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    Does Univision anchor Jorge Ramos' activism overshadow his journalistic objectivity? Aslo, Maria Hinajosa plays the race card on MSNBC.

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    Explain This Thing Called The Race Card

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    OK guys! Explain this thing racist call the race card. This is the first time I've asked this question, and I want someone who knows to find the guts to call in and tell my listeners and followers exactly what is the race card.

    I've heard that Black people are looking for free stuff

    I've heard that poor Black people have no models of people going to work everyday.

    I've heard that inner city people are generational too lazy too work.

    I've heard that Black people were better off as slaves

    I've heard that Black people need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps

    I've heard many more racist remarks made naming specific people which I will not put in print.

    Every time groups of Black/ or organizations supportive of Blacks speak out against such remarks, I hear someone I would refer to as racist say, there they go with that race card again.

    I want someone from the majority race to explain how it feels being representative of people who held people in bondage for generations, and now you are one of those who feel all that I do not have is my own fault.

    I am as full blooded America as any other person claiming to be an American. America never kept the promise of 40 acres and a mule to my ancestors. But America did pay the slave owners, and merchants for the loss of human beings as property when slavery was abolished.

    The true America, the Indian welcomed the White man to the land and the payment received was salughter, captivity, and being herded onto reservations.

    So now, after hearing Bundy and Sterling this week, I want to hear exactly what you think this race card is as it relates to Blacks using it. And while at it tell me why affirmative action has has no need.

  • Race!!! What is the race card? And Who's really racist?

    in Politics

    When certain people discuss race why are they called racists? Or Why are they said to be playing the race card? We will discuss the history of these terms and how they affect progress in solving America's biggest problem. We also Discuss solutions and how to move forward!

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    The Fine Print of "The Race Card"

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    "Playing the race card" is an idiomatic phrase that refers to exploitation of either racist or anti-racist attitudes by accusing others of racism. The phrase is commonly used in two contexts. In the first, and more common context, it alleges that someone has deliberately and falsely accused another person of being a racist in order to gain some sort of advantage. In the second context, it refers to someone exploiting prejudice against another race for political or some other advantage.
    Your hosts, Bryan and Seterria, have argued that the term itself is a rhetorical device used in an effort to devalue and minimize claims of racism. Just because some exploit racism for personal gain doesn't mean racism doesn't still exist. Join your hosts as they revisit old topics of the show where racial implications were brought up, but never fully explored. Tonight all the race cards will be thrown on the table, and "The Fine Print" will show its hands.
    Anyone brave enough to go all in and call their bluffs?

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    Backstretch Chatter with Eddie the Hat

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    Kick off the race week every Thursday morning at 7:30 a.m. (PT) with Backstretch Chatter hosted by Eddie the Hat, Southern California Premier horse racing and sports handicapper. The Hat will have racing action from the previous week as well as preview the week ahead, including a special Thursday race card horse racing seminar to jump start the week. If you have a horse racing question and would like to have it answered on air, simply email your question to us @ customersupport@horseracing-selections.com and we'll get it answered for you.

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    Is Talking About Race & Racism Preventing Healing In America?

    in Current Events

    Are we living in a post racial America? Some Americans believe that, yes, we are and that some individuals who seek attention continue to use race and racism as a means for getting it. While others believe that harmful systemic racism and subconscious bias persists and the only way to eliminate them for good is to shine a bright light on them. 

    In this Episode of Race Haven Scott Speed is joined by guests Denny Faircloth and Dr. Osvaldo Gaytan. Scott (African American from Philadelphia, PA) and Denny (European American from Augusta, Georgia) will dialogue about this topic from two very different perspectives. Dr. Osvaldo (Psychiatrist) will join them to provide the social behavioral context to this dialogue. 


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    Race Talk Live

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    Race Talk Live returns for it's 3rd season tonight at 8pm EST

    The weather may be frightful outside, but in Daytona...It's warm and ready for some hot on track action.

    Steve and Mike will get you updated on all the happenings around the world of Motorsports.

    With Daytona right around the corner we'll look at all the changes from the off-season, breaking news and look ahead to two weeks of excitement from the World center of racing.

    It's the fastest show on radio and we have it all right here tonight plus your phone calls

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    Shutup&race BlogTalk #347-539-5578 8:00tonite.....

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    Race Update in America, What’s Really Going On?

    in Culture

    This year’s Super Bowl has generated a good deal of emotions regarding race and racial tensions in America! With Cam Newton garnering seemingly more backlash than praise on his stellar season performance. To Bill Romanowski calling Cam a “Boy” on social media!

    Beyonce’s Super Bowl half time performance and new single (“Formation”) have really riled some people up for seemingly promoting racism and race bating, and not allowing our country to heal and evolve past racial disorder.

    Let’s Chop up these are other currents tonight at Midnight till 2AM eastern!

    Call in: (347)637-3528…

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    Weak Black Men are Destroying the Black Race.

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    Weak Black Men have unfortunately become the norm in visibility all over the world. It is a well known adage that a Strong Black Man will either be killed or neutralized through incarceration, homosexualization or other means.  Although this is a fact, it has now become an excuse.

    The Black Man has found himself the victim of lynching, buck-breaking, homosexual rape, and other terrors for the simple reason that he has failed in his duty as the natural protector of the Black Woman. He is unable to understand that his condition is just a natural consequence of the abdication of this divine, God-given responsibility.

    The only way that the Black Man can regain his manhood, authority and power is by standing up for the Black Woman. This is the only way he can redeem himself.

    Join Nommo Userkaf as he explains why virtually every Black Man with high visibility in the media is weak.  And why that cowardice and lack of manhood is precisely why the system gives him high visibility.  If he is not standing up for the Black Woman, advocating for the Black Woman and intimately associated with Black Women only, then he is a weakling and an active contributor to the Destruction of Our Beloved Black Race.

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    Legacy of 1804 Haiti, Race and US Elections News and Blog Review

    in Current Events

    Host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com will review recent news on  Haiti, the US Election and issues having to do with race and racism. We will be joined by frequent LOF1804 commentator Hans Roy.

    We will review recent news clips on the issue and if I am able, I will provide commentary between clips.

    See show notes and post show wrap-up notes at www.kiskeacity.com.