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    Quality Transformation

    in Business

    Breathing new life into quality. Changing the perception of quality ownership by engaging agents so they could see their ownership in the process. The mission is building customer loyalty by providing a quality service experience the first time, every time.

    Join us as we talk with Toni Roberts, Diector at Delta Dental of Michigan, will be sharing her insight on Quality Transformation.

    Antoinette Roberts, director of Regional Operations, has been with Delta Dental of Michigan since1983. Prior to assuming her current role in 2006, Roberts served in various positions including director and manager of customer service. While overseeing the department, she executed implementation of large and national accounts and served as the direct point-of-contact for clients. In 2002, Roberts led the customer service department to its first BenchmarkPortal award, which recognizes the outstanding efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s call center. She is responsible for providing on-going service and support for large accounts, maintaining strong working relationships, offering problem resolution and retaining existing clients. In addition, Roberts manages two large accounts including the State of Michigan and the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS).


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    Fantasy Six Pack Podcast: Wins or Quality Starts

    in Sports

    On this Memorial Day edition of the Fantasy Six Pack podcast, A.J. Applegarth and I, Joe Bond, will discuss whether or not Wins or Quality Starts is the better category to use for Fantasy Baseball leagues. We will also discuss prospects that could have an impact on your team soon as well as update on headlines and injuries. As always call in or tweet me @FantasySixPack with questions to have answered on air.

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    Quality postings in the discussion forums

    in Education

    This audio gives you guidance on how to engage, interact, and get the most from your discussion forum assignments.

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    The Struggle Is Real: Searching For A Quality Naija Hubby!!!

    in Relationships

     As in!!!! The struggle is real yo!!!

    We are not just talking Naija men are scarce, NO!!! We're talking quality dudes!! A dude with an awesome job, correct credit, classy bloke, healthy a God lover, compassionate, passionate, romantic, selfless, generous, kind, caring, lover of kids.....the list goes on jare!!! 

    Ok so these are my own quantifiers of a "Quality Naija Chap" lol...

    This Tuesday, we will be looking at what makes a man a "Quality Husband Specimen" and truly if they are scarce? Maybe we're just looking in the wrong places and we've been jaded for so long and just don't know how to search or be sought out properly. 

    Join us at 8:30pm Let's swap tales! 

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    Indoor Air Quality 101

    in Environment

    Allergies and Asthma is the top leading chronic disease amoung children and adults.  Studies have suggested that many of the triggers that causes episodes to occur are usually direction from indoor environmental issues.  Triggers that can cause an attack can range from household dust, pet dander, pollen ETS (Environmental Tobacco Smoke), mold spores to household cleaning chemicals, carpet, paint and sprays.
    Preventive care is one the most single methods to reduce and/or eliminate the triggers that causes these attack.  President Obama, the EPA, HUD, HHS and other agencies have formed a President's Task Force on Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risk to Children.  Together these agencies will work on a national and local scales that address preventive factors that causes asthma and allergies.
    As a local owned and operated company, our goal is to educate, assess and impliment solutions to the marketplace about how to effectively and holistically improve human health by simply improving indoor air quality.
    Understand that no two indoor environments are the same, so certain measures must be taken to insure the effectiveness of the outcome.  Working with residence owner and business owners, we can properly create a comprehensive guideline that fits your environment.
    Help us to help others, it's the only way.

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    Quality Assurance - One Minute Survey Results

    in Business

    A discussion of Quality Assurance processes and tools from a recent survey by BenchmarkPortalBest practices of high performing centers.

    Dayne Petersen has been managing and consulting with call/contact centers for a number of years.  She has experience managing and operating both business-to-business and business-to-consumer call centers. Additionally, she has a successful track record evaluating and implementing call center solutions that meet defined client requirements.

    In her most recent management role as Director of Call Center Operations, she acted as the internal “best practice and benchmarking consultant,” leading employee satisfaction surveys, introducing Six Sigma for call center process improvement and design, and implementing multi-media in the contact center. 

    Dayne is a passionate advocate of measuring Caller Satisfaction and Agent Satisfaction and using this data to develop effective Quality Assurance programs that deliver the desired outcomes.

    Dayne is also the Senior Consultant with Minnesota-based Call Center Solutions and is  certified by the Center for Customer-Driven Quality (founded at Purdue University) as a call center auditor, specializing in all areas of contact center operations.

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    The Quality and Power of Affirmations

    in Self Help

    The quality of your life is determined by how you communicate with yourself and others.  In today's episode, get some insight into why affirmations are so important and find out how you are affirming your lifestyle on  a daily basis whether you choose to or not.  Start taking control of building a quality lifestyle and get powered up for your own success.  Get inspired by today's show and find out more about how to "A.M.P. Up Your Life" (add more purpose, passion and power) and keep doing life with power!

     Listen to today's show to find out more about the free mp3 that will be available to you and learn about all the free downloads we currently have available.

  • A Kind Voice on Music featuring Mia Rose Lynne (high quality)

    in Lifestyle

    Today's episode shines our spotlight on the words and music of Nashville singer/songwriter, Mia Rose Lynne.  To learn more about Mia's music please checkout her now-funded Kickstarter project, or her website.  Hosted by Ryder Timberlake.

    This is a high quality (44khz) edit of the original broadcast. This edit affects the quality of the songs only.

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    "How To Attract Quality and Quantity in Dating"

    in Romance

    Quality and quantity may important for you in dating, but how does one ensure both? There is not often an easy and simple answer to the question but never fear, The Girlfriend Network is here! Joining our host Taheerah, Nacone and Karishma will be Life Coach Jalaal Aleem Madyum to get to the bottom of this riddle. Join Us LIVE!  Special Guest KOOL & THE GANG - Win Tickets to their Show at BB Kings NYC Tonight be sure to Call In 347-539-5729 

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    in Education



     Our guests are  Nancy Barile, a National Board Certified Teacher of English Language Arts at Revere High School in Massachusetts and a blogger with the Center for Teaching Quality. She’s joined by her former student Eddie Scofield, now an education major at Salem State University.


    www.pearson.research.com @pearsonnortham

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    How to Live a Quality Life

    in Self Help

    In this episode Pat Council will share some ideas on how to live a quality life.  Get 4 profound tips that will give you perspective on where you are today and help you decide where you really want to be tomorrow as it relates to building a quality lifestyle.  Get some insight on what living a quality life is all about and start designing a plan that will take you there.  Also, Certified Financial Expert, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial Services will do a follow up from last weeks show.  He will share more about investing.  Learn more about taking control of your financial life and start getting the quality life you deserve.

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