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    Angel Investors Network, Raising Capital, Capitalism & Entrepreneurship

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    Angel Investors Network, raising capital, crowdfunding, free enterprise and capitalism

    Have you ever wondered why America is great?  You must meet Mr. Writer who gives you two reasons that will help entrepreneurs have a good life and achieve financial independence, and create wealth.

    Mr. Writer is an executive with over 31 years experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers, acquisitions, software development and sales/marketing.

    At the age of 21, he was the youngest owner and operator of a full service investment banking firm in the history of the United States where he was directly involved in over $100 million in financings, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.

    He is a nationally known professional speaker/trainer and provides marketing/Internet Marketing and business consulting, specializing in business strategy, marketing, capital engineering and corporate finance.

    He is the CEO & Founder Angel Investors Network, which is a syndicate successful entrepreneurs, investment bankers, angel investors, marketing & management experts, lawyers, and accountants who have built successful companies in a diverse set of industries. 

    They help assist entrepreneurs in the areas of capital formation, raising equity capital, crowdfunding and every facet of business management and marketing to help them acquire what they need to be successful and accomplish their dreams.

    He is often referred to as the "Entrepreneurs best Friend".

    Join my community www.matchentrepreneurs.com

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    Fund Your Business Idea: Raising Capital in the New Capital Market

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    Lorette Farris works with entrepreneurs to "raise capital in the new capital market", which is her tagline. When you need to raise capital to fund a business idea, you need to know what Lorette will reveal in our interview. Join us for a fund-tastic conversation!

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    ENVISION THIS: A way to address the needs of local small business owners for capital raised locally through a loan/investment opportunity mechanism.

    Our guest, David Whittlesey, helped found and currently manages Bowdoinham Community Development Initiative designed to stimulate, grow, and sustain healthy enterprises in the local community.  The initial focus has been on raising capital locally through an innovative loan/investment opportunity mechanism.

    David also manages MaineStreams – Creative Consulting, and is Chair of the Board of CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, a Cambridge, MA  – based non­profit seeking to improve the effectiveness of national and international actors who provide international development and  humanitarian assistance and engage in peace practice.

    His commitment to developing true community doesn't just embrace economics.  He also regularly invites local folks to join him at Whittlesey House Concerts, featuring local musicians and fostering community togetherness.

    Meet David on Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/david-whittlesey/b/7a/a03

    Meet your Envision This! hosts, Merry and Burl Hall and learn about their new book, Sophia's Web: A Passionate Call to Heal Our Wounded Nature  at www.envisionthismedia.com where you will also be offered an opportunity to donate to the support of this program.

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    Raising Capital for your Business Now and Not Waiting for Federal Crowd Funding

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    Join Mat Sorensen as he hosts the show today and talks about Raising Capital for your Business Now and Not Waiting for Crowd Funding with Jarom Bergesen. Jarom is an attorney at KKOS Lawyers helping clients around the country with SEC regulatory funding, partnerships, loans and other options to raise capital for your business. There are lots of options when funding your business and you don't need to wait for approval of Federal Crowdfunding which has been stalled by the SEC. Catch the weekly tax and legal tip as well as this important discussion to help you finance your business. Tuesday, February 17th at 11am PST / 2 EST. You can call in and listen LIVE on the road at 646-200-4285, or listen in here from your computer.

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    The Art Of Raising Capital - Block, CEO Of Bullseye Capital

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    Raising capital is a mystery to most, but is an attainable objective for the manager looking to start a small opportunistic fund.
    Joining the broadcst today is Joel Block, CEO of Bullseye Capital.  The Bullseye Capital Real Properties Opportunity Fund is a real estate focused private equity fund based in Agoura Hills, CA.  

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    Cowboys and Crowdfunding Episode 4: Creating an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

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    Tips for Creating a Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaign in Texas

    ThinkCrowdFund Chief Crowdfunding Strategist and host of Disrupt Radio, Cynthia Nevels, joins equity crowdfunding portal, TruCrowd, Chief Executive Officer, Vicent Petrescu to talk to leading experts who share tips for managing a successful equity crowdfunding raise online. Guests Nathan Roach, CEO of MassVenture and Danny Kelman, CEO fo CrowdBoarders shares inside tips for successfuly raising capital online via crowdfunding. Don't miss this hot new 4-part series streaming live on Google+ Hangout, YouTube and BlogTalkRadio on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. CDT. #txequitycrowdfunding #cowboysandcrowdfunding 

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    10 Myths About Angel Investors and Raising Capital

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    So you think you got the next million dollar idea?
    You feel you've got the next Apple or Microsoft or Google?
    You are saying to yourself and others that will listen to you, that your product or service is a “True Game Changer” and you are ready to dominate to the market?
    All you need is an investment of $1 million dollars, $5 million or $10 million.  Really?  Think again.

    If you need to raise money to take your business to the next level, what do you do?  What are some of the best practices, what do entrepreneurs and business owners need to know about raising capital and angel investment?  What are the facts and trends of raising capital? What are some of the myths and misconceptions about angel investors and raising capital? 

    James Naylor is currently the President / CEO and co-found of KENOVA Technologies and founder of KENOVA Ventures.
    He is an expert in Agile Project Management (APM) (a specialized process for building technology) and has been published for his pioneering approaches to global APM deployment.
    James has worked in the high tech field for over 25 years, mostly working with and advising startups.  He has been responsible for and overseen thousands of successful projects; from software development, M&As, FDA remediation, medical appliance quality management systems, marketing campaigns, business startups.
    James is an expert in technology business startups and during the past decade James has steered KENOVA to deliver solutions to address the needs of startups and early stage technology companies.

    Join us on this show for an interesting conversation that will  give you valuable information that you need to know to raise the capital that you need. Don't miss it!

    James's website is  www.KenovaTech.com

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    Cowboys and Crowdfunding Episode 3: Selecting the Right Crowdfunding Portal

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    Tips for Selecting the Right Crowdfunding Portal

    ThinkCrowdFund Chief Crowdfunding Strategist and host of Disrupt Radio, Cynthia Nevels, joins equity crowdfunding portal, TruCrowd, Chief Executive Officer, Vicent Petrescu to talk to leading experts who share tips for making sure you choose the right portal for your raise. Crowdfunding is not a one size fits all opportunity. Guests Lance McNeill, author and crowdfunding expert and Nancy Hayes, Co-Founder of MoolaHoop, share tips on choosing the right #crowdfunding portal to raise capital online for your business, start-up or idea. Don't miss this hot new 4-part series streaming live on Google+ Hangout, YouTube and BlogTalkRadio on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. CDT. #txequitycrowdfunding #cowboysandcrowdfunding  

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    Raising Capital: What Investors Look for in Entrepreneurs

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    Starting a business takes courage, commitment, and capital. What if you needed somewhere between $5000 and $1,000,000 to effectively launch your new business venture? What key component do investors look for when deciding to partner with your revolutionary business plan? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE.”


    Business Rudiments: How to Write Your Business Plan

    How to Spot Key Growth Opportunities for Your Business

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    Crowd Funding for raising capital - will it work - Part 2

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    Karen Rands, Host of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show, will continue on the hot topic of using crowd funding to raise capital for entrepreneurial endeavors.  What would be the real world impact of raising capital in $10,000 or less increments and having 10,000 investors in your business? And, can a company that has been unsuccessful in raising capital when meeting with investors in their own community be more successful raising money though a crowd funding method on the internet?
    Last week, the show covered the history of crowd funding, the problems with the traditional ways of raising capital, and the elements of the 3 bills before the senate now.  Listen to that show "Need a Million $ for your business? Chchchaanges"
    This show will build upon that and look at the implications and the likelihood of legislation passing within you have two very powerful government departments at odds over the enactment of any such regulatory reform - the SBA and the SEC.
    We'll take call in questions and comments from our listeners.

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    Raising Vibrations Radio Hosted By Reverend Raven

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Raising Vibration Radio. Join us for 90 minutes of chat and laughter, featuring Reverend Raven and Special Guests. Reverend Raven is a messenger between the higher self and the sub consciousness of oneself. She brings light into a dark situation. From a young age she has had contact beyond the realm of earth with higher spirit and brought forth a loving, truthful message when someone was basking in the darkness. She has encouraged change not only for an inward introspection of one’s self but for the planet as well. She brings a light to people to face their fears and to radiate from a loving space. Our special guests that we have on the show have gifts ranging from Psychics, Mediums, Life Coaches,Health Experts, Counselors and Law of Attraction Specialists. You may contact Reverend Raven at http://www.thereverendraven.com and  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reverend-Raven/986964157983526  Check out our website http://www.raisingvibrationsradio.com/ and be sure to like our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/raisingvibrationsradio Thank you for listening and much prosperity to you. {{{Hugs}}} <3