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    Pope Francis Battles Radical Islam

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    Ambassador Francis Rooney contends that Pope Francis and the Holy See are most suited to weigh in diplomatically to help build an international alliance opposed to Islamic extremism.  He argues that Pope Francis is now aggressively continuing the work begun by Pope Benedict to devise theological and philosophical constructions to bring Islam at large into accord with the modern world—and to promote a climate of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among different religious groups.  This work is just beginning—but it’s absolutely critical to defeating the threat posed by radical Islam.


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    Radical Islam on the Move; Obama Has a Tan Suit

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    ISIS militants are committing atrocities while the West is hamstrung by its own political correctness. As our commander-in-chief admits he had no strategy, radical Islam is on the move. Overlooked in the establishment media is how the Obama administration made haste to get U.S. troops out of Iraq, creating the power vacuum that allowed ISIS to be in control in the first place. We discuss the global problem of radical Islam and how the Obama-led U.S. has no response. Singer/songrwriter/all-around great American Laurie Sterling and calllers  join me to discuss this problem.  

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    Radical Islam, Radical Immorality, n Radical Christians Prophecy Headline News

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    Radical Islam, Radical Immorality, and Radical Christians on Prophecy Headline News

    Radical Islam, Radical Immorality, and Radical Christians on Prophecy Headline News describes the forces that are now embroiled in a Battle. Today we find Radical Christian Warriors on the Nineveh plains, who now formed an army to protect the cities and people from the evil ISIS. We also find in the Radical Christian street preachers in America who right now face down crowds gathered in streets who celebrate immorality. Then we see the worldwide Islamic radicals who commit jihad for their god. All the while nations of men and political leaders stand around in a daze and deny it is Islam in action. 

    WIBR/WARN Ministry sites: www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org www.dday4america.com


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    Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on Radical Islam in America

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    Dr. M Zuhdi Jasser and a group of American Muslims founded the non-profit American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) in 2003 with the goal of demonstrating the compatibility of Islam with democracy and American values. This week he joins me to discuss the recent cases of American citizens turning to radical Islam. Victoria Jackson will be here to talk about what she's doing to support military families, and former INS agent Michael Cutler also joins me to talk about national security and our borders. Of course we'll have all the latest political news as well. Tune in Saturday at Noon ET, or listen to the archive at your convenience.

    The Don Smith Show "where it’s ok to be a conservative," brings you the most in-depth coverage of all the latest political news. While the liberal media currently dominates the airwaves, now there is an alternative. Listen to The Don Smith Show every Saturday at Noon ET to hear great interviews with people like Ted Nugent, Col. Allen West, Charlie Daniels, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Pat Boone, Chuck Woolery, Ben Shapiro, Jon Voight, Deneen Borelli, NRA President Jim Porter, Victoria Jackson, and many more leading conservatives.

    Don Smith is a business executive, and fiscal conservative. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, Next Generation TV, and heard on various syndicated radio broadcasts around the country, "The Don Smith Show" takes the complex issues facing this nation and breaks them down in an easy to understand format. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest political news.

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    Radical Islam: A Discussion with Ryan Mauro

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    Join us for our conversation with Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst for the www.ClarionProject.org about the threat Radical Islam in the United States through the Muslim Brotherhodd and what is means for our security, especially in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing.
    Ryan is also offering a free DVD of "Get Obsessed" for listeners who to go the website www.GetObsessed.com and type keyword "commonsense."

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    Threats of Radical Islam and Ebola on Voices of Global Freedom

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    Today on Voices of Global Freedom we are interviewing Frank Salvato who is the Executive Director for BasicsProject.org a grassroots, non-partisan, research and education initiative focusing on Constitutional Literacy, and internal and external threats facing Western Civilization. His analysis is featured in Because Our Republic Is Worth It. Mr. Salvato sits on the board of directors for Founders Alliance USA, a solutions-oriented non-profit organization.

    He is the author of six books on Islamofascism and Progressivism, available at BasicsProject.org. And he also serves as the managing editor for NewMediaJournal "Galectin Therapeutics: Learn more about Frank Salvato at these websites:




    Learn more about Yoda and Backpack the hosts of Voices of Global Freedom Radio at





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    Maoing the War on Terrorism

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     I'm sure some people have heard of the game of Mao, the game where you start off not knowing any of the rules and you learn after being penalized with more cards. And the winner makes up a new rule at the end of the game. Well, a real life example is the war on Terrorism. Jihadist terrorists have declared war on America and the Free World. Al Qaeda's first [and now desceased leader] Osama Bin Ladin issued a fatwa calling for a genocide of all Americans [whether they're military or civilians]. There is no doubt that radical Muslims everywhere hold the same sentiment. Radical Islam seeks to subjugate the world under their brand of Islam. But too many people put their head in the sand. A recent example of this phenonmenon is a one sided report released in Congress by the Democrats, which attacks the CIA for so-called torture and falsely claims that waterboarding did not get valuable intelligence information. Tonight, I debunk the lies and will remind the listeners what we're up against.

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    Radical Islam Strikes in Moore, Oklahoma

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    Yesterday we were shocked and saddened by the report of a beheading in Moore, Oklahoma.  The general media narrative, is, to no great surprise, an act, as the president might say, of workplace violence and a disgruntled ex employee.  Today, I'll talk about and share one of those media reports, and even the local police statement that it was "workplace violence".  I'll also explain and provide reasons for why all of that is almost completely wrong.  That's today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived afterward on American Faith Today

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    Radical Islam - Let's Discuss

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    ARE WE AT RISK? Did you know that the U.S. has had a long history with radical Islam.  What is the real Sharia, and where is it found?  What  does the Qur'an say about the terms Sunnah and Hadith. We invite the members of Act for America to join us on this discussion. Lady Faatimah will interview Act for America Chapter Leader Imamaa Bilal Sabir.

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    Radical Islam-a Murdered Ambassador-the CIA-and the TRUTH

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    INTERNET  RADIO  SHOW - THIS WEDNESDAY EVENING AT 6:00PM - EASTERN STANDARD TIME   THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: RADICAL ISLAM - A MURDERED AMBASSADOR - THE CIA - AND THEN THERE'S THE TRUTH   This week I am going to talk about what has happened and what is currently happening throughout the world including the recent murder of the U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans by Radical Islamists in Benghazi, Libya - Are we being told the truth about what really happened in Libya? - Maybe not! - ; Was it the foreign policies of President Obama and the State Department that led to the anti-American riots and bloodshed? Were the attacks planned by AlQaeda, or were they a response to the anti-Islamic U-tube movie? Why did president Obama stay on the campaign trail and go to Law Vegas after learning of the Ambassador's death? What was the President's original response to the news of the murders of the Americans? What is his response now?  Was the Muslim violence against Americans the result of the perception of Obama as a weak leader? Will followers of Islam ever be able to live peacefully with people of other religions? Is the religion of Islam incompatible with western freedoms? Should any reference to Sharia Law in our legal system be banned in America?; Is Islam incompatible with America's God given rights of Freedom of Speech? and If it is, should we severely limit the number of Muslims that are allowed to immigrate into the USA ?; Should we severely limit foreign Muslim students in the USA as well?; Is it time for America's leaders to deal forcefully with the threat Radical Islam poses to America? These subjects and more.                                                          

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    Radical Islam Part II

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    The discussion continues. ARE WE AT RISK? Did you know that the U.S. has had a long history with radical Islam.  What is the real Sharia, and where is it found?  What  does the Qur'an say about the terms Sunnah and Hadith. We invite the members of Act for America to join us on this discussion. Lady Faatimah will interview Act for America Chapter Leader Imamaa Bilal Sabir.

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