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    DuB WyZe TaLk with Queen Mother ImakhU

    in Culture

    Peace and greetings DWT family tonite we are honored with the spiritual and lovely Queen Mother ImakhU

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    Main Street Universe: Queen Mother Imakhu Mu Nefer-t

    in Spirituality

    Join host Daniel Michael,hostess Genise R White and host Brett Hillman as we welcome our guest Queen Mother Imakhu!!!
    Queen Mother Imakhu is a Kemetic Priestess, artist ,musician , acticist and much more!
    We will be discussing the true origins of the Egyptian people as well as the Kemetic practice itself.
    Queen Mother Imakhu is not only our guest this evening but is going to be a new hostess of her own show right here on the Main Street Universe radio network!!!
    here is her website: http://www.queenmotherimakhu.com
    Join us in our circle!!!!

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    Dr. Herbert Harris & Queen Mother Imakhu

    in Business

    This Week On The Empowerment Hour Online UniversityListen Online at www.blogtalkradio.com/eadyassociates (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eadyassociates) Live this Saturday the Empowerment Hour Online University we welcome Dr. Herbert Harris (http ://www.herbertharris.net ), author of the ever popular, "Twelve Universal Laws of Success" (http://www.12uls.com) refers to himself as a "Transformational Consultant." Through his wise council as a motivator, lecturer, and mentor, 
    Dr. Harris has indeed changed countless lives across the globe. His vast experiences with community as an attorney, a business man, musician, motivational lecturer, and writer have given him insightful success tools to teach economic empowerment to diverse populations. He is co-founder of the LifeSkills Institute, which provides self-empowerment workshops and educational multimedia. Over recent years, Dr. Harris been sharing life changing health products.  His Millionaire Mentorship Classes are presented via phone and video each Saturday morning, 8AM EST, and seen on Youtube.     http://www.youtube.com/user/AmericanRaceMan       Joining Kermit Eady as Guest Co-Host this week is
      Queen Mother Imaku to provide insight into our health, wellness and empowerment.We welcome Dr. Harris & Queen Mother Imakhu to the Empowerment Hour Live this Saturday  
    Listen Live Saturday at 6pm ESTwww.blogtalkradio.com/eadyassociates (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eadyassociates) Let Your Voices Be Heard Dial in: 646-716-7472  

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    Unsung Indie Artist livefromthe540 Queen Mother Imakhu

    in Radio

    Queen Mother Imakhu has built her career not only upon her diverse talents, but also upon her wit and love of people. Because of this she has crossed many chasms as an artist committed to healing the community.
    Throughout her thirty-five plus year career, Queen Mother Imakhu has performed shows and presented workshops at theatres, festivals, schools, libraries, TV...Come join us this evening, and learn the mystery behind this Mother of many talents: Call us at 646-478-5157
    Queen D nXphase Records Radio Changing the way you are listening to music

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    Zarayana Radio,Queen Mother Imakhu Mu Nefer-T

    in Spirituality

    Join Host Evan Pas and Engineer Daniel Michael as we Discuss the Meaning and Value of Myth in our Lives.
    We will be Joined By Teacher ,Artist/Musician Queen Mother Imakhu.
    Join Us in our Circle!!

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    The return of guest Queen Mother Imakhu

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Salem Warlock Christian Day and Salem Witch Lori Bruno as they welcome back guest Queen Mother Imakhu.
    Queen Mother Imaku is a Storyteller, lecturer, motivational speaker, musician, vocalist, writer, TV/Radio host & producer, visual artist. Known to audiences as The Renegade Wise Woman. Imakhu has been inspiring audiences across the world with her engaging, uplifting stories of wisdom. Drawing from African-centered proverbs and folktales, and from her colorful personal life experiences, Imakhu entertains and educates with humor, charisma and intellect.

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    Should Columbus Day Be Observed?

    in Current Events

    ASHE! is back! Topic: "Should Columbus Day Be Observed?"
    Rev. Dr. Queen Mother Imakhu welcomes Sis. Karen Hatter, social commentator for AKERU MultiMedia, who reveals who the REAL Christopher Columbus was. Contact Sis. Karen at amothercares@aol.com. Read her archived featured articles at NowPublic.com/karen_hatter . Visit Queen Mother Imakhu at www.queenmotherimakhu.info . 646-228-1185
    "YOU Have the Power to Change Your LIFE."

  • 02:09

    ReAwakening Minds with Dr. Nialah Gilliam- Special Guest Queen Mother MaiMouna M

    in Spirituality

    QUEEN MOTHER MAIAMOUNA M’BACKE71 years ago, on December 19, 1944, Queen Mother Maimouna Mbacke began her earthly incarnation as Shirley Mae Wilkes Dickerson. By age 8, she was awakened and aware of many of her spiritual gifts. Her early spiritual education began in the Church of God in Christ. However, over the years, she has studied from many spiritual schools of thought, always a free spirit who took what was needed for her journey. She has vivid recollection of some of her past lives. She was ordained a minister at age of 21 years and rededicated at age 50. Her assignment has taken her across the USA and to West Africa. Queen Mother M’Backe worked with the late Dr. Ishakamusu Barashango and others. Her ministry included a men’s prison ministry, which employed a unique and innovative approach in dealing with the total man (mind, body, spirit). She also conducted workshops at the women’s prison. Her work includes counseling, meditation and herbal workshops. Her studies have enabled her to deal with people of many different spiritual backgrounds and ethnicities. She established the M’BACKE House of Hope Inc. in Wilmington, DE in January 1991, with a mission dedicated to spiritual, healing and empowerment of humanity in order to overcome chaos, apathy, depression, inaction and violence. On December 27, 1997 she traveled to Ghana, West Africa where she graciously accepted the responsibility of Queen Mother and was formally enstooled as NKOSOHENEMAA - Queen Mother of progress and development of the Village of Asiakwa. In 2003 Queen Mother M’Backe heeded the call to relocate to the mountains of West Virginia, where she resides today. 

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    The Gift of Thanks with Debi and Elissa on Productive Play on WoMRadio

    in Family

    Today we are thinking of our nation’s Thanksgiving holiday and Debi Dutton and Elissa Sungar, the mother-daughter co-founders of If Not You Who.org, give some tips on how to teach a child to be thankful. Children that are thankful have more positive attitudes toward school and family. They also feel more of a connection with friends, family and school. Being grateful makes people happier, improves health and reduces stress. How wonderful that Productive Play shares ways to instill the character trait of thankfulness into our little one’s lives.

    Join us live at 1pmET or anytime in archive here on WoMRadio - the show for mompreneurs, the new business woman.

    Thanks to our fabulous sponsors StadiumBags.com and Everything Family.net. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our mompreneur marketplace on our website.

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    A Hezekiah Moment, The Makeover Begins

    in Christianity

    Good morning Baltimore, I pray that all of you are having a blessed and wonerful morning today.  As I said you guys are going on a ride with me as I'm emailing back and forth and calling back and forth with Purposely Created Publishing as we're, not just me, you and I are embarking on the makeover of my first novel, my first baby, the thing I worked on for over three year.....lol...I know I sound like a mother.  Hey you guys take nine months...lol… was slow, my book REDISCOVERING KIA.  I'm making the payment, uploading my file, my baby, and she will be in the oven for less than a month and will be available on eBook on December 17, 2015.  Are you just excited as I am.  

    When we're embarking on a new venture, it's not easy.  But I have to step up my game.  When you meet someone new, and they have the ability and credentials behind their name, then take that chance.  I've seen Tie just this week launch another author on her platform.  That just makes me more excited for what I'm about to do.  Please keep me in prayer because I want to be patient.  The Word says “be still and know that I am God,” and that's what I want to do.  Everyone at Purposely Created Publishing has been so good to me and that's why I did the video.  Oh yea, I updated that video as well so check out the [NEW] TMITM CELEBRATING AUTHORS THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON 2015.  

    But let's not forget we still have one more show for this November.  Please join me November 27, 2015 at 9 PM as we welcome Ms. Flora Carter.  She's a survivor of Domestic Violence and she's going to tell her story and answer your questions.  Pass the word around so we can make her feel welcome to The Man In The Mirror Platform.  


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    Introducing Children To Sex: Are We Doing Too Much Too Soon?

    in Women

    There was a time before television that childhood was a period of innocence. All that is gone now. With the Internet sending graphic sexual images to every device at our fingertips, childhood innocence is gone. What effect is this having on our children. In the controversial,film Chiraq about Chicago's gang violence, there is a graphic flashback scene in which the lead character, played by Nick Cannon, walks in on his mother having sex. This gives insight as to perhaps what happened that destroyed his respect for women. Today, our youth are raised in a culture with no consciousness of morals or family values. As a result children are conceived often without love or intention. Are we introducing too much sexuality to our children too soon and in a negative way that emotionally traumatized them? How do we take back control of the minds of our children and introduce spirituality to sexuality in a way that is wholesome and age appropriate