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    Mystery Babylon

    in The Bible

    What is mystery Babylon?

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    Mystery of the Gospel

    in The Bible

    The Mystery of the Iniquity is a strange title, nevertheless, very pertinent to the days we are living.

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    Nancy Drew: The Mystery At The Ski Jump

    in Lifestyle

    It's Nancy Drew back at home, continuing her case of Mrs. Channing and the FAKE fake fur company. Not to mention, she's still helping her dad on his case. What will happen next?

    This is the 29th volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, ghost written by Alma Sasse. 

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    The Mystery School Hour and The Spirit Realm and Ascension - Encore

    in Spirituality

    January 15, 2015

    ENCORE Replay - Tune in this month for a special replay of Ortrun and Carl's shows.  

    The Mystery School Hour with Ortrun Franklin @ 8 PM EST

    "In Balance with RA-Khum"  
    Join Ortrun Franklin this month for another edition of The Mystery School Hour.  This month Ortrun discusses "In Balance with RA-Khum".  You can find balance, create your heaven on earth, as well as being more grounded and alive by following examples of the ancient ones of Egypt.  Ortrun takes you to the first cataract of the Nile River where you meet RA (god of the SUN or Creator) who is joined by Khnum (guardian of the Nile River (Source)).  There she guides you through an Egyptian meditative journey of achieving balance with Source.

    The Spirit Realm and Ascension with Carl Franklin @ 9 PM EST

    Join Carl Franklin this month for another edition of The Spirit Realm an Ascension. This month Carl discusses "Ascension Process and your DNA".  One of the effects of the Ascension process is a rapidly changing DNA.  In a recent conversation of Carl's with another "Santa," he said he also is experiencing a high influx of Crystal children who have very advanced DNA. In this program we are going to look at the whole spectrum of DNA changes and their affect on animals, children and adults.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    ACE Metaphysicians Mystery School Words

    in Spirituality

    ACO ALIEN CONTACT ORG shares with ACE METAPHYSICAL INSTITUTE on SPIRITUAL SCIENCE with TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD and BILL M TRACER. Topics on Atlantis, Gnosticism, Ancient Mystery Schools and Etymology, Eschatology, Epistemology.We at TJ MORRIS are a global tectonic economics affiliate and share in our ACE Community Online Practicing Skills for people.Theresa J Morris, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Show Host offers her time LIVE ON AIR to welcome friends into her spiritual community of friends as lightworkers and truthseekers. If you would like to participate in her show please be so kind as to support her and her work by making a donation to further her cause in guiding others in art, culture, education, self-help, authoring books, publishing, and service to others with a donation. ACO – ACE – ACIR all service marks of TJ Morris Trademark owned by Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris TJ is a nonprofit activist while building small businesses in the new cyberspace culture. - Life after Death/Psychics & Mediums/ Spirits, Spirit Guides & the Spirit World/Reincarnation/Discarnate concerns/Near-Death Experience (NDE)/After Death Communication (ADC): Dreams, Lucid Dreams/ ESP and Telekinesis as signals from our loved ones in spirit? Why do some people have dream visitations and others don't? Deathbed Mediums for Crossing Over-7Levels - Life Coaching, Spiritual Intuitive and Hospice Caregiver Support for our loved ones in spirit while so many people reincarnate and why some discarnate and want to  haunt. Psychic intuitive readings focused on spirit communication and mediumship.ACE Metaphysics, Ascension Center Education as the founder. Ascension Center Education Donations appreciated goto paypal and email needed is TJMorrisET@gmail.com. 


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    IOLO Radio 1.30 Mystery Guest Friday

    in Entrepreneur

    I Only Live Once (IOLO) Radio!  

    Dial in LIVE at 718-664-9145  

    IOLO Radio Today will feature a mystery guest!  This will be an interview of a field agent who has a unique story to tell of his experience with IOLO.  Be sure and tune into to learn more about today's mystery guest...


    IOLO Radio is THE place where YOU and IOLO come together to discuss the "What's Up?" with IOLO including interivews and announcements that have an impact on your business.

    Join today's host Tony Williamson along with Bud Nemeth, Director of Marketing as we share the latest news from IOLO.  

    This is a place where YOU have a voice and can ask questions and share your experiences with other members of the team.  

    Join in the conversation... 

    Dial into our switchboard directly at -----  >>>    718-664-9145!

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    CLUSTERS Mystery: Case of the Missing with T.M. Williams

    in Paranormal

    About the Book: Seven year old Olivia Baxter and her dog vanish while playing in the front yard of her family’s home. After a week of searching, Olivia’s body was suddenly found in the closet, even after the police had thoroughly investigated the home.

    Ethan Franco is a troubled journalist working for the Washington Gazette. His inability to move on from the past has deflated the passion he had for his career, causing him to lose his edge. 

    Ethan Franco begins his investigation into the mysterious death of Olivia Baxter and other unexplained disappearances, believing there may be a connection in the cases. No sooner did Franco begin his investigation then he realizes he is being tailed by government agencies. Large footprints in the woods, strange sounds, foul stenches, and a looming government presence become pieces of the puzzle in cases of the missing.

    Inspired by real events surrounding a missing child in Dewey, Arizona, the author of the Bohemian Grove trilogy and The Apocalypse, T.M. Williams, brings forth a story that has been kept a secret for over a century--a story that a large group of people are still trying to keep under wraps.

    We will be talking to T.M. Williams about this real cases of missing people and the interwoven fiction story that brings a possible answer to this old mystery and possible cover-up. 

    Author, T.M. Williams, will be giving away a signed book during the show. So, be sure to listen for instructions on how to win!

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    MGH Presents: ZeroLux Radio: Wendigo - a Maine Mystery

    in Paranormal

    The Wendigo -  what is it?  Is it a whimsical creature?  A spiritual entity?  A monster of the woods?  On this episode we'll talk to a local Maine resident who has an experience that challenges one to question, "could it possibly be a wendigo?"


    ZeroLux Paranormal is a weekly, Maine Based, Paranormal Reality Television show and we're well on our way to filming our 4th season!  Our popular web series has its own website at www.zeroluxparanormal.com and can also be viewed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/zeroluxparanormal .

    Join us on BlogTalkRadio at 7:00 pm to learn what we have to say about our past experiences, present focus points, and our future goals.

    If you're involved with paranormal investigations, ghost hunting, UFO or BigFoot Hunting, and would like to be a guest of ZeroLux Radio please e-mail us at

    And, of course, check out our radio show archives at the Maine Ghost Hunters Media site.





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    CBS Radio Mystery Theater - "The Hand" on OTR

    in Entertainment

    CBS Radio Mystery Theater - "The Hand" on OTR.
    "The Hand". Sponsored by: Budweiser, 7-Up. E. G. Marshall (host), Guy de Maupassant (author), Ian Martin (adaptor, performer), Alexander Scourby, Mildred Clinton, Guy Sorel. 
    Before television, families would gather around the radio every night and imagine with their eyes. Some of the biggest stars of the screen were featured on these popular radio shows. You will be amazed at how interesting radio can be and how your imagination can run wild. Here, you will find well known celebrities such as Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, and more… . Hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis. www.DrLeigh-Davis.com or www.IMDb.me/DrLeigh-Davis. Produced by Creative Endeavors. www.cEndeavors.CO. 

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    The Mystery of the Church

    in Education

    We all love a good mystery.  When we think of a church, we always think of a building. But a building in not a church, the people in the building are the church.

    Tonight I would like to share a little bit about what is going to happen to the church.  It is from the book of Revelation.

      Let's find out the secret and mystery the church.



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    Mystery Babylon & Her Demonic Power

    in News

    Tonight on PROPHECY QUAKE, we will give further proof that neither the United States nor Saudi Arabia is Mystery Babylon the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. We will identify the Great Whore through what the Bible says. We will alsoshow how many Protestant Christians are getting in bed with this Whore Church and picking up her idolatry, her demons, and her lies. This will be our 100th episode of PROPHECY QUAKE. We go LIVE @8:00 PM CST!

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