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    Talk To Me Sports, Race, Politics, and Culture.

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    Sports, Race, Politics, and Culture.

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    The Firing Squad: Three men of color taking shots at race, politics, sports,...

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    Three men of color taking shots at race, politics, sports, entertainment, current events, and more. Three men of color with no censor and no objectives but truth, justice and common sense. Each episode will deal with hot-button issues with honesty, straight talk, and humor whenever possible . No personality is untouchable, and no one is spared the venom, or the praise whenever fit.

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    Race, Politics, Obama, and Islam

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    Race, Politics, Obama, and Islam

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    Three men of color taking shots at race, politics, sports, entertainment...

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    Real journalism is publishing something someone else does not want published – the rest is just public relations.” George Orwell

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    Blerds, Race, Politics & Culture on The Mid Week in Review @Afronerd-Wed 7:30pm

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    Howdy, citizens!  Let's just have it, shall we?  Welcome to a new episode of The Mid Week in Review, courtesy of the Afronerd Radio machine airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.  Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they bring sharp analysis to this week's (mid) week current event inspired topics: Vijay Chokal-Ingam, brother of comedic actress, Mindy Kaling, alleges that as a protest against affirmative action he entered medical school as African-American (Ingam is Indian-American); a pro "dark skin" blogger takes umbrage with rapper, Kendrick Lamar's choice in a lighter hued mate; comedian, Chris Rock provides a selfie diary of sorts for being stopped by police on three separate occasions in less than two months (and actor, Isaiah Washington's gives Rock advice on twitter) ; reportedly close to 150 people were killed on a Kenyan college campus in an act of Islamic terrorism; a HS student of African descent residing in Elmont, NY bears the distinction of receiving acceptance letters from all eight Ivy League institutions;  a SC police officer is formally charged with murder for the shooting death of a fleeing Black man.  And lastly, we examine a Comic Book Resources piece by Verge Entertainment's Joseph Illidge regarding the importance of Marvel's choice of Cheo Hodari Coker for showrunner/executive producer of the forthcoming Luke Cage Netflix series.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

    Only one thing will tell me the battle was won. That the fight was over.  And that is one day I am going to go for a walk.  A free man of convictions. And I said to myself, if I ever get to do that again, I'll know, on that day..we won-Luke Cage 


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    Super Dave Show - Race Politics Works!

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    Bring up race and you have engulfed the American public.  Laws and the First Amendment go out the window.  Protestors can break laws and the police do nothing.  Drive 5 miles over the speed limit and expect a ticket.  What's wrong with this picture?

    Changing lives every day of the week!

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    C.D. - Sheeee's Heeeerre: The "Coronation" of Hillary Rodam Clinton

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    Well, as long anticipated, "Queen" Hillary has thrown her hat in the 2016 presidential race.

    Denied in 2008, from what she saw as her entitlement, Clinton will try to make history, by becoming the first woman president of the United States.

    Anyone who saw or heard of her video-launch, cannot deny the extent of her agenda, which clearly is diametrically opposed to the Law and dictates of God.

    It will be interesting to see if other democrats can overcome the intimidation and badgering, and themselves, enter the race; we already see on the GOP side, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, who've either officially announced or strongly hinted at running.

    But back to Hillary, for certain, she will be forced (if the liberal press is not successful in running interference for her) to finally and honestly address Benghazi and the e-mail scandal.

    It will also be interesting to see if the black community demonstrates the same type of religious-like devotion to Mrs. Clinton, as they did and do, with Barack Obama.

    While those who profess adherence to scripturally-inspired religion, finally assess the issues discussed, through the Books they follow?

    Will we once again, be inundated with proclamations of her being "blessed" or "sent"?

    Will we once again, be subject to numerous "explanations" and rationalizations as to what was, is and will be expressed by Clinton; that somehow, "she really didn't mean what she said"?

    In other words, will the people assess, dissect, reflect and analyze the statements, positions and opinions, obvious or subtle, in 2016, unlike 2008?

    To some, many, the above commentary is strongly worded and stinging, but others will see their necessity, in this critical day and time.




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    Real Talk Real Game: Reactivated

    in Entertainment

    End of lastweeks RANT with GRX.......Focussing on current issues and topics that affect our urban communities.How has urban living been impacted by entertainment trends? What level of influence do artist and entertainers have on daily living?

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    Black Lives Series Pt4: Men Talking About What Black Means to Them

    in Culture

    The World of Ideas Show tonight 4/5/15 @8:30PM EST. After the weekly review of the week, host Kasaun Henry introduces Part 4 of the “Black Lives Series.” On this episode, Kasaun presents and discusses interviews with various men in Harlem, NYC who share what being black means to them. 

    The "Black Lives Series" is an exploration of a number of significant Black-American themes and issues that shed light on the state and future of black people in the twenty-first century. Some of these are, black identity, black solidarity, black culture and its triumphs and flaws, black education, incarceration, leadership and more. Kasaun attempts to clear the midst of the flawed perception of race and culture in America and lay down a path for positive change.

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    PMP: Bringing Race to the Table, talking the hard talk

    in Spirituality

    Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community editors Crystal Blanton, Taylor Ellwood and Brandy Williams join KaliSara and RevKess for a conversation about this much needed book and conversation in the modern Pagan world. Adding to the conversation started, in part, with the books Shades of Faith and Shades of Ritual, Crystal, Taylor, and Brandy have put together a collection of articles and essays on the topics in a manner that helps the reader to understand some of the issues involved. With personal essays, academic essays, and responses from allies, the anthology brings racism in the Pagan world in a way that is easy to understand and address. RevKess and KaliSara have been looking foward to doing this show, this is a conversation that they both feel should be addressed.

    From the book description: Each section of the anthology explores different facets of racism and how the Pagan community respond to it. Section 1: People of Color's experience with Racism shares candid stories of how people of color have experienced racism in both subtle and overt forms, as well as how they have handled it. Section 2 Historical/Mythological Racism focuses on how Racism has shown up in mythological and historical contexts, as well as how it continues to show up in counter cultures. The final section: Being an Ally focuses on sharing suggestions and ideas on how white people can be better allies to people of color and how to be more aware of racism in both the Pagan and mainstream communities.

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    Politics Time Jamaica - LIVE

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    Saturday  April 25 ,2015   Join Us Live!

    5p (PST) 6p (MT) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    Politics Time Jamaica Radio Show: Your hosts Irie Daughter  and Leighton Jamaica.


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    Come and tell us the pressing issues on your mind.

    (914)338-1983 or use Skype

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    This is your chance to have a say or share your thoughts on the issues that affect Jamaica.

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