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    This show will explore some compelling scholarship about racism white supremacy. We will also explore that by white America denying racial and socioeconomic justice to African Americans and exercising acute "afrophobia" against African Americans the white community at large is actually sabotaging their own socioeconomic and cultural stability and prosperity, in the name of white supremacist hatred and scapegoating of the oppressed black population in America.

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    The Historic Brutality of White Racism & White Supremacy

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    Please join us this episode for an important program detailing often untaught and suppressed history regarding White Racism and White Supremacy.  The true and expansive history of White Racism and Supremacy must be taught (and learned from), in an effort to prevent its repetition. The scope of brutality (mental and physical) imposed upon people of color is often methodically suppressed or euphemized by mainstream Western institutions (both media and education). 
    This show will explore and detail the role White Racism and Supremacy have played in displacing countless people of color from their ancestral lands. We will discuss the roles these social plagues have played in destroying human beings, their families, culture and homelands.
    Horrific tragedies like the African and Native American Holocausts must never be forgotten---they must be remembered and studied so we may all learn from them. This approach is rarely taken, which contributes to the systematic suffering people of color continue to endure to this day. Instead of learning from the past, in an effort to prevent it from reoccurring, history has become a current event.
    Indigenous people of color have a brilliant history, prior to European invasions, that must always be taught, however events that brutally interrupted that history must be examined if we are ever to end the current state of color based oppression. This show will try to explore as many aspects of this history as our show’s time allows. Tune in! 

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    DNR Radio 166 - New Blacks: Destination: White acceptance

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    On the Next show we will talk about the New blacks and their price of fame and fortune. The mentality behind the the idea that the ultimate achievement is white acceptance. We Dig in tomorrow. Check yall there!

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    Teach the system of racism white supremacy: how to combat it

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    We need to understand the system which we live under and actions to combat it.
    Teach the youth and each other, what role does white supremacy play in Black on black crime, unemployment, injustice, politics, economics, media, culture.

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    The Re-Education of Black People on Government & Economics

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    Based on 'Unlimited Education' Research many of the problems that plague Black People and other minorities in the United States is the overwhelmingly low understanding of the value of understanding and participating in the Political Process, as well as the value of understanding and participating in the Economic System on an Entrepreneural level.

    The value of Government Education, Political Science and Economic Education must not continue to be underestimated, if Black and White People are to solve the problems of Black Poverty, Lower Quality Education among Black People, Drugs, Alcohol, Crime, Violence, Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration and others... 

    All of thise problems, in part, are directly or indirectly related to Black People, as a whole, not asserting their political and economic might to influence public policy and their inability to fund and support their own endeavors, due to low Entrepreneurship and a lack of understanding of basic Economic Principles. Way too many Black People fail to pay adequate attention to what is going on in politics and economics and way too many simply don't believe in the Political and Economic Systems. They don't believe they were designed for Black People, consider them corrupt systems or systems of White Supremacy.

    These beliefs are, of-course, the product of conspiracy theories that have some, but very little basis in fact, as I will point out in this rather short broadcast, which is designed to deliver some very basic, yet valuable information on the structure of our government and economic systems in America, as they affect African-Americans and their relationship with White Americans. 

    Just click this link to listen to the archive.

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    DNR Radio 167 - Hot Summer

    in Politics

    Tomorrows show Feat. Dr. Rasayon / Bro. McBride

    On the next episode of DNR we will be re-building on the topic of police violence and misconduct. The Baltimore protests and riots. The Anger felt by the African American community.And what do we see in the immediate future with regard to fighting for the lives of African Peoples against a racist system that seems to have no "CHILL" button. All this and more on the next program.

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    Gentrificationomics, Civil Rights, Tubman/Truth, & Black Wall St. Urban Plans

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    On "It's My House" we shall introduce many of you to a word that most of you might not have heard of: (Gentrificationomics). 

    Gentrificationomics is a study of economic opportunties that exist in a neighborhood, before they happen. If you know what is coming you can better prepare yourself for the changes that  will happen in your community, including the specific neighborhood that you live in.

    We shall also discuss certain "Civil Rights Tools" that are often over looked. Knowing how can save your own and neighborhood. 

    We shall apply this information to the following:

    Black Wall Street
    Feguson, MO.
    Harriet Tubman
    Sojouner Truth
    Estate Planning & Urban Planning  (under utilized Civil Rights Tools)
    Civic Assets, Neighborhood Trust, Think Tanks, & P.A.C.'s = (under utilized Civil Rights Tools)
    The Failure Disease

    Visit: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call "It's My House Radio" @ 712-432-8863

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    Gentrification Case Study: Civil Rights vs White Supremacy

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    On "It's My House" our podcast today has (4) TITLES ! They are as follows:

    Gentrification Case Study: Civil Rights vs White Supremacy
    Dr. Welsings Neighbors & Social Capital
    Dr. Welsings Neighbors & The Law Tribe
    Dr. Welsings Neighbors & The Law Of Gentrification Polarity

    We shall get the Defintions of the following words/terms:

    White Supremacy
    Civil Rights

    We also discuss the terms:

    Civic Assets
    Civil Rights Tools
    Social Capital 
    Neigbhorhood Social Capital
    Neighborhood Trust............from Lone Wolf To Millionaires Row.
    Neighborhood Planning
    Long Range Neighborhood Planning

    We shall take a look at a real case of gentrication that didn't have to happen and that racism/white supremacy has nothing do with a neighbohood changing.


    Call "It's My House Radio @ 712-432-8863 

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    KTL RADIO presents THE SYSTEM OF RACISM ft Dr Frances Cress-Welsing

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    Join Know The Ledge Radio as we welcome the Mighty Matriarch for the first time, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing!

    As a renowned psychiatrist specializing in the root cause of extreme racism against the Afrikan people of the world, Cress postulates in the "Cress Theory of Color Confrontation" that white supremacy is due in fact to the numerical inadequacy and genetic deficiency of the caucasian race. For over 50 years Dr. Welsing has contributed to the justice of melanated individuals authoring The Isis Papers; The Keys To The Colors.

    In her initial appearance with us she will prepare us for her powerful lecture for the Sunposium series at Ta-Merry Temple with a presentation entitled The System of Racism (White Supremacy) And A Scientific Black Agenda. In this groundbreaking discussion she will explore the movements necessary for Afrikans to embrace the innate genetic superiority we possess thus removing the restraints and dependence of the current structure. 

    The age old tradition continues, as the elder brings forth the word. May you see the value in this divine opportunity and be ready to receive.


    *flyer design & words provided by KT the Arch Degree

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    LGBTQ Matters: A Conversation with junior burchall

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    junior burchall, M.Ed., is a freelance writer, public speaker, curriculum consultant and Literacy Specialist. He is the founder of the Fihankra Home Academy, an Afrikan-centered homeschool located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A devoted husband, he is also the father of two high-energy, irrepressibly brilliant, Afrikan boys. Burchall is the author of “Freedom’s Flames: Slavery in Bermuda and the True Story of Sally Bassett” and “Dame Lois: The People’s Advocate”. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest work, “Look For Me in the Whirlwind: A Story of Marcus Garvey”, tentatively scheduled for release December 2015. Burchall has said of himself, "I am 100% committed to the full liberation of ALL Afrikan people. which means that - if I am not an ethically inconsistent hypocrite and coward of the highest order, that is - I must be similarly unswerving in my advocacy for Afrikans whose lives are under threat because they are what we today would call 'gay', or 'bisexual', or 'transgender', or 'intersex' or 'lesbian', or 'queer'"

    This topic is currently consuming much of the real estate of public discourse regarding black people getting free. The host, Cree, and Mr. burchall have not always seen eye-to-eye on matters pertaining to it. But, neither has she seen eye-to-eye on the topic with other black people passionate on the other side of it. Because Cree has admiration for Mr. burchall's courage, sincerity, and intellectual rigor, she thinks this is a conversation from which she and/or the listeners will learn something significant. The goal of this conversation is to bring clarity to the questions and the answers about the best known (codified) ways to think, speak, and/or act in regard to "LGBTQ" matters and people in order to expedite black people's freedom.

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    DNR Radio 162 - Origin of Racism

    in Politics

    On tonight episode we will be talking about the impact and origin  of Racism in the world.The reasoning behind it, if there is one. Also we will discuss a bit about Sports and politics behind the Super bowl. A free wheeling show so call in and let us know how you feel about these topics. 

    All this and more on the next Broadcast.

    Peace but@War