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    Lost Arts Radio Show #21 - Special Guests Dayna Martin and Michael Murphy

    in Health

    Dayna Martin talks about Radical Unschooling and Michael Murphy: Look Up, Stop Geoengineering

    In the first part of our show this Saturday, we get the special treat of an in-depth discussion with internationally known natural childbirth and radical unschooling advocate Dayna Martin (www.daynamartin.com), who says that there is a better way to raise our children instead of subjecting them to the government indoctrination centers known as public schools. Even most private schools impose a curriculum on children that may not ideally facilitate their innate desire to learn in their own unique way and according to their own natural timetables. We have been programmed over generations that children will not learn and develop themselves fully unless we micromanage the process. Dayna has demonstrated this theory is incorrect, and the opposite is often true.

    Shifting gears for the second part of the show, we are pleased to have an opportunity to talk with Michael Murphy (www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com), creator of the documentaries on geoengineering, "What In The World Are They Spraying," and its sequel "Why In The World Are They Spraying," that have been seen by millions around the world. Most of the world’s population is yet unaware of the full importance of the ongoing spraying and damage being caused by the global geoengineering programs now in progress, but more people are waking up to this worldwide assault on humanity with every passing day.

    In fact, not only humanity but the entire biosphere is in danger of annihilation as the geoengineering project that has been publicly denied for so many years continues to poison our air, water and soil, threatening to make the continuation of life for all species on Earth impossible if not reversed very soon.


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    Radical Unschooling with Author, Speaker, and Mother Dayna Martin

    in Family

    Unschooling philosophy holds that children are natural learners, they learn all the time, and they learn most effectively through inner motivation. Unschooling children may use a variety of methods, including the use of conventional educational materials, to accomplish their learning goals. The key is that it is child-directed learning, or natural learning. The role of an unschooling parent is to support their children's interests, trust their children to make decisions for themselves, and help their children accomplish their goals, which may include answering questions, finding answers, giving instruction or guidance, and locating apprenticeship opportunities or other sources of knowledge and experience. "Radical Unschooling is an evolution of our understanding about learning and the rights and respect of children. We are on the cusp of change and many people are looking for alternatives to the traditional schooling model. With Unschooling, we are reprioritizing. We are taking back our freedom and putting happiness, connection and family first!" Dayna Martin. Dayna Martin, author of Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, is a speaker and writer whose four children have never attended school. She founded Unschooling United, a non-profit organization dedicated to the radical unschooling movement, as well as the discussion group, Radical Unschooling with the Law of Attraction. For more information on unschooling and Dayna Martin visit these links: Radical Unschooling, Unschooling United, Unschooling America, Yahoo Group, and www.Dayna-Martin.com.

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    The Morning Edge This has been a historic week for all of us. We were victorious

    in Politics Progressive

    Hosted by Augi Schmitz and Mitch Mallett.  Broadcast on 1490AM Tampa Bay and here on BlofTalkradio.

    This past weeks Supreme Court decision was a monumental moment in American history, as it guaranteed the right for gays and lesbians to get married and established full marriage equality.

    "This has been a historic week for all of us. We were victorious in the biggest civil rights battle in my generation's history to date - now our LGBT friends and family can finally marry the person they love in all 50 states. A flag that represents arguably the most tragic period in our nation's history is coming down all across the South and big corporations are refusing to sell this symbol of hatred. And, people like me were allowed to keep the healthcare we desperately need and deserve. It is weeks like this that make me proud to be an American! How did this week make you feel?"

    "How did the two parties switch places regarding the South, white supremacy, and civil rights? In Lincoln’s day, a radical Republican was an abolitionist, and when blacks did get the vote, they almost unanimously voted Republican. Today, the archetypal Republican is a Southern white, and blacks are almost all Democrats. How did American politics get from there to here?"

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    The Authority Smashing! Hour: Radical Report 6/25/15

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight we have news updates and headlines from around the world, protest news, prison and political prisoner news, nearly half of Americans would vote for a socialist for president , more on the reaction to the right wing terrorism in South Carolina, Confederate monument improvement, Confederate and U.S. Flag burning in protest of White supremacy, Dylann Roof's manifesto exposed by communist, examining the label terrorist, U.S. Conservatives refuse to admit race had anything to do with South Carolina's massacre, news on the reactionary War on Women, a good drone?, a disgusting TPP update, scientists confirm we are in the middle of a major extinction event, Greece, Israel-Palestine news, Egypt, the new Cold War, commentaries, state spying news and radical history.

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    Talk with Tenney: Pre-Launch Burstow's Psychiatry and the Business of Madness

    in Current Events

    Talk with Tenney: Pre-Launch Party Line Burtow's Psychiatry  and the Business of Madness

    Please join me on June 27, 2015 from 8-10 PM EST for a Pe-Launch Party Line with Dr. Bonnie Burstow, Irit Shimrat, Cheryl Prax, and other leading activist, academics, and survivors to discuss Burstow's groundbreaking book, Psychiatry and the Business of Madness. 

    Irit Shimrat is the author of Call Me Crazy: Stories from the Mad Movement (1997) and co-founder of the Ontario Psychiatric Survivors' Alliance

    Cheryl Prax is a survivor and an activist who has contributed to Asylum magazine.  She is well known for her tireless work in Speak Out Against Psychiatry and her combatting of ECT.

    Additional guests on the line will be announced in the near future. 

    Call in (267)521-0167 and talk with Dr. Bonnie Burstow and others celebrating the launch of Psychiatry and the Business of Madness.

    You are invited to attend The American Launch which will take place in New York City on June 29, 2015 at 7 PM at Bluestockings Radical Book Sellers, 172 Allen Street, NY, NY.

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    Radical Prophetic Movement of Christ Prayer Line

    in Spirituality

    Hello world it's praying time. So Don't miss The Radical Prophetic Movement of Christ Prayer Line tonight @ 08:00PM, & every Tuesday & Thursday Eastern Standard Time with founder Prophetess Renee Mccullough Right here on SSMRADIO
    Dial : ( 559 ) 726-1200 

    If you cant make those times, you can always listen to the prayer line recording anytime. 
    Dial : ( 559 ) 726-1299 
    access code: 116158

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    Friday FARcast: Magic Of Chaga Mushrooms & Extreme Health With David Limacher

    in Paranormal

    When I got back from my travels to Philadelphia, I was feeling like I had a combo of bronchitis and strep throat coming on.  I tried the uusual suspects, which didn't help much, so I turned to Chaga Tea.  Chaga is a wood mushroom that, when harvessted is hard, like bark.  You have to grind it like coffee, then steep it to extract it's essence.  After two days of Chaga Tea, my symptoms were 90% gone.

    This marvel of a mushroom has many healing properties.  On today's show, I'll be speaking with David Limacher of VIGR, a company he started which distributes Chaga as well as Velvet Elk Antler extract.  David is a devotee of extreme health, so much so that he was videotaped by the CBC last winter, shoveling snow in his shorts, just outside his home in Canada.

    We'll talk with David about Chaga, Elk Antler and his theories on radical health and healing.

    You won't want to miss this show.



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    The "CHOP SHOP" w/ Radical & Professor [Burgers, Guns, Confederate Flags/ Ep 18]

    in Christianity

    In the wake of the Charleston church murders and the exposing of American Terrorism and hate, we need to ask the question, “Are we being sidetracked by burgers, guns, and Confederate Flags?”  Let’s talk about it tonight at 9PM EST on the “Chop Shop.” Call in at 646-595-4495 and give us your real opinion. 

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    in Religion


     Join us for Part 2 Thursday, June 4th 7pm PST, 9 pm CST and 10 pm EST. How do you know when you are operating in the entitlement spirits?

    Minister D through her own life experiences realized that due to unprocessed pain in her life and the lives of other believer that we are not moving forward with urgency to fulfill the Great Commission. The enemy is not stagnate in GOD’s assignment and is moving along at an alarming speed and is being blatant and unsubtle in his approach. OH but GOD is raising up warriors in these last days that are Whole, Radical, that are Blatant about what they believe, that will hearken diligently and obey the commands and instructions of the Lord, that will invade the enemy camp and take by force all that has been stolen. Matt11:1 & 11:12. It’s time for the body to stop throwing their wounded to the wayside, but rather get them healed, whole and in position for Spiritual Warfare.  We can no longer be stagnate, paralyzed with fear due to life’s pains thus,





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    Paleo - Use Food to Heal Your Body & Gain Infinite Energy - Miriam Kwietniewska

    in Health

    A Paleo enthusiast for over two years, Miriam Kwietniewska found that this lifestyle  can result in feeling good all the time. Her frame of mind shifted to mindfulness - knowing what you are putting into your body and being aware of your thoughts.

    With her newfound lifestyle, Miriam wanted to give her loved ones an alternative to eating processed snack foods that were filled with high-fructose corn syrup and other toxins. Miriam used the Paleo-friendly ingredients from her pantry and made a delicious and nutritious mousse dessert. Her family and friends were instantly hooked. They called it "MUD" and Miriam and her partner formed The Paleo Factory in January 2015, to inspire others to be more mindful of what they eat.

    MUD is not only a dessert – it is a vision. MUD stands for Mindfulness Using Desserts. The Paleo Factory hopes to become a collaborative platform for a variety of Paleo-friendly companies who share a vision of inspiring mindfulness through food.

    In addition to The Paleo Factory, Miriam is currently using the Wahl’s Protocol to help heal her mother’s Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Wahls’s radical health transformation has demonstrated that healing naturally through real food, meditation, and exercise is possible. Miriam hopes to spread the message of Dr. Wahl’s and her mother’s healing with the world. 


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