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    Quest Community Vibration presents Naji Dywer Weekly sport update

    in Entertainment

    Naji Dywer presents the sport weekly update featuring your favorite teams.This is a special that you are sure to enjoy.

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    Quest Community Vibration /QYR

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    Today Uncle Bob from Laff Mobb joins the radio team and shares his experience from Seton Hall University and updates us on his current activities as a television producer.The team presents more Womens History information starting with Jasala Armour with her segment of Curtains featuring Mary J Blige and her work behind the stage.Followed by Madrid Smith who features Dorothy Height.Naji Dwyer gives updates on the NCAA and Perry Williams presents two Definitions on the words Influence and Legacy.

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    Quest Community Vibration

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    We continue this weeks program highlighting more Black Women in History starting with our segment of Curtains featuring Erykah Badu by Perry Williams.For sports this week Naji Dywer presents Wilma Rudolph and defines Open and Close.Jasala Armour tells us about the life of Zora Neale Hurston and defines three words Who,You,and Are.Aaron Sherrod gives us an original poem titled Inhaling the smoke from Reality T.V.Followed by Madrid Smith who not only captures the work of Madame CJ Walker but defines Enterpreneur.

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    Quest Community Vibration /QYR

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    Madrid Smith reviews the 2014 State of the Union address and tells us about the differences between national and local elections.He also produces a Black History poem about color.Naji Dwyer brings us his Athlete of the Week segment on Authur Ashe and gives us his predictions of who he says will win.Finally Aaeon Sherrod presents poetry corner with a original poem titled Ten Seconds.

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    The Quest

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    The Quest team remembers the darkest day in American history.  We also send a shout out to a very talented artist.  We have you locked in.

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    Quest Community Vibration Women and History

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    Today we were honored to have our special guest Antoninette Montague jazz and blues singer from Brick City.She Speaks about thinking outside of the box and breaking barriers in her musical experiences.As always she is complemented by our student host Aaron Sherrod,Naji Dwyer,Perry Williams,Jasala Armour,and Maldrid Smith.This week in sports Lisa Lesley.For our curtain segment Jill Scott.Diamond for the day feature the history of the Freedom Riders who challenged the intergrated transportation laws of our country during 1960.Finally the definitions of the day features two words anger and complain.

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    The Quest 10. Ms. Ariel Barrett

    in Entertainment

    Here is my chat with this powerful 23 year old future leader.  We talk religion, politics, crime and  music.  Thank you Ms. Barrett for your time, and thanks to EVERYONE who supports The Quest.


    Roy Washington

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    Quest Community Vibration Women in Music

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    Today Antoinette Montague teaches us the ends and outs of Black Women in Jazz, as she prepares to go on stage.We get a feeling of what inspires her to be a jazz singer who has made a way for herself in a very competitive field and industry.She shares insights of being a band leader and vocalist like none other.

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    Community Garden "Shout Outs" in the USA

    in Gardening


    Todays show has "Shout Outs" to various Commnity Gardens in the USA.  Also, there will be some Community Garden info and other news to share. We'll listen to an interview from England on what they are doing and of the Hartley Botanic Greenhouse folks also from England.  Enjoy!  Cheers!


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukill, Author, Radio Show Host, and, Publisher

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    Community Reinvestment/Development Lecture and Music Showcase

    in Lifestyle

    In this episode of The Community Reinvestment Show we listen to a community reinvestment/development template that could fit into any community that is economically depressed. It's a good lecture (20 minutes) for those looking for ways to transform communities by direct engagement with the people living in them. I am currently working on implementing this template in a local community. After the lecture I will showcase some local as well as out of state music talent associated with the upcoming HoodRich: The Play which is scheduled to debut in Huntsville on January 1st, 2016 at Club Envy located at 200 Oakwood Avenue NW, Huntsville, Alabama 

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    The Quest 8. THE DARKNESS OF MAN

    in News

    QUEST radio looks into some of the darkest figures in history.  People like Dahmer, and The Night Stalker.  Events that rocked our world like Columbine & Jones Town. We look back at those times in our history and we also sit down with the Quest roundtable.  Mark Whaley Sr. opens the Word and speaks on man's condition and how we have fallen away from the basic principles of godliness.  thanks to eveyone who supports this podcast.  


    Midwest James, DJ Jreydilla & Roy Washington

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