything was rubble. He and his brother moved to Iran under the Shah. He said Iran was like paradise. The people were happy and prosperous. They were modern. He blames Jimmy Carter for what happened to Iran and says he should be hanged for what he did.I recall Jimmy carter when the Shah was exiled he did not want to let him in. Then like in Lebanon the lights went out and when they came back on the Ayatollahs were in charge and the war with Iraq began. His brother was a commercial airline pilot and he was just retuning to Teheran. He was in the pilots lounge when when he was ordered to make a short flight. He walked out to the aircraft and it was packed with children standing room only. He asked where are the children going. He was told they are going to the battlefield to walk thru minefields. Now he is here in New York for many years. He loves the south. He told me that during the war of 1812 South Carolina sent more troops to fight for us than the entire New England states. Do American kids know that?. He respects red necks a term for hard working farmers with sunburns. Now he is afraid of what he escaped from twice is now here in the USA.out. George Washingtom sent Trump, Cruz and Carson. 


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    NRA Speaks Out Against Obama's Executive Orders on Guns

    in Current Events

    40 pm 
    Catherine Mortensen
    NRA Spokesperson

    Dave Workman
    Second Amendment Foundation



    Mike Siegel 
    Nationally Syndicated Radio Host

    Tony Powers
    iTalkUS Radio Network
    Red State Talk Radio Network
    FoxTalkRadio1230 WEZO-AM (Flagship)

    Retired Colonel Robert Sholly

    Retired Colonel Robert Sholly spent years in the Middle
    East both in the military and as a civilian project
    manager and security contractor. Sholly lived in Iran
    during the Shah’s reign, traveling throughout the

    75 Percent of Americans Think U.S. Government Is ‘Corrupt

    Trump Ad Mocks ‘Feminist’ Hillary For Palling Around With Weiner, Cosby, and Her Husband

    Newt: GOP Establishment Will Get Behind Trump If He Is the Nominee

    Executive Gun Control Will Force the Feds to Monitor Newspapers

    Former U.S. Attorney says Clinton Could Face Charges in 60 Days



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    2D Sports & Pro Wrestling Roundtable Present A Tribute To Hack Meyers

    in Wrestling

    Tonight we depart from our normal programming to pay tribute to a member of the brotherhood who passed away on Saturday.Donald Haviland, known to wrestling fans as Hack Meyers, The Shah Of ECW, passed away Saturday sfternoon. He had just undergone brain surgery the week before, Tonight we will be joined by some members of the ECW roster, including Brian Knighton, better known as Axl Rotten, Joel Gertner Big Vito LoGrasso and Tracy Smothers. Along with them, another friend of Mr. Haviland and our shows, Cueball Carmichael will be joining us We will not be taking listener calls tonight out of respect to the gentlemen who will be paying tribute to Mr. Haviland, We ask that you would just listen as we celebrate a star who became a star without a winning record, Hack Meyers.






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    The Best Of Sade On Cruz Inc Radio, Sponsored By CeCe-Me Jewelry

    in Music

    Tonight's Show The Best Of Sade is sponsored by CeCe-Me Jewelry. Visit www.cece-me.com to view their aswesome selections!


    Tune in at 9 PM EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/cruzincradio



    Helen Folasade Adu, OBE (Yoruba: F?lá?adé Adú; born 16 January 1959), known professionally as Sade Adu or simply Sade (/???'de?/ shah-DAY), is an English singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and record producer. With members Paul S. Denman, Andrew Hale, and Stuart Matthewman, she gained worldwide fame as the lead vocalist of the English band Sade. Following a brief stint as a fashion designer of men's clothing and part-time model Adu began backup singing for the band Pride. Growing attention from record labels led her, along with other fellow band members, to separate from Pride and form the band Sade. Following a record deal with Epic Records the band released their debut album Diamond Life (1984). The album sold over six million copies, becoming one of the top-selling debut recordings of the 1980s, and the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist.


    Following the release of the band's debut album they went on to release a string of multi-platinum selling albums. Their follow up Promise was released in 1985 and peaked at number-one in the UK Albums Chart, the US Billboard 200, and went on to sell four million copies in the US. Sade would later go on to make her acting debut in the British film, Absolute Beginners (1986), before the release of the band's albums, Stronger Than Pride (1988) and Love Deluxe (1992). After the release of the fifth album, Lovers Rock (2000), the band embarked on a ten-year hiatus in which Sade raised her daughter. Following the hiatus the band returned with their sixth album, Soldier of Love (2010) which became a commercial success and won a Grammy Award.

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    TRUE HUMAN RADIO! Sponsored by New Day 4 al Islam Community Radio

    in Islam

    As Salaamu 'alaykum! The Peace be upon you!

    TONIGHT! Sunday, December 13, 2015

    Join Instructor Benjamin Bilal for: TRUE HUMAN RADIO! from - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (EST).

    The Number One Team for Muslim-hosted Broadcasting!

    1. Instructor Douglas Abbas Kelly - WHAT THEY DON'T TEACH In School About PAYING for School".

    2. Community Commentator Levi A. Shabazz - "IMAM MUSA ABDUL-ALI Presiding Imam at Masjid Yusuf Shah, Mt. Vernon, Current Events in the Northeast"

    3. Instructress Kareema Medina Bilal - "STUFF We Need to Know"

    4. Instructor Benjamin Bilal - "SEED LETTERS in the Arabic Tri-literal Root Letter System"

    Call in at: 213-816-0356 (press #1 for Qs & As).

    Announcer - Abdul-Kariem Akbar

    Producer - William Kareem

    Thank you for making TRUE HUMAN RADIO! one of the most listened to Muslim-hosted programs on Blog Talk Radio. Please continue to help TRUE HUMAN RADIO! put the "neighbor" back in the "hood"! Tune in, listen, learn and enjoy!

    The stage presentation of "BROTHER IMAM" The Life, Leadership & Legacy of Wallace D. Mohammed" will be performed on Saturday, December 26, 2015 at Masjidut-Taqwa, 1001 E. State Street, Trenton, NJ 08609. Tickets are $30, $35 at door, limited seating.

    For tickets  call: 609-392-3303. 



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    FOI Series: Interview w/ Hasty Muhammad, Former Minister of Detroit Mosque #1

    in Culture

    The Allah Team Radio presents: The History of the FOI series

    "An Interview with Min. HASTY MUHAMMAD, Former Minister of Detroit Mosque #1 under the Hon. Elijah Muhammad"

    Minister Hasty Muhammad, the Nephew-in-Law of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in Detroit in the early 1950s, under the administration of Min. Lemuel Hassan, and the Shabazz Brothers Min. Malcolm X, Wilfred X and Philbert X, as well as Bro. Captain Joseph X (Yusef Shah).

    Initially Transportation Manager and Dean of Boys at the University of Islam, he became Asst. Minister and then promoted to Head Minister of Mosque #1 by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad with his Captain Roscoe Muhammad after the administration of the Brothers of Malcolm X.

    Min. Hasty Muhammad and Captain Roscoe made Detroit Mosque #1 one of the strongest Mosques in the Nation of Islam recruiting hundreds of new converts and established businesses all throughout the city. Even bringing over 100 busses of “Lost-Founds” to Chicago to hear the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s Theology of Time lecture series. According to Bro. Hasty, the Hon. Elijah Muhammad stated, “Minister Hasty is the best Minister I had in Detroit since I left.”

    Minister Hasty Muhammad will speak on all of the history above, as well as the departure of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in 1975, his experiences during the Transition of the NOI under Imam W.D. Mohammed as well as his experiences in the rebuilding of the Nation of Islam.

    Today Minister Hasty Muhammad is an active member in the Nation of Islam under the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, and stands on the teachings of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

    Tune in to hear his powerful testimony and much more!

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah and Mouchettee Muhammad

    SUN. 12/06/15 at 8pm EST
    call in# 646-595-4289

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    In Touch Interviews with Rajan Narayanan & Suzanna Ran

    in Spirituality

    In Touch Interviews. Rajan Narayanan co-founder of Life in Yoga and Suzanna Ran founder of Yoga Therapy OM. Listen live as they discuss the  upcoming Measured Yoga Therapy Training for Registered Yoga Teachers, August 27-30 taking place at Yoga Therapy OM in West Bloomfield, MI.

    Measured Yoga Therapy uses Electro-Photonic Imaging to measure the flow of life force (prana) through the energy channels (Naadis). The latest research in Yoga Therapy places the Naadi system as the key to ultimate health and wellbeing in the physical, emotional, and spiritual body . People interested in being a study subject or a Measured Yoga Therapist contact Yoga Therapy OM at 248-507-4008. www.bodymindspiritradio.com