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    Too Legit 2 Quit

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    Don't Drink the Kool Aid!  How many points of view do you have about what you should and should not choose? Are they even yours? 
    Dr. Andrew Gardella and Dr. Donna Martuge will offer tools, questions and processes to help you look at your points of view a bit differently. Creating space for you to receive more! 
    What does recieving have to do with points of view? Listen, join us and find out! 

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    What to Quit and When to Quit - Brandon Langer

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    Sometimes winners may quit and quitters may win.  How do you know what to quit and when to quit.  Today, we have Brandon Langer, Global Vice President for Symmetry Corporation. Brandon will address the issue of what to quit and when to quit.  

    All quiting is not the same.  It is different for every individual and for every situation. There are some good reasons to quit, some bad and some knee-jerk reactions. Sometimes when you quit something, a door opens for something much better.

    It might take a mentor, a role model or a coach to help you make the decision about something that is very important to you.  The important thing is to keep going, whether on the same path or a new one.  This program will give you some insight.


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    Don't You Quit In The Pit

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    Tune in as Prophetess Misty Goodwin teaches you how to not to quit when God has you in the pit.

    Daniel Chapter 3

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    Too Legit 2 Quit

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    Welcome to a new conversation with Dr. Andrew Gardella and Dr. Donna Martuge. This show is about changing your current reality with more ease and creating a reality beyond one that you can imagine right now! 
    There is no topic these two consider to be off topic. Two educated people acording to this realities standards. Both phenomenal facilitators and creators of magnitude, here to share information, question what is, offer possibilities, laugh and see what else is possible.
    In this episode Dr. Andrew and Dr. Donna start with What does the word legitimate mean to you? and from there... anything is possible!

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    Don’t Quit Your Job: Fix the Fit

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    To listen live and speak with Dr Arlene call (347) 308-8200

    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene will interview two of her clients who succeeded in Fixing the Fits in high stress work situations, which had made them physically sick.  The listeners will learn how to implement Dr. Arlene’s Right Fit Branding Strategies to significantly improve their work situation and environment to set the stage for career success in 2015.

    Dr. Arlene says, “You do not want to be one of the 30 million employees who walk out in 2014. Why?  You will be suddenly unemployed. Instead, figure out why your job is the Wrong Fit, perhaps, you can stay.”

    Dr. Arlene will ask her guests these questions:  Did you…

    1. select a Wrong Fit position expecting it to be the Right Fit?
    2. accept a Wrong Fit job unknowingly, not seeing the red flags?
    3. accept a Wrong Fit job knowingly, without any commitment?
    4. select a Right Fit position that turned sour?
    5. pick the best job, which turned out to be the worst job?

    Understanding why you are in a Wrong Fit situation is a critical component to the solution.  Learning how to analyze your work situation and selecting the Right Fit Branding Strategies to Fix the Fit could eliminate the need to quit.

    You do not need to join the 30 million and become suddenly unemployed.  Instead, change your mindset and transform not only your career but also your life.  To contact Dr. Arlene to discuss your situation, call her office (310) 443-4277.


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    Shameless Life Radio: David Ross of I Finally Quit

    in Women

    Have you ever known you had a bad habit you needed to quit? Join Terilee today as she speaks to David Ross, Founder of I Finally Quit. Be inspired, find hope, and learn how you can quit whatever it is you need to quit to be the person you were meant to be.  http://ifinallyquit.com/davethequitter/

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    Is It Time To Quit?

    in Self Help

    We hear never quit, but many are quitting now-a-days.  The question is are they quitting too soon?  In this episode find out on of the most important reasons that people give up on their dreams.  Find out if it is time to give up on your goals and transition to a new path.  Learn some of the main things that stand between anyone and noteworthy achievement.  Get some insight on being your best self and start achieving.  

    Register to win a stylish new watch from Havanawatches.com. Click to win.    

    Receive a copy of Pat's new book:  The P.O.W.E.R.: Using What You Have to Succeed. 

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    As an entrepreneur, you will undoubtedly have to make some tough decisions. Where to open up shop, who to hire, how much to charge and who to fire. While all are important, the toughest decision may come if and when you have to shut your doors.

    If you run out of cash or run out of passion, it's time to give up!


    It is okay to walk away from something that hurts you. It doesn’t require blame or justification. It just requires you to stop fanning the flames. You will find love again, and next time it will feel better.

    Life isn’t easy. Some things build us up and some tear us down. Our hearts expand and break and rebuild—repeatedly. We are constantly learning and changing and growing. If in love you find yourself in a sticky situation like I was, please stop picking at scabs.


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    John Carver Show - Defying the Urge To Quit - Part 1 (T. D. Jakes)

    in Self Help

    Bishop T.D. Jakes is the founder and senior pastor of the legendary 30,000-member Potter's House Church in Dallas, Texas. In a short number of years, his motivating messages have reached the world through best-selling books, award winning music, critically acclaimed plays, and record-breaking events, like his highly recognized Mega Fest family festival. Named by 'Time' magazine as "America's Best Preacher," his message of healing and restoration, in demand in and outside of the church walls, is unparalleled, transcending cultural and denominating barriers. His weekly television outreach, The Potter's Touch, has become a favorite throughout America, Africa, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean.

    On this show (Part 1 of 2) Bishop Jakes encourages us to not give up and to keep moving forward.  You can get more information about Bishop Jakes at http://www.tdjakes.org/



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    Too Legit 2 Quit- Irreconcilable Possibilities

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    Irreconcilable Possibilities. How many times in your life have you walked away from something that you decided was done, unfixable, or unchangable? What if it actually is a possibility? What if there is something there that you can use to your advantage.
    Listen to Dr. Andrew Gardella and Dr. Donna Martuge, call in, ask questions and play with the possibility of opening doors that you have decided were closed! 
    What would you be able to create today if you got out of conclusion right away? 
    Mega love-
    Andrew and Donna

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    Unhooked: How To Quit Anything

    in Health

    "When you get rid of a toxic habit in your life, you leave room for something beautiful to take its place." ~ Susan Shapiro, co-author, "Unhooked: How to Quit Anything"

    Addiction. When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Alcoholism. Substance abuse. Gambling. These are the hard core vices that usually get attention. But what about the "soft habits" you think are not really all tha bad. Habits that steal just as much of your time, money, focus, and even your health. Habits like overexercising, too much social media, or drinking diet soda. If you've been overdoing it, or you just can't seem to stop doing it, it's a problem - one that you can't afford to ignore. 

    Tune in as we chat with Dr. Frederick Woolverton, Ph.D., Founder & Director of The Village Institute for Psychotherapy, and co-author of the book, Unhooked: How To Quit Anything. Find out how he helped co-author, Susan Shapiro, end her long-term addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana.

    Call in, 646-716-6910, or log in to chat with us LIVE in our chat room during the broadcast!

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