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    Over the Top Radio - Post RAAM with Vic Armijo, Mark Pattinson and Dave Elsberry

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    Join us for a discussion with 2nd place men's solo finisher Mark Pattinson, 60+ upright champion Dave Elsberry and RAAM Media 1 journalist Vic Armijo.

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    RADIO: Hoppo's War of New Zealand!

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    Chris Hopkinson describes himself as "an ultra cyclist, dad, fiancee, 3x solo RAAM finisher, coach, Race Across Ireland finisher and UMCA 24hr Champion." We like to think of him as one of the best known, most colorful and decorated ultra cyclists in the world. Hoppo is a charismatic guy that has spent almost all of 2014 training, racing or traveling to train and race. After one of his most successful seasons ever, George Thomas sat down with him to discuss his life, his season and most recently, his well documented battle (in New Zealand) over a season long UMCA title with fellow ultra cyclist and defending UMCA champion, Valerio Zamboni. 

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    Over The Top Radio - RAAM Italian Style

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    What a show we have for you today!  2013 RAAM 60+ solo champion Mario Fraternali, crew chief Mauro Farabegoli and crew member/translator Andrea Lombardi join us from Italy to discuss the 2013 race as well as Mauro's success as crew chief for 8 crossings!

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    Over the Top Radio - RAAM Preview with PJ Lingley

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    Firefighter PJ Lingley joins us to discuss his upcoming Race Across America.  The rookie from Flagstaff, Arizona will be checking in from the race course as often as possible so we'd like you to get to know him prior to the event.

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    Polight The Giza Pyram & It Reads: They Built Treasure Cities, Pithom & Raam

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    The Huddle 2 With Israel Doctrine


    Showtime: 4:00PM Central Standard Time/5:00PM Eastern Standard Time


    Callers can dial up to the show by calling  (602) 753-1836


    Social Justice


    Social -- "living together in communities or organized groups", and.

    Justice -- "the upholding of what is just, especially fair and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law."

    Every human being, especially society’s leaders, has a God-given moral duty to protect fellow human beings from social injustices whenever and wherever it is practical.

    If you have benefited from this audio study, then please tell your friends about this website.

    If you have a website of your own, consider linking to this website. See the Web-Site Links page.

    To link to this page use: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thehuddle2 or home site http://israeldoctrineentertainment.com


    Please send this link to all your friends who may be interested.

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    Over the Top Radio - Panache Featured Endurance Athlete of the Week: Bryce Walsh

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    Bryce Walsh formerly of Chicago and now a resident of Boulder, CO joins us this evening to discuss his incredible career as an endurance athlete.  Bryce has finished RAAM as well as numerous 500 mile and 24 hour road events.  However, Walsh does not limit himself to skinny tire racing.  He has competed in Ride the Divide and one of the most amazing stage races in the world - the Cairo to Cape Town Tour d'Afrique also known as the world's longest bicycle race.  Bryce joins us this evening at 8PM MST.


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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 with Team Pine Marten

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    Two woman relay team Pine Marten - Jill DeFratis Robinson and Jodie Lawston as well as crew chief Andrea Alfaro.  What a team!  Andrea served as crew chief for RAAM but also brings her racing background to the team which includes racing as one of the original Pine Marten team members.  Jill and Andrea competed as a two person team at this year's Fireweed 400.  How will they fare against the men's teams?  Does it matter?  I look forward to learning about this unique team dynamic! 

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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 Competitor Sarah Cooper

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    Sarah Cooper brings her inspirational story to Over the Top Radio this evening.  She is a stay at home mother of four (plus pets!). Her husband is an infertility doc. Sarah previously worked as an advanced care cardiac nurse practitioner until her first child was born. Now she has four and is crazy, crazy busy. She drives her coach crazy because she never sleeps enough - great home training for ultra.

    Cooper is a former triathlete who whose first endurance cycling race was the 2014 Sebring 24 hour where she rode 433.8 miles (winning her division and qualifying for Raam in her first outing).  Now she's facing uncharted territory on the mountainous Silver State 508 course. 

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    Over the Top Radio - Silver State 508 with Marko Baloh

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    After his performance at the 2014 Race Across the West Marko Baloh of Slovenia is a heavy favorite at the Silver State 508.  However, previous guests David Haase and Adam Bickett look to give him some strong competition.  We visit with Marko this evening to discuss his views of the upcoming race, strengths, weaknesses and, hopefully, a bit of race insight for one of the best in the sport.  Just a few of Marko's achievements:

    Results from 2012

    2. place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, time 1 day 18h 33min,
    World Record for 100 milj Time Trial (160,9km) 3h 48min 41sec, average speed42,2km/h,
    1. place Race across Oregon (RAO), july 2012, time 29h 26min (route record bettered for 4 hours),
    1. place No Country for Old Men (Texas) 384 miles in time 19h 14 min,
    1. place World Championships 24h Time Trial, Coachella Valley, CA with 495,7 miles in 24 hours.


    Results from 2011

    1. place Texas Hill Country 600KM, march 2011, time 19h 14 min;
    1. place DOS/RAS EXTREME Race around Slovenia, may 2011, 1138km in 1d 16h 21min;
    3. place RAAM 2011 (solo), junij 2011, time 9d 2h 59min;
    4. place RAP-Race across Pohorje, 9.julij 2011, 350km in 13h 50min,
    4. place Tortour, august 2011, 1000km in time 37h 04min.

    Results from 2010

    World records on indoor track (8.-9. oktober 2010): 

    200 miles - 8h 01min 25,92sec (average speed 40,11km/h);
    12 hours  - 475,263km (average speed 39,60km/h);
    24 hours (the most km done in 24h absolutly in ultra-cycling history!) - 903,765km (average speed 37,66km/h);
    1.000km - 27h 31min 09sec (average speed 36,34km/h);

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    Over the Top Radio - Adam Bickett

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    Adam Bickett, one of the race favorites at the 2014 Silver State 508, joins us this evening.  Adam is an ultra-cyclist based out of Southern California.  He finds great value in the personal discovery and rigorous demands of long distance cycling, and hopes to show others that they also can push their own boundaries and find purpose, happiness, and fulfillment in the process.

    10 years after his first double century (200 mile ride), Adam raced the 2014 Race Across the West, finishing a close second over the 880 mile course.  This is the first section of, and a stepping stone toward the looming goal now on the horizon: Race Across America. RAAM is the legendary 3,000 mile transcontinental, non-stop race from Oceanside to Annapolis, Maryland that is arguably the most grueling race in the world.

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    Radio Century Cycles (Episode 29)

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    Ever wonder what the most grueling, endurance based sporting event on the planet is?  Most would say the Race Across Amercia, a 3,000 mile cycling event with no stages and no stops, just balls-to-the-wall racing from one end of the country to the other!  Oh, and you have just over a week to complete it! Champions of the race complete it in 8-9 days. Do the math...that's a lot of time in the saddle with very little time for rest or sleep.  Today, we'll be chatting with one of the founders of RAAM, and the first man to ever win the event, Lon Haldeman!  But don't worry, for those who aren't up for that kind of challenge, we'll be sharing some fun local rides that you can tackle!

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