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    Leagcy Forum - Special Guest, Lindsey Modesitt - Mountain Whitewater Descents

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    Legacy Forum is on the Seika Network providing information that assist people in living their dreams. Children dream of greatness. Adults trade those dreams for an illusionary reality.

    We are here to stop the brainwashing and help people live a life worth remembering. A positively impactful legacy requires time freedom, economic empowerment, and a powerful belief. Our mission is to help enlighten people to the greatness within them and assist in providing the tools necessary for achievement. 

    This week's guest is  Lindsey Modesitt, owner of Mountain Whitewater Descents.

    Legacy Forum helps people create an inspirational legacy. The program topics feature Yoga, Business, Politics, Network Marketing, Self development, Informational Tidbits, and Guest Interviews.

    The Legacy Forum is hosted by Robin and Harry Shivery.  Robin is a certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Surgical Technologist. Harry is a retired Entrepreneur and Black Belt.  Robin and Harry are dedicated to the principal of giving back.     



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    Motivational Health & Fitness Expert Tamara Jackson

    in Business

    Tamara Jackson is a motivational health and fitness expert who has taken to the Internet to change the alarming statistic that four out of five African American women are overweight or obese. All too familiar with the emotional, psychological and physical challenges associated with developing a healthy lifestyle, Tamara seeks to motivate, educate, and inspire women to take the steps necessary to reclaim their health and their lives.

    Tamara is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine and has authored the book “265Point” to provide “on point” practical guidance to those that are ready to ditch dieting and get fit for good. She is convinced that that anyone can change with the appropriate tools, systems, and support. Tamara appeared on the demonstration floor of The Dr. Oz show with fitness guru and Insanity® creator Shaun T. in February of 2012.

    Her weight loss success story is currently being showcased in the top-selling Hip Hop Abs® infomercial. When not writing, coaching, working out or leading a class, Tamara can be found hanging out with family and friends, volunteering, or cuddled up with a book. She’s also a huge fan of roller coasters, whitewater rafting and zip lining. A banking professional of 15 years, Tamara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Virginia Tech and a Master’s Degree from the University of Florida. www.265point.com

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    Near Death Experience:Two Death Experiences and A Conversation with God

    in Music

    Lewis Brown Griggs shares transformational perspectives on how our weaknesses can become our greatest strengths, and he has a remarkable personal story as well. Born of direct Mayflower heritage into privileged American aristocracy, his lifestyle reflected that ethnocentric value system. During the first of his two death experiences, on 3/11/77 took him into the Light and a Conversation with God. Lewis discovered that we are on earth to fulfill a particular purpose, and that he had not been on the right path. He was told that he must return to earth to teach people to appreciate diversity in our common humanity. Since then, his work has included teaching corporations that valuing diversity, relationship and spirit maximizes organizational effectiveness.

    His second NDE on 6/15/97… a white water river accident in which a 100-foot tree landed on his head as he was rafting on the river, resulting in a severe left-frontal-lobe Traumatic Brain Injury and 8-day coma from which he was unable to read or write or walk or talk and knew not who his parents or siblings or children or friends, or even who he was. Only a 10% or 30% or 50% plateau recovery was estimated. After three years of hospital rehabilitation and recovery at 70%, and now 17 years of progressive recovery at 90%, the learning from experiencing the natural process of Mind & Body & Spirit recovery enables him to help others understand the opportunity for Growth and Gratitude in their own recovery process.

    To learn more about the work Lewis was guided to do, visit his website at. www.griggs.com. 


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    The World of Success and guest Jairek Robbins

    in Business

    Jairek Robbins is the world’s foremost authority at

    developing creative solutions for accelerating results. By

    evaluating you and your companies strategic objectives,

    Jairek is able to build a customized roadmap for you to

    achieve your goals with speed and precision.
    As an innovator, Jairek is applying his own philosophy

    and living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and

    entrepreneurship. Whether it’s cage diving with great

    white sharks, hanging with silverbacks in Rwanda, white

    water rafting down the Nile, working as a volunteer in

    underdeveloped regions, or building a powerful enterprise

    that’s built for results, Jairek does more than talk about

    it, he stretches the boundaries of traditional thinking and

    makes it happen.


    There's a select group of speakers and information marketers that will transform the lives of hundreds of thousands and as a result they'll make more money this year than ever before. Are you ready? http://www.SpeakingEmpire.com/


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    Guest: JV Crum III

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer welcome J V Crum III. Our guest today is a best selling author, world-renowned business coach, and mentor. He became a self-made entrepreneur millionaire in his twenties and is an investor who has built and sold companies. Our guest is a visionary strategist and is also a speaker in the areas of conscious business, fast profit growth, and youth leadership. He holds graduate degrees in three areas – law, and MBA, and a Masters in Psychology. JV is the Founder and Director of a global non-profit that supports the development of youth leaders from age 6 to 25 who are giving back to their communities and uplifting humanity. The non-profit he founded, Conscious World Foundation, produces the annual Conscious World Day to both honor youth from around the world and inspire others with their heart-felt stories of giving back and making their difference. On a personal level he is an adventurer and world-traveler who loves the outdoors, nature, and all things related to water, from class-five water rafting to skiing.  Website:  http://consciousmillionaire.com/


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    Transformative Travel with guest Linda Ballou on Empowered Living Radio

    in Travel

    Empowered Living Radio host Tori Eldridge welcomes guest Linda Ballou, adventure travel writer, for a conversation about Transformative Travel.

    Linda Ballou is a "Good Time Charlie with an environmental consciousness." She's traveled through the wilderness of North and South America, Polynesia, and Europe and has fabulous stories to tell. She and Tori have great fun sharing adventures, profound interactions with nature, transformative "stupidity," and a special appreciation for the people and culture of Hawaii.

    Learn more about Linda and her books, Lost Angel Walkabout and Wai-nani, on her website. http://lindaballouauthor.com 

    Tori Eldridge is the author of Empowered Living Expanded Edition: A Guide to Physical and Emotional Protection. She adapts books to film, writes a museletter on mindful living, and has taught empowerment across the country.

    Music by Jim Kimo West

    This is a copyrighted podcast owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC and produced by Pam Stack.

    Thanks to our sponsor Michael Lowndes and PML Media, our website professionals at http://www.pmlmedia.com

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    California Travel, National Parks & Art

    in Travel

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith, publishers of VacationStationMagazine.com, for Big Blend Radio’s Vacation Station travel show, airing live from the historic Best Western Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona, as part of the Big Blend Spirit of America Tour of National Parks.
    Featured Guests
    - Mark Essman & Christine Bohlke – Marin County Convention & Visitors Bureau
    - John Dell’Osso – Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, CA
    - Sandy Gordon – Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau in California’s Yosemite Gold Country
    - Joe Juszkiewicz – Evergreen Lodge, gateway to Yosemite National Park
    - George Wendt - Founder of OARS White Water Rafting & Adventure Travel Company
    - Krisie Morgan - Julian Chamber of Commerce in San Diego’s mountain and back-country
    - Artist Victoria Chick – Plein Air Painting

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    Social Skills Training and Chime In - Interview with Dr. Michael Brooke

    in Family

    Today Autism Empowerment Radio welcomes Dr. Michael Brooke to talk with us about helping youth, teens and adults improve their social skills and conversation through a game that he developed called Chime In: The Conversation Game.

    Chime In: The Conversation Game is an easy-to-learn, life-changing game for getting anyone who struggles socially on the path to fitting in and making friends. Players learn how to follow the give-and-take of social conversation and have fun in the process. It was designed to be appropriate for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, non-verbal learning disability, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) or social phobia. Other groups that struggle with social skills such as individuals with oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, traumatic brain injury, or dementia may also benefit from Chime In. 

    Dr. Brooke is a licensed psychologist in the states of Washington and Oregon and grew up in the Big Sky Country of Montana where he enjoyed rafting, camping fishing, piano, gymnastics and Dungeons and Dragons.

    He graduated magna cum laude from University of Oregon and received his doctorate at Rutgers University. Dr. Brooke regularly works with children and adults on the spectrum, ages 12 to adult and shares a practice in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA with his wife, Karlaina.  

    New Social Skills Groups in the Portland metro area are starting in Spring 2014. There are separate groups for middle school, high school and adults.

    For more information about groups or Chime In, please visit: http://www.brookepsychologists.com/

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    Biltmore Estate Rosarian - Lucas Jack

    in Gardening

    Lucas Jack - Biltmore Estate Rosarian
    Join us as we chat with Lucas Jack, the Biltmore Rosarian, will be with us to discuss what's going on in the garden, what they're adding to the garden and an update on the rose trials. Lucas brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to all things roses! Don't miss this interview.

    About Biltmore: 
    Discover the wonders of Biltmore™ in Asheville. Begin with the breathtaking beauty of 250-room Biltmore House — America's largest home® — and century-old gardens. Explore the 8,000-acre backyard through a variety of activities from horseback riding to rafting. Experience Antler Hill Village that connects the estate's present and past, providing a relaxing place for dining, shopping, historical exhibits, and new ways to enjoy Biltmore's hospitality. Finally, savor the long-lasting benefits of a luxurious getaway at the four-star inn, Inn on Biltmore Estate. 

    Biltmore Estate Website

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    Civil Discourse | Progressive Radio; State Rep. Dianne Hesselbein

    in Politics


                   CIVIL DISCOURSE


    Civil Discourse is a local podcast hosted by former State Senator Peter Bear and Eric Brant.

    Peter and Eric connect the dots from historical events to current issues in an effort to correctly predict the outcomes. We lay out current events, expand on the issues, and blend facts with our own take on the subject matter.

    This show aims to easily and accurately break down complex political situations for working America.

    State Representative Dianne Hesselbein (D-Middleton) joins us for the hour!  We will be discussing her proposed "Lina's Law" for new rafting regulations.  The GOP opposes redistricting reform, but supports recall reform.  Scott Walker calls raising the minimum wage "Political Grandstanding," but proposes a tax cut that will save the average homeowner $150.00 per year, along with $50 million for the wealthiest in the state.

    A great episode with spirited conversations!  You want to be sure to catch this episode!

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    Mystic Moon Cafe with special guest "The Ghost Town Hunter" Bruce A Raisch

    in Paranormal

    Please join us for a special show featuring "The Ghost Town Hunter" Bruce A Raisch!

    Bruce has written several books about haunted towns through-out the US and will be joining our line-up of shows with "Friday Night Frights" from the Lemp Mansion starting on Feb. 28th.  

    His books include: Ghost Towns of Wyoming, Ghost Towns of the Black Hills, and Haunted Hotels of the West.

    Bruce A. Raisch has lived in the St. Louis area most of his life 
    and is a member of the St. Louis Writers Guild.  He is a ghost town hunter, historian, photographer and outdoor adventurer. 
    Also a 20 year Veteran of the Missouri Army National Guard. As such, 
    he has dedicated all his books to other family members who were also 
    U. S. Military Veterans.

    His activities and interests include: archeology, astronomy, camping, 
    canoeing, canyoneering, extreme hiking, history, horseback riding, land navigation, mountain climbing, parachuting, parasailing, photography, rock climbing, spelunking, steam train riding and white water rafting.

    Bruce's website: http://www.theghosttownhunter.com/home.html  

    More on the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, MO: http://www.legendsofamerica.com/mo-lempmansion.html

    Mystic Moon Cafe Radio

    Mystic Light and Shadows Broadcasting





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